It’s his name that covers the crime

Written by: Diaa El-Sakka

Announcer Ali Fayez, presenter of the “Tariq Al-Khair” program on social media, unleashed a wave of anger after he asked for a donation to complete the marriage of a young man who raped a girl has.

Fayez posted the message on his Facebook page: “See her, may God protect you … He assaulted her and people forced him to marry her … And her joy after days is for those who can help with a washing machine, fridge, or any furniture, even if the old one is satisfied. Call us if you want to meet the needs yourself. “.

Subsequently, Fayez was subjected to a sharp attack by the pioneers of social media, due to his call to complete the victim’s marriage to the rapist, without prosecuting him, so that others would repeat what the young man did.

Fayez justified his position, saying: “He is someone who is happy to marry her after he has done so, and if anyone is happy to marry her, he will treat her sweetly and not return to humiliate her if because of a mistake, he has no hand in? “

After the attack, the announcer changed the post and deleted the part that the girl had been raped and would marry the rapist, and was satisfied with the phrase “the girl has special circumstances.”

Then the announcer permanently removed the post from his page and said: “The post was removed because the good people fully provided the bride’s device, and thank God, may God reward them with good.

The broadcaster responded to the attack by saying: “Beautiful people who are workers attack and say cover up and want to lock me up too, your daughter is pregnant, I mean if the one who made a mistake with her will leave her we destroy the child who comes to get it like children who are thrown on the street and remain unknown ,, Be merciful, be merciful ,, We do our human and social role ,, and whoever miscalculates against our Lord, whoever of you is without sin, let him throw a stone at her ,, and with God Almighty, some people with their deeds and comments are literally immune to good ,, For me my legal status is a million out of a hundred and my situation with our Lord is a million out of a hundred, For so I go on my way, no matter what happens, but there are other people who stop walking in the good because of the negativity and the unjustified attack, and unfortunately they think they are talking about the truth or defense of a case.

He continued: “I testify of God the Most High, the Great. I do not fear God’s guilt of the accuser, and I’re really with God, and I did not attend and did not agree to anything. On the contrary, I offered the mother for help and contacted the relevant authorities, and they said that the girl alone has the right to claim her right.She contacts her personally, and of course she agrees to the marriage.She, her mother and her family ‘and we have no income. We just did our part in community and humanitarian participation. I hope you read the comments before you argue without verification and I finished the case and I do not want to open it, but be unhappy’ a campaign run by some and workers who post posts, calls and calls, Thank you.

A tweeter named Nermin commented on the incident, saying: “This is a very good way … Let’s reward the rapist and marry him and buy him equipment and furniture too, so he can be raped again! “

And she continued, “He told you her origin, if she marries another one, he will humiliate her … But when she marries the rapist, he will of course take her in his eyes!”

While another tweeter named Ahmed said: “There is a rapist who raped a girl in Egypt. Of course he is supposed to be in jail and that he will be tried. People forced the young man to to marry the girl on the basis that they saw it as a veil for the girl Seriously, it’s a need I’ve seen in my life, and I hope the one who can help the girl It’s her right to return, and the rapist arrests him, and you marry him. He does it … Horror, God. “

In turn, journalist writer Bahaa Hegazy commented on the incident and wrote on his Facebook account:

– There’s one of the street announcers named Ali Fayez .. Ali publishes a very dangerous post .. and we will tell you the text of it: “See her, may God protect you … He assaulted her and people forced him to marry her .. and her joy after days is for those who can help with a washing machine, fridge, or any furniture, even if it is old. ” She is satisfied, call us if you want to deliver the needs yourself.

– I mean, you have someone who raped one .. OK, let’s punish him .. No, we will not punish him .. We will marry him .. and we will carry out his punishment .. and he will passport fear with his efforts ..

-Dear young man..if he likes one..don’t go on … you rape her * .. they will marry you and Professor Ali will make donations for you and prepare you, as God wills ..

– It’s called a cover-up of the crime .. and you’re aware of a sexual assault incident .. and you’re looking for it too ..

– Uncle, you do not understand .. is anyone willing to marry her after he did .. Bravo .. you do not see that there is a victim that you removed her all night .. I mean someone is assaulted .. you will marry him to the person who assaulted him .. such a thing A thief stole your apartment, so you reward him and answer him to stay with you, and the argument is who will be willing to do it buy while it was previously stolen that … This person will marry someone who has been raped * and the son of a dog … It is possible for a virgin to rape six others .. And Professor Ali prepares him and answer her at home too, and so on and so forth ..

This person will be robbed of joy … and he will be deprived of his device because our son is sorry, I mean he was rapist, but he does not have money to prepare himself, so we will take him for the res occupied. .

A disgusting, disgusting and totally disgusting story … disgusting to everyone who took part in it …

– There is someone who is held responsible for all the drinks because he is the weakest party .. One has to live her life with the person who raped her because he passed and raped ..

– An invitation to all young were raped and you were not invited..If God wills, we will marry you and prepare you, you will be released, you will be happy, you will live, and you will cast your cloak upon the daughters of men.

– There’s no sharia, no religion, no morals, no law .. it’s dirty …

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