Milipol Qatar 2022 kicks off on May 24 and showcases the latest technological innovations with wide local and international participation

The participants in the exhibition present their specialized solutions in the security of big events and the increasing cyber risks

Milipol Qatar, the leading international event in the field of homeland security and civil defense in the Middle East, held under the generous protection of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar, may God protect him, showcases the latest technical innovations with wide local and international participation.

The exhibition will be held between 24 and 26 May at the Doha Exhibition and Conference Center, and this year’s issue will feature a two-day conference featuring elite players in the security sectors of 22 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the North. lok. America, with 60% of them making their first participation. The exhibition will house five national and international pavilions, led by France, which has the largest attendance with 20 companies, and North America, Germany, Italy and Austria, which are participating for the first time. The exhibition will witness the first participation of exhibitors from eight countries: Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Croatia, Finland, India, the Netherlands and Slovakia.

The unique event is jointly organized by the Qatari Ministry of the Interior and the French company Comexposium, which specializes in organizing international events, represented by the GIE Milipol coalition led by Civipol, the organization responsible for implementing the cooperation efforts of the French Ministry of the Interior. .

Yan Gonot, CEO of Sevipol and Head of Milipol Events, commented on this topic: “Qatar is preparing to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup and has submitted its bid to host the 2032 Olympic Games, so big events which is secure and cyber security. is of particular interest to the State of Qatar and the region in general, as well as It is one of the most prominent pillars of global markets. This year’s edition represents a leading technology platform aimed at the most prominent global players seeking to launch their new advanced systems and products. Advanced technical solutions in the field of homeland security and civil defense make up the largest percentage of exhibitors’ participation, which is about 35 percent of exhibitors.% of these are in the field of authentication, access control and monitoring, 20% in the field of information technology and cyber security, and 10% in the field of crisis management, civil emergency response, major risk prevention and reaction and fire prevention.

The Croatian company Inseg2 registers its first participation in Milipol Qatar 2022, as it aims to achieve a qualitative leap in the market with its digital solutions and services for forensic analysis, covering the areas of consulting, education and laboratory equipment. Edina Mojkic, Marketing Director of Incis 2: “The majority of our efforts revolve around the development and implementation of various custom digital forensic training courses, available in our training center, online or as requested by the client.”

The French company MC2 Technologies aims to showcase its innovations in microwave technology and microelectronics, as it offers an integrated solution to combat unmanned aerial systems, a new system for eliminating radio-guided explosive devices, and a manual MMIMAGER device for millimeter wave passive scanning of objects, which allows fast security checks. The crowd at the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

For his part, Alexandre Masonnet of MC2 Technologies said: “MMImager is a terahertz ray monitoring camera that enables immediate detection of hidden objects worn by humans without harming them. It can also detect all kinds of hidden objects between the body and “These innovative solutions keep pace with the security needs of the state of Qatar and the rest of the region, especially with regard to security measures for major sporting events.”

In the French pavilion, Lesieur will present its products aimed at addressing the most prominent issues of telecommunication network range, bandwidth, privacy and security, to enhance the most important means of communication at major events.

The French pavilion will also witness the participation of Stead, a company specializing in the development of non-contact identification solutions using radio wave identification, Bluetooth technology, NFC and the Internet of Things The identity of cars and their drivers at the same time; In addition to Steady Mobile ID®, an access badge management solution for smart devices; and BWEBON, the digital weapons management solution that enables armed forces, armies and police to monitor their assets.

The Italian company Christianini, the official equipment supplier for Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, takes advantage of the exhibition’s opportunity to showcase its latest technology that meets the needs of major global events, including chemical reconnaissance vehicle technology, biological, radiological and nuclear material.

“CBRN threats are extremely serious, so we plan to provide logistically simple solutions to use in such emergencies,” said Nicoletta Cudevero, Director of Export Division at Christianini.

UK companies Fisher Connectors and Wiren plan to introduce new field-critical communications solutions that meet the need for coupled forces to transmit large volumes of data at high speeds, as well as include improved power management and ease of carrying. “These solutions help make the most of the military’s digital transformation through ubiquitous sensors, 5G networks, and artificial intelligence technology,” said Andrea Collier, Director of Sales, Fisher Connectors.

Trend Micro, a leader in cloud computing and corporate cybersecurity solutions, aims to raise awareness of cyber threats and introduce its own solutions in this area at Milipol Qatar 2022.

A Trend Micro spokesperson said: “Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important as more companies and individuals rely on technology to make their daily lives easier, making digital activity protection a top priority. We need to engage with decision makers and industry leaders to raise awareness about the landscape Current threats, tools and strategies to address future cyber challenges.

Milipol Qatar has witnessed the participation of a group of local companies, as the MCT Trading Group seeks to diversify its activities in the trading of products and services in the marine sector, electrical, electronic, mechanical and engineering tools, and the provision of technical support services. to various sectors, and the company seeks to expand the scope of its partnerships. “We are eager to work with elite manufacturers committed to providing the best in their sectors,” said Sanjay Chadha, Director of MCT Trading Group. At Milipol Qatar 2022, we plan to promote a range of tactical navigation and coastal monitoring services, aircraft warning lights, and the Jelly Fishbot surface cleaning robot to remove water and pollutants.


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