On the first anniversary of his traveling companion … Death misses the Ambassador of Joy, Samir Sabry

The great Egyptian artist Samir Sabry, nicknamed the Ambassador of Smile, Happiness and Positivity, passed away on Friday 20 May at the age of 85 at his hotel in the capital, Cairo, after a long health battle due to heart disease.

Despite the health problems he has experienced recently, Sabry’s departure was particularly shocking to his good friends, especially the artist Hassan Youssef, who confirmed that he was in a meeting at the club with a group of his old colleagues the day before yesterday. artists, and that until yesterday he was filming his radio show “My Memories”.

A source from the late artist hostel hotel told the local newspaper, “The Seventh Day,” that the deceased was in good health this morning before his sudden death.

The funeral of the deceased will take place on Saturday, May 21, from the Police Mosque in the Sheikh Zayed area, and his body will be transferred for burial in the family cemetery in the city of Alexandria.

He was discovered by Abdel Halim Hafez, and fate bound him to #Samir_Ghanim, alive and dead … Death misses the ambassador of positivity and happiness #Samir_Sabri at the age of 85. Deep sadness at parting from “the spoiled screen boy “

Sabry was born in Alexandria on December 27, 1936 and graduated from “Victoria College”, where he studied giants in art and politics, including the late King Hussein of Jordan, and spent the last 50 years of his life in art and media. work.

We can call Sabri the title of “the comprehensive artist”, or the artist “Falta”, that is, the one who does not repeat, as he excelled in performing, singing and playing various musical instruments, and as a comedy, drama and action, and he has played leading roles in films, theater, television and radio, and presented programs on television and radio and produced 20 films.

Sabri stood in front of the camera for the first time between the groups during the filming of the song “Bahlam Beek” by Abdel Halim Hafez in the movie “Hekayat Hob”, and it was filmed during a scene with the late radio station Amal Fahmy. Later, his neighbor in the same building, Abdel Halim Hafez, introduced him to the artist Lubna Abdel Aziz to appear with her on the “Child’s Corner” program, which she presented on the European radio program.

From this, Sabri made his radio debut – where he presented the programs “This Evening”, “Kan Zaman”, “The Program” and “Meshwar” – and then participated in the cinema and 138 films, the most famous of which “Al-Tawt wa Al-Nout”, “Hell Under Water” and Enemy Brothers “,” My Father Over the Tree “and” The Midaq Alley “.

“The Comprehensive Artist” and “Unique Talent” … #Samir_Sabri excelled in performing, singing, playing various musical instruments, acting in comedy, drama and action, and offered excellent roles in films, theater, television and radio, and programs presented on television and radio, and produced 20 films.

During his films, Sabri was associated in the minds of the audience with his attractiveness, dance and fluency in foreign languages, and they became accustomed to him in the role of a reckless young man, until many considered him “the spoiled screen boy”. has. , the fame established especially after the movie “Search for a Scandal”. Although he retained the public’s view of him as an artist with a wide culture and knowledge.

In recent years, Sabri has turned to television, where he has participated in various series considered social dramas, such as “Qadah al-Amam”, “Hadrat Al Muthham Abi Abi” and “Haq Mashra`”. Prior to that, he performed in Fawazeer “We Are Fein” and “One Thousand and One Nights”.

On a personal level, Sabri’s father and mother divorced when he was young, and his father took him to live with him in Cairo, and his only brother stayed with his mother in Alexandria, where he became a military pilot. and was tortured in October. 1973 war.

Sabri married an English citizen before he turned twenty and gave birth to his only son Jalal. Wyle has three grandchildren by his only son.

In his autobiography, “Tales of the Whole Life”, which was published by the Egyptian Lebanese House last year on 304 pages, he told stories and situations with 36 artistic, cultural and political figures, such as Sultan Qaboos, Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan, Imam Musa al-Sadr, author Tawfiq al-Hakim, Umm Kulthum, Abdel Halim Hafez and Suad Hosni. Mervat Amin and others.

The news of Sabri’s departure left great sadness in the Egyptian and Arab artistic community, for wile was known for being a nobleman and “the owner of his own” and did not delay the help of any artist who was around the disasters of time do not turn.

He regretted that he preferred art over his personal life, and was known for being “the owner of its owner” … Samir Sabry led a difficult social life as he was at an early age was forced to divorce his mother and only brother, and was then deprived of his only son, who settled with his mother in London

It was a strange fate, as the comedians Samir Sabry and Samir Ghanem brought together in many matters, beginning with the name, then growing up in the city of Alexandria, studying in the nearby faculties of agriculture and literature, and a passion for art and engaging in it, especially comic roles, to fame and love of the audience and ending with death on the same day.The day of Sabri’s death coincided with the first anniversary of Ghanem’s death; And both of them after suffering bitterly.

In many media interviews, Sabri Ghanem described him as a “friend of a lifetime”. The two stars have appeared together in many films, including “The Story of a Girl Her Name Mahmoud”, “Alam Eyal Eyal”, “Legs in the Mud”, “In the Summer We Must Love”, “Warm Embraces”, ” We Are Not Angels “and” 30 “A Day in Prison”, “Very Crazy Youth” and “Al-Shahatin Strike”.

It is noteworthy that the last artistic appearance of late in the series “Valentino” with the star was Adel Imam during the Ramadan season in 2020.

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