Saeed Center discusses ideas that support business development in Sharjah

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The Sharjah Investor Services Center “Said”, affiliated with the Sharjah Foreign Direct Investment Office “Invest in Sharjah”, has received a delegation from the Sharjah Consultative Council’s Financial, Economic and Industrial Affairs Committee, headed by Saif Muhammad Al Midfa , chair of the Committee, with the aim of reviewing the Center’s role in supporting investment and promoting attractive economic activities.

The delegation included Mohammed Juma Al Musharrakh, Executive Director of the Sharjah Foreign Direct Investment Office (Investing in Sharjah), while the delegation included the Advisory Committee Committee Maryam Rashid Ahmed bin Al Sheikh, Committee Rapporteur, Suhail Salem Swaidan Al has. Kaabi, Abdullah Ibrahim Musa and dr. Mohammed Ahmed Al Koos, and from the General Secretariat of the Council, Amna Salem Baslaib, Sessions Affairs Officer, Secretary of the Committee.

At the start of the visit, Mohammed Juma Al-Musharkh and Marwan Saleh Al-Ajla, director of the Sharjah Investors Services Center (Said), accompanied the committee’s delegation on a tour of the centre’s departments, where he briefed them. about the services it did. provides to investors and businessmen in the establishment of their companies, and provides the facilities to ensure that all their transactions are completed quickly High and standard efficiency.

The two parties discussed ways to improve Sharjah’s position on the map of cities attracting foreign investment, and to exchange ideas and experiences that support the development of the business sector in the emirate, which achieve the objectives of the Committee for Promote Financial and Economic Affairs. of the Sharjah Consultative Council, and consolidates its role in communicating with all stakeholders, to sustainably support the economic environment in Sharjah.

Saif Muhammad Al Midfa, Member of the Advisory Board and Chairman of the Financial, Economic and Industrial Affairs Committee of the Advisory Board, emphasized the importance of the Sharjah FDI office and its role in supporting the emirate’s aspirations and a qualitative leap in attracting foreign investment in various sectors, and taking advantage of the capabilities and services that Sharjah enjoys, and what it offers To provide an integrated environment for investment and external attraction.

He explained that the committee, within the framework of the Advisory Council’s plans for the third regular session of the tenth legislative term, visited the office in order to communicate with all sectors involved in economic investment and to promote growth opportunities, in order to promote the aspirations. realized. of His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah Development of investment opportunities in various fields.

In turn, Mohammed Juma Al Musharrakh stressed the shrewdness of the Sharjah Foreign Direct Investment Office (Invest in Sharjah) to build bridges of communication with all government agencies involved in monitoring the economic and development affairs of the Emirate Sharjah, and thereupon showed that these meetings represent integration in the visions between the emirate’s institutions, which strive to achieve high growth rates of foreign investment in all economic sectors in the emirate.

Al Musharrekh said: “Our joint meetings with those involved in financial and economic affairs in the emirate contribute to the study of ways that enrich the investment environment in Sharjah, and keep pace with the rapid developments taking place through the world of finance and business is seen, and the requirements imposed by the development process of the emirate under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, the development that Sharjah views is nothing but the result of a joint effort by all the emirate’s authorities and institutions to push the wheel of economic growth and comprehensive prosperity forward. ”

Marwan Saleh Al-Ajla said: “Foreign investment is one of the pillars of Sharjah’s economic growth, and government efforts have supported the establishment of groundbreaking umbrellas that give economic development an integrated concept, in which all institutions are cohesive.”

He added: “We are working to draw inspiration from all the pioneering expertise and experiences that Sharjah’s institutions and destinations boast, so that the Sharjah Investors Services Center contributes to achieving its goals and creating a world-class leading platform that invests with all the facilities to run its business and develop it in a flexible environment, and smooth procedures that improve business and investment sectors in The emirate contribute to the promotion of its development performance in all areas.

At the end of the visit, the Sharjah Advisory Council’s Financial, Economic and Industrial Affairs Committee praised the integrated solutions provided by the Sharjah Investors Services Center (Said), which enhance the investment environment in Sharjah and represent a single window which ensures business facilitation, and the provision of all government and administrative services related to licensing commercial and business sectors.


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