The “iconic” tower rises 400 meters above the sky and includes a 24-storey hotel and a viewing platform

When it comes to a new capital, it has to compete with its peers around the world or even in the region, and to achieve this political leadership, it decided to place a special beacon for the new republic, which the central region or the financial and business district, which will include 20 towers, including the iconic tower in Africa and the Middle East, with a height of about 400 meters, as well as the tallest skyscraper with administrative activity in Egypt with a height of 174 meters, as well as the tallest residential tower with a height of 194 meters and a length of 48 floors.

The central business district in the Administrative Capital includes 20 towers with a variety of uses between residential, administrative and hotel. The project’s investments are estimated at about $ 3 billion, and it is in collaboration between the New Urban Communities Authority and the Chinese company (CSCEC), one of the largest contracting companies in the world.

Engineer Amr Khattab, supervisor of the Central Business District project at the Ministry of Housing, confirmed that the Central Business District tower project or the financial and business district includes 20 towers divided between the iconic tower, which has multiple uses, meaning that part some of the floors are with administrative activities, and another part is hotel apartments, and the last part will be a hotel. Five stars plus, next to 10 towers with administrative activity, 5 residential towers, and finally 4 towers called Crescent Towers, located in the middle of the tower area, with hotel activities and hotel apartments.

Khattab explained that the iconic tower is the tallest in Africa and the Middle East, and its concrete works have been completely completed, as well as the works of the steel structure by installing another metal beam a few days ago, and the work of the glass facades were started, and he indicated that for the ten administrative towers the concrete works were completely completed.The percentage implementation of facade works reached 80%, in addition to the finishing works which reached 15 %.As for the five residential. towers, concrete works were completed in the first tower of them, where the percentage of facade implementation reached 60%, and there are two towers in which concrete works reached 89% And the facades with 30%, the remaining two residential towers, the concrete works reached 40%, and finally the Crescent towers, which are 4 connected towers, brought the concrete to the fourth floor.

The engineer, Amr Sabaa, the planning and follow-up officer at Dar Al-Handasah Company, the central business district project consultant, added that the ten administrative towers, with heights ranging from 80 to 174 meters, have floors between 15 and 33 storeys. , and indicated that for the five dwelling towers, one of them bears the number D1 and the tallest dwelling tower in Egypt is 194 meters high and includes 48 storeys, and the concrete works are completed.The concrete works of two dwelling towers are expected to within days to be completed, and the other two towers next January, and the facades will be implemented in parallel with the concrete and construction works.

Sabaa confirmed that the Crescent Towers consist of 4 towers, each of which is connected, and work has recently begun, pointing out that the iconic tower is divided between the 39 floors, of which the first are administrative offices, then 10 floors of hotel apartments, and finally the hotel with a height of 24 floors, and it will be the 75th floor. From the tower is a lookout platform similar to the one in the Cairo Tower, which makes it possible to see the entire capital through telescopes. As for the 4 upper floors, it will be mechanical and service rooms.

He pointed out that, in general, construction and building works are currently underway in the iconic tower, residential and administrative towers, in addition to work on facades, electromechanical works, infrastructure, and the filling of low areas around the towers around the ground level. to reach. implement utility networks. It is expected that the implementation of the infrastructure works for the entire project will begin within two or three months. He explained that two types of facades are implemented, one of which is ready-made or pre-installed and is used in the administrative towers and the iconic tower, while the second type is during which the metal facades are initially installed and then glass is placed on it, which is the normal or traditional system and it is followed in residential towers and all administrative floors in the rest of the towers.

He revealed that, according to the contract, the entire project is scheduled to be delivered in February 2023, for the iconic tower and the crescent towers, as this will be the last thing that will be delivered in the project. the towers, they will start to be delivered from the end of this year to the end of next year.The rest, such as towers and administrative units, will be half-finished. The planning and follow-up officer explained that the volume of employment in the project varies between 8-9 thousand individuals, among Chinese, representing about 2,000 individuals, and the rest are Egyptians.

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