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In a report published by the American magazine “The National Interest”, authors Elif Nysa Polat and Evie Boldock said that many take the freedom that the Internet offers for granted, but that this is not the case for most of the world, even in many countries where privacy and internet freedom are believed to be the norm.

According to a report by Freedom House, government interference in the digital sphere around the world has led to a decline in internet freedom for 11 consecutive years. According to this report, global standards have changed to allow more government intervention in the digital field, as 48 of the 70 governments surveyed take measures to further regulate the digital field, often violating standards of user privacy and even freedom of expression.

The third generation web revolution

Thanks to blockchain technology, the decentralized nature of the third generation of the web will provide entirely new freedom, privacy and innovation opportunities, and will also ensure that internet services and products are for the benefit of people rather than big companies. idea of ​​the third generation of the web is to provide a global internet based on blockchain technology.

Data is an essential part of how value is stored and transmitted on the internet. In its current state, the internet is the necessary product that enables companies to monetize users while the users themselves benefit nothing. The problem is that data can be difficult to market on an individual basis, while it is very valuable when marketed collectively, and hundreds of companies have realized this principle and made billions of dollars with the sale of consumer data.

With the advent of the third generation of the web, we are approaching an era where the primary focus is on ensuring the privacy and security of user data, and decentralized information and data is at the core of this new internet generation.

The basis of blockchain technology

The essence of blockchain technology is its ability to distribute ownership and access to information across a wide range of entities rather than centralizing it in the hands of an intermediary. Distribution management enables us to ensure that people own their data and are not owned by anyone else, and this facilitates the emergence of new leadership structures that enable collaboration between a wide range of actors without the need for central leadership, and the distribution of ownership between founders and users.

Blockchain technology is based on a transparent and unchanging system that facilitates the execution of distributed transactions across an entire network of computer systems and servers. As the third generation of the web relies on the integration of blockchain technology into its operations, the new World Wide Web will be decentralized and without intermediaries, and everyone will be able to join the network without fear of being banned. These components are of great importance in a world where authoritarian governments seek to prevent activists. Human rights opponents have access to the Internet.

digital property

Another positive contribution of blockchain to the Internet of the future is the facilitation of digital ownership, and although much of the Internet is built on user-generated content, those who create content – such as social media posts – none of it. YouTube, for example, says it can delete a user’s account if it’s not “commercially viable”. In the case of 2G web games, game creators can freely cancel in-game purchases for other accounts. Similarly, if one decides to stop playing the game, the value of the items in the game is completely lost.

Conversely, the 3G network of the web allows direct ownership of digital assets. Users can create digital versions with unique identities and digital certificates to show origin and validity. It also allows artists to accept the transfer of digital works to collectors while following the rules. No one, including the game designers, has the right to withdraw ownership. Furthermore, one can also sell or trade in-game collectibles on open free markets to redeem their value if they choose to stop playing.

The importance of the blockchain

All of these important changes previously described would not be possible without blockchain technology, as its unique features cannot be replaced by any alternative available in today’s market. Aside from its ability to facilitate the secure sharing of data between users, its unique features create a sense of trust between parties that other technologies cannot generate, and therefore governments around the world use it to improve existing operations.

The true value of the blockchain lies in its decentralization and the benefits of transparency and immutability, which give confidence in it. It can save us money by creating efficient actions in how transactions are processed, thus eliminating the middleman.

Intelligent assimilation and organization

In the last two decades, the internet has revolutionized all aspects of the world as we know it, including financial markets, culture and politics. The third-generation revolution of the web is closer than we can imagine, thanks to the tools available to developers through blockchain. There are currently hundreds of applications being developed using blockchain technology, creating the infrastructure needed for a more equitable internet that allows people to make a profit and fully enjoy their digital activities. Thus, the continuous development of the blockchain should invite Western decision-makers to adopt smart regulations and facilitate the integration of this technology into the daily lives of citizens.

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