Under the auspices of Mohamed bin Zayed … Unlimited support for creative film directors

Tamer Abdel Hamid (Abu Dhabi)

Emirati women played an active role in the service of the community and the fulfillment of their national duty through the process of construction and development, and were able to present an honorable image through years full of brilliance, excellence, giving and creativity, and among the protection and importance of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State “may God protect him”, the Emirati woman was able to prove herself In various fields she has recorded an active presence in many sectors, and among these fields , film direction, where the Emirati director was able to express the culture of the UAE and its development through the works she presented, and could be the best ambassador for her country in local, Arab and international forums.

Director Nahla Al-Fahad, who has achieved many achievements in the world of directing, won many local and international awards, praised the pioneering role played by the UAE and his wise leadership in supporting and empowering women in various fields to to serve society, to prepare them. for all the ingredients for success, and to provide them with a supportive environment to be an incentive for them to introduce Her creative and creative energies. She said: The Emirati director has become the best ambassador for her country, a recipient of awards and honors, with encouragement from the authorities and institutions involved in art, as the UAE has provided artistic platforms and creative centers for the role of Emirati women working in the field of directing and creating creative content, for veterans and promising talents.

Al-Fahd continued: TwoFour54, Image Nation, Dubai Film and TV Production City, and Sharjah Media City (Shams), contributed to the portrayal of talented female directors and empowered them in the direction of directing various films, including feature films, shorts and documentaries, and support them until they reach the world with their creativity, and conveyed the image of the UAE through films to others.
She pointed out that the UAE had created specializations in a number of major universities in the field of media, in its various departments, including television and directing, and also provided courses within and outside the country, and received two missions in America , the first in specialized film directing, and the second in the documentary film industry, emphasizing that the UAE is a pioneer in supporting Emirati women in all disciplines.

Director Nayla Al Khaja, who has won many awards in the field of films, pointed out that Emirati women represent a role model, saying: The UAE is a pioneer in the advancement and empowerment of women in all fields, including the field of directing, where it was able to achieve achievements, with a number of prominent women in the film field, who became ambassadors of the UAE, by presenting their work locally and globally, the ambition of Emirati women is unlimited among the protection of the wise leadership that paid close attention to supporting and empowering women, which motivated them to continue and achieve.
And she continued: I’m proud to be the daughter of the Emirates, our beloved homeland, who always supports women and makes them at the highest peaks, and as an Emirati director I have an endless love for telling stories from my country’s heritage. I always highlight Emirati stories through the camera lens, and my new feature film “Bab”, with which I collaborate with author Masoud Amrallah and international composer AR Rahman. It will be a wonderful and special step to embody a story from the ground up. of the UAE. I hope to be an ambassador for my country, the UAE, through these stories, and to raise our flag high and proud in international forums, and win international awards.

Fall in love with creativity
Director Hanan Ghaith confirmed that the Emirati director began her journey in the world of directing out of her passion and love for creativity and her messages by communicating image and sound. After more than 16 years of experience, my career has been crowned with success, with the support of the Emirates, by completing my master’s studies in media, and I also received support from the government and private institutions in the production of cartoon programs and the filming of local programs for children, as well as the coverage of events and activities. For over 20 years, my creativity has been continually highlighted by local channels, platforms and newspapers.

win awards
Ghaith explained that there are some female directors who have received academic support to complete their studies at prestigious international universities outside the country with the support and encouragement of the wise leadership, noting that the UAE plays the role of the Emirati- director emphasizes through her the opportunity to produce various works through local channels and digital platforms and her participation in local events. And worldwide, as we saw at Expo 2020, when Emirati women, with their diverse creativity, were the best representation of the Emirates. international awards for which it was awarded.

an immortal walk
Hanan Ghaith pointed out that the Emirati director was able to highlight the women’s march and achievements, Al-Mayadeen, especially the mothers of martyrs, through short films and documentaries.

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