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During my work in the field of paper journalism, I worked in the departments of local and international news, investigations and reports and sometimes contributed to economic magazines with translated material. With which I have nothing to do as a practitioner or spectator, after I have a became an overall break with her, due to my aversion to math during my school years, and I became distrustful of a practice bearing the name of an academic subject that nearly disrupted my academic career.

Because I have lived in Qatar for many years, I have seen great leaps in the fields of industry, investment and infrastructure, but all that Qatar has achieved in recent decades is “com” and what it has achieved in the last five years, is “another com”, and it is known all over the world that Qatar will host five months after the FIFA World Cup, but what those living outside Qatar do not know is that, in the context of preparation for that competitions, Qatar has completed a network. of internal roads, highways, bridges and tunnels to meet his needs, according to population growth forecasts until the end of this century, to the extent that many like me stopped their genes, the mid-twentieth-century model, from growing and interacting have, and they are now unable to drive their cars in the Qatari capital to prevent them from being “lost” in the rollercoaster streets.

I recently drew attention to the fact that attending or following the events of the 2022 World Cup has become the issue of the hour for hundreds of millions, and it has warned me that football is a democratic game, with evidence that the simple and the poor can practice it and excel in it – in every neighborhood and village one or more squares in which young and young people and even The “sheep” is this game, because its playground equipment is simple, and there are no complicated protocols around the fashion of the players, as is the case, for example, with tennis, baseball, or snowboard and snow.

While football remained the first popular game for most of the people of the universe, the Americans did not enter their worlds until about twenty years ago, due to a complex they suffer from because they have no ancient history (because they were the history of the indigenous peoples), they were and still are inclined to invent games you do not know Other peoples, so they came up with something called football, and although the name belongs to football and “foot “foot means, they play it with hands, wear protective costumes not even available to lightning forces during wars, parallel to baseball, a game, if it is permissible to name, no less ridiculous than cricket, which The British practiced it and tempted the people of India, Pakistan and the people. Sri Lanka to practice it, so they became addicted to it and no longer had any business in any real sports field.

In every neighborhood and village there are one or more squares in which young people, young people and even “the young people” play this game, because the facilities of their playgrounds are simple, and there are no complicated protocols about the fashion of the players of the game, as is the case, for example, with tennis, baseball, or snowboarding and snowboarding.

And the Americans are the ones who made boxing valuable and attractive, and if documented statistics indicate the deaths of 7 to 11 boxers, and the disability of about 25 annually due to blows they received on the rings, you can ask: How is a practice that leads to murder and disability a sport? Then the Americans come up with something called the Ultimate Fighting Championship, that is, the ultimate fighting championship and “the book out of its title”, in which it is allowed to strike with foot, hand and head on every part of the body and to kick. the genitals, and even the matches that last no longer than one minute in which the blood flows abundantly from one or both of the contenders.

Is motor racing a sport? Is Kia possible to beat Ferrari? Just asking the question in this form, which is the correct formula, indicates that the real winner in those races is the car producing companies and not the leader of the winning car as the media promotes. On the other hand, the horse plays a central role in horse racing, but the jockey plays a central role in preparing the horse for the race in training Intense, and riding the horse along the racetrack requires high physical fitness and skills.

Then look at how the Westerners managed to tie up screens in the Olympics, where two people dressed in astronaut costumes stand in an open arena, and each of them is required to lightly cross the other side so and so once and to “stab” with a “fake” sword to be considered a winner, and the fence was originally a Revival of a barbaric practice that was common in Europe in the fifteenth century to offset scores between competitors by killing cause or cause serious harm.

There is golf! To practice it in a field with complex terrain, it is necessary to use a long stick with certain specifications to hit a small ball with it, and then go to where the ball fell less than deadly, or to board an electric car to hit it upside down again until it reaches the desired hole, and golf definitely belongs to the sport If it is practiced by the elderly (and they are originally the majority of its audience playing and watching), but on the basis that in any amount of movement there is a “blessing”, as for young people who practice it and think they are “playing” like that, then there are more than two sayings, and there is no evidence that golf is boring for young people no, more One of his most prominent knights, the American Tiger Woods, found that he moved in the arms of about a hundred women, and he lost half his wealth after being divorced by his wife.

With your participation in the 2024 Olympics, breakdance will be on the list of games, on rap and hip-hop music, and there is great hope that the Arab League will demand the inclusion of belly dancing at the 2028 Olympics, and thus our region monopolizes – for the first time – gold, silver and bronze medals In the Olympic field.

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