In the video, dr. Jassem Al-Kandari told Al-Anbaa he had made plans

  • Invest in the abilities, talents and tendencies of criminal or vulnerable youth and develop their skills
  • Cases of violence, beatings, quarrels of all kinds and running away from home are the most common among young people
  • Strengthen the prisoner’s relationship with his family to achieve harmony and family togetherness and work to improve the family relationship
  • Divorce, family breakdown, frequent family disputes and lack of good role models are the main causes of crime

Bushra Shaaban

The Director of the Youth Care Division, Dr. Jassim Al-Kandari, revealed that the department provides care to 52 male and female prisoners. And in all shelters, provided by a specialized technical staff who work all day, in addition to 300 cases under the supervision and follow-up of the Social Monitoring Office. In an interview with Al-Anbaa, he said that the Youth Welfare Department is a technical department whose main task is to deal with criminal youth who are exposed to crime and to work to adapt their behavior in accordance with the prevailing values ​​and customs in community so that they are normal members of society. The administration also seeks, in accordance with state policy, to work to reduce the crime rate among juveniles and to protect society by developing special care plans for this category, whether perverse or prone to crime, in the light of implementation of Youth Act No. 111 of 2015 and its amendments. He said the administration’s vision lay in achieving leadership in the field of caring for juvenile delinquents and vulnerable to crime, protecting society and its stability, and providing modern services. Here are the details:

At the outset, we would like to highlight the key objectives of the administration?

Some of the key objectives of management:

Implementation of the state’s policy in the field of youth care and protection.

Implementation of the executive procedures of the ministry’s plan in the field of youth care and protection.

The provision of residential care in its comprehensive sense.

* Develop the religious scruples of criminal youths who are prone to crime and establish good morals and values ​​in their souls.

Investing in the abilities, talents and tendencies of youths who are deviant or prone to crime, developing their skills, providing meaningful experiences to them and building their personalities.

Gas preparation

What is the number of prisoners currently in the shelters?

The number of prisoners currently in all the residences is 52 prisoners.

In all the shelters there is a specialized technical staff who work 24 hours a day, who provide treatment and rehabilitation programs for the guests and draw up a comprehensive care plan to rehabilitate the youth and into a productive and effective person in the community converted.

The total number of cases of implementation of the Judicial Trial Judgment of the Social Monitoring Office amounted to 300, and the total number of social research reports addressed to the courts reached 21 reports by the end of April 2022.

general issues

What are the most cases committed by the events?

There is a great variety in the type of crimes or issues that the administration deals with, but the most common are cases of violence, beatings and quarrels of all kinds.

As recently, after the enactment of the Cybercrime Act, cases of phone abuse and cases of insult and extortion related to the use of social media have spread.

This is due to the ignorance of the category of juveniles with the general laws, which leads to their involvement in those cases.

And do not forget about traffic cases, which are most of the cases committed by juveniles, in which a judicial test verdict is issued by the Juvenile Court, and the verdict is executed by the juvenile while he is in his natural environment under the supervision of the probation officer. .

As well as issues of escaping from the home, rebellion against parental authority, and the lack of a trusted parent who sometimes provides care and education for children, as well as cases of theft and destruction.


Are there visits by the families of the juveniles who have been sentenced?

* Yes, and one of the department’s strategic goals is to strengthen the prisoner’s relationship with his family to bring about harmony and family togetherness and work to improve the family relationship as much as possible, through weekly and exceptional visits, which is a reward considered for him. and has a significant impact on changing his behavior with his family.

Summer vacation

What is your plan during the summer holidays?

* Since the summer holidays are approaching, the administration has drawn up a plan that includes programs, activities and events, for guests to enjoy during the summer holidays.

Taking into account the diversity in these programs and activities, and that it is appropriate for the ages and preferences of the prisoners.

One of the popular activities for guests during the summer period is swimming, and swimming pools are provided in all dwellings for children to swim.

In addition to cultural, recreational and religious programs and awareness lectures that help to change their behavior and spend free time with everything that is useful and beneficial to them to immunize them against disorder.

prevention of disorders

How are juveniles who have been exposed to crime treated?

* With regard to juveniles who are prone to crime, they are received in guest houses at the reception center, their case is studied and the appropriate treatment plan is drawn up for them and helps in solving their family problems and the crack in it to prevent it. of criminality.

While studying their family and educational circumstances and working to raise their level of awareness to prevent them from falling into deviance and to develop their knowledge of the laws and regulatory standards in society.

And their awareness of the manifestations of deviant behaviors such as addiction, sabotage, theft and behavioral disorders, and the severity of these problems for them, their families and society.

As well as developing their knowledge by avoiding falling into these problems, following social and religious values, engaging in various activities and not mixing with bad companions.

Causes of disorder

What are the causes of juvenile delinquency in society?

Deviation is deviation from the right path and from what is usual, as well as deviation from the standards set by society.

Kuwaiti law defines a juvenile delinquent in Article 1 as a person who is seven years old and has not exceeded eighteen and has committed an act punishable by law.

The causes of juvenile delinquency in Kuwaiti society are due to many, many reasons, including:

– Weak religious scruples and young people’s distance from the teachings of the Islamic religion.

Parental abuse.

Poor parental control, parents’ preoccupation with raising their children, and their neglect.

– Mixing with bad companions and keeping up with them Many scientific studies in the social, psychological and educational fields have confirmed that bad friendships lead to loss (the friend is a laaitie).

Poor financial condition of the parents.

Divorce, family breakdown and frequent family disputes.

Lack of family dialogue and lack of discussion.

The absolute freedom that some young people enjoy today is one of the main reasons for deviance.

– The absence of a valid role model.

Wrong socialization.

Bad use of social media.

What is your message to parents?

Message to parents and guardians:

1 – Children are entrusted to their parents.

2 – The responsibility for raising children and their education rests with the father and mother together, and then on the rest of the educational institutions, so it is considered as the first social institution responsible for social education and social control.

The role of parents is embodied by treating their children in a good way, with kindness and understanding, based on love and mutual trust.

3 – Caring for and caring for children is a form of politeness and sophistication, in addition to an inevitable human requirement.

4- Parental treatment is nothing more than a social interaction in which the individual acquires his personality and shapes and adopts that personality in order to grow and associate with himself and his society.

5- Children should not be left to be an easy prey for loss and deviance, and help them calmly to save them in what they are.

6- It is also necessary to pay attention to the children’s academic performance, to identify the problems they face in school, to provide the opportunity to express their feelings, to discuss their problems, advice and give directions to them, and spend time with the children. in a family atmosphere dominated by the nature of love and understanding, playing with them and getting close to them.

7 – For this it is necessary to instill values, virtues and morals in their souls, to prepare and educate them so that we can produce a healthy and constructive generation that contributes to the building of its homeland and society.

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