Morocco newspaper | Problems surrounding the first Arab version of the World Cup before its launch: International human rights organizations call on FIFA to reimburse $ 440 million for World Cup workers

The countdown to the Qatar 2022 World Cup has begun, which will begin next November, but it appears that the first Arab version of the World Cup with several

Pitfalls that even began months before its inception, at a time when Qatar is relying on the success of this event and the optimal preparation to market the country’s image as the best it can be 2010 Allegations of corruption and criticism of the Gulf state ‘s human rights record.
In recent hours, international organizations have been active in the field of human rights, such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Fair Square and a global coalition that includes migrant rights groups, trade unions, international football fans, victims of violations. , business and rights groups, called the International Federation of Soccer “FIFA” To pay compensation estimated at $ 440 million to workers who these organizations believe were subjected to abuse in Qatar during their work on infrastructure and services included in this year’s World Cup soccer tournament related. the same as what the federation is handing out as prize money during this sporting event.
Violations have existed since 2010
Amnesty International, based in London, reported that the amount of 440 they demanded was equal to what was awarded to the 32 teams participating in the World Cup, which is the “minimum required” for workers. compensate and protect them from future abuse.
The organization referred in particular to unpaid wages, payment of “illegal” and “excessive” recruitment fees, as well as damages due to work accidents.
She added that since 2010, when FIFA awarded Qatar the honor of hosting the 2022 World Cup, there had been a “chain of transgressions” that spoiled preparations without FIFA asking for “the slightest improvement in working conditions”. . “
And she added that the proposed amount is only “a small part” of the six billion dollars that FIFA will earn with the next World Cup.
Amnesty International called on Swiss-Italian FIFA President Gianni Infantino to “work with Qatar to develop a comprehensive compensation program, involving workers, trade unions, the International Labor Organization and civil society.”
Mai Romanos, one of the activists in the organization, says that workers are subject to a “chain of transgressions” in Qatar. “For example, there is the issue of wage theft, which is one of the most common problems that workers suffer as they are not paid. They are paid on time, or they are not paid at all. There is also the issue of injury and death. of migrant workers whose circumstances of death were not properly investigated by the authorities, and that many of those who died died as a result of their working conditions, and their families did not receive adequate compensation. ”
“FIFA and Qatar have failed the migrant workers who played a key role in the 2022 World Cup, but they can still provide compensation to those seriously affected and the families of the many who died,” said Minky Worden, director of Global Initiatives at Human Rights Watch. FIFA must immediately allocate the necessary funds for appropriate compensation and avoid a legacy of disgrace at the World Cup. “
Worden cited the case of Mango Devi, a 38-year-old Nepalese woman whose husband, 40-year-old migrant worker Kripal Mandal, died in Qatar in 2022. The only “legacy” for the upcoming World Cup is the loans made by her husband, which he paid for the work that killed him. Like most migrant workers in Qatar, Mandal borrowed money at exorbitant interest rates to pay recruitment fees, a debt that is on the rise. While Qatar prohibits the imposition of recruitment fees for migrant workers and related costs, the government rarely enforces this law.
Mandal’s family said he worked in construction for a supply company that hired him to work at the airport and stadiums. His wife is still struggling to understand why he died of a heart attack. Davey told Human Rights Watch: “I do not know why he died. Whether that was the reason they signed up or something else, we can not say. At night he spoke normally and laughed, but he died the next day at about three o’clock in the morning. “
The family received no compensation for his death, and the employer did not pay 15 days of the salary due to him under the contract. “When he was alive, we were sure we had a breadwinner,” said Davey, a mother of five. Now after his death, our breadwinner is no longer alive. it is very difficult. ”
FIFA and Qatari government respond to allegations
In response to the demands of international organizations, FIFA said in a comment received by Agence France-Presse that it was “currently evaluating the proposal submitted by Amnesty” and other non-governmental organizations, noting that the projects to which Amnesty International refers to “includes a wide range of structures.” The public infrastructure that has been built since 2010 (in Qatar) and is not necessarily linked to the FIFA World Cup. ”
In turn, the Qatari government has denied allegations made in a previous report by Amnesty International that thousands of migrant workers were being exploited. Qatar’s highest committee on delivery and legacy, in response to Amnesty, said it had “worked tirelessly to ensure that the rights of every worker involved in FIFA World Cup projects in Qatar are respected by dedicated teams of workers’ welfare experts, and significant improvements has been established in the standard of accommodation, health and care. “
President of the Italian Football Federation: “The Azzurri national team’s chances of participating in the World Cup are zero.”
Gabriel Gravina, president of the Italian Football Federation, has denied that there is a chance for Italy to take part in the World Cup final instead of Ecuador, which is currently being investigated for fraudulent papers in one of the players in the Latin qualifiers for the next World Cup. Cup, to be held next November in Qatar.
Gravina said in statements to the Federal Council in the Italian capital, Rome, that the chances of his country’s participation in the World Cup final being “zero”, which refutes the possibility that Italy will replace Ecuador as the highest-ranked European champion among the teams that will be absent from the World Cup.
Franco Chimenti, president of the Italian Golf Federation, said earlier that the Azzurri team could participate in the next World Cup if the Ecuadorian team is excluded from the next World Cup final.
Gravina explained that he had contacted FIFA officials, who confirmed that Europe had fully secured its seats (13) and therefore if the Ecuadorian national team is excluded, a Latin team from South America will also enter its place.
Italy could not qualify for the World Cup for the second time in a row after losing 1-0 in the play-off match against Northern Macedonia in the European play-off match against Switzerland in their qualifying group for the World Cup.

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