Researcher: Bennett’s government seeks to “family” the Palestinian curriculum by distorting it and emptying its national content with a new policy

Ramallah – Dunya Al Watan
In a study published by the Mada al-Carmel Center for Applied Social Studies entitled “Education in Jerusalem during the Bennett Era,” researcher Anwar Keda spoke about the educational reality in Jerusalem during the Bennett right-wing administration as an extension. The colonial policies of successive Israeli governments since the 1967 occupation of Jerusalem.

The study indicated that the period after 2011 was a change in the policy used in dealing with the education system in East Jerusalem, which included the policies of temptation and facilitation in addition to the policy of restriction and violence. and extortion predicts that they will be replaced soon.

It is a policy that has been strengthened, the newspaper shows, with shifts in the internal public policy of the governments of the Israeli and Palestinian Authority – and the foreign policy of the major powers and their vision to map a new Middle East to bring. Where the American recognition of united Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel and the rush of some Arab countries to normalize and other factors helped pave the way and accelerate the process of captivity, especially in the face of the right-wing extremist government led by Bennett, and the almost total absence of a united Palestinian national movement in the face of divisions.

The study seeks to gain a clearer picture of education trends during Bennett’s era as prime minister, by going back and examining his tenure as education minister, which stretched for some time between 2015-2019 and as a milestone in that era is marked. From the family, after making several plans to speed up the process. The plan to form and strengthen the educational family, which began with the allocation of budgets for schools that accept the Israeli curriculum, has become a prerequisite, and it has been translated by linking any spending to schools to switching to this curriculum , which left schools under pressure for licensing, restoration and modernization activities, teacher training, and the payment of a share The student pays through the municipality for accredited non-state schools.

Researcher Anwar Kidda said: “The discussion is about the policies of pressure and marginalization that Israel has pursued since the annexation of the eastern part of Jerusalem, when they began providing direct family education through the City Education Office and the Israeli Education Office. to cancel. curricula, abolishing teachers and then joining Jordan and replacing all gradual family formation.

She added: “The gradual annexation policy that adopted the method of pressure and marginalization escalated in 2011, with what Israel called the” reinforcement policy “to motivate schools to switch to the Israeli curriculum through financial support, and the motivate private school to do so .. Opening up to one row of the Bagrut, and in return we receive generous financial support, not forgetting that it happens in difficult economic conditions experienced by the inhabitants of Jerusalem and an almost complete separation from the Palestinian Authority, and that Israel encouraged it.To open a class with any number, even if it is only five students, because he wants a foothold and works with a long stroke.

And she continued: “Since 2011, the policy of reinforcements in all aspects of the system of systematic and non-formal education, the process of qualifying teachers and others, has been instituted, and it has intensified during Bennett’s tenure as Minister of Education, which explicitly states that his ministry will not invest in non-Israeli curricula. “

Kaddah explained: “Even the Palestinian curriculum taught in Jerusalem today is a distorted curriculum, unlike the curriculum taught in Palestinian Authority schools, where the name of the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian flag of the Palestinian Authority front page was deleted, and everything that referred to my patriotism was crossed out Symbols such as the names of martyrs, dates and occasions were crossed out nationally and others.

She added: “In the sense that the family process is also taking place by distorting the Palestinian curricula and trying to strip them of their national content, in addition to the process of replacing the Palestinian curricula with Israeli ones, which is starting so far. At a rapid pace, he took advantage of the difficult financial conditions of schools in Jerusalem and demanded the construction of modern schools, or the construction of modern schools, and Al-Maqdisi chose between educating his children in schools and dilapidated buildings with A Palestinian curriculum, or a Haditha. Schools and buildings with Israeli curricula. ”

Regarding the many entities affiliated with schools in Jerusalem and their impact on the adoption of the curriculum: Kaddah reported: “There are private schools, with 10,800 students, still studying according to the undistorted Palestinian curriculum, while private schools 34% of the total schools and a large percentage of them teach according to the curriculum. As for the Palestinian people and the rest are the knowledge schools and the officially named municipal schools and they make up 47% of the total number of students.

In terms of the number of students in the Israeli curriculum, recent statistics show that there are 18 thousand students studying according to this curriculum out of a total of 86 thousand students from Jerusalem, or about 20% of the percentage of students, but the worrying thing is that these percentage has doubled two and a half times between the 2018 academic year -2019 and the academic year 2020-2021.

On post-secondary and university education and how it is exploited to implement family policies, Kedah said: “It was an integrated circuit when Bennett announced that he would not spend on schools that do not accept the Israeli curriculum, the number of people increased this curriculum and faced the problem of a shortage of qualified teachers to teach this curriculum. . Therefore, they encouraged students to enroll in Israeli colleges and universities and obtain qualifications to teach the “Bagrut” curriculum, with reference to the Arab 48 website.

And she continued: “Then they started promoting, rightly or wrongly, that the Palestinian curriculum is a great pressure on students and that it is” regressive “because it depends on memorization and repetition, and in return they encourage the Israeli curriculum by claiming that it gives the student a Hebrew language and enables him to better integrate into the education system, and is based on the system of differential education installments in force in Palestinian universities, where the student is forced to to pay large sums of money for certain courses. “

She added: “This does not mean that the Hebrew University and other colleges encourage Jerusalem to join them in special and facilitation tracks and to support them with financial grants, and we do not forget that it all happens as we approach. From the Corona period and in light of the difficult economic conditions of the Jerusalemites. ”

She explained: “Even the Palestinian university closest to Jerusalem, Abu Dis, is not recognized, as its graduates are forced to enroll for a master’s degree at Birzeit to equalize their degrees, and whoever is in Birzeit and Bethlehem wants to study, has to do it. “They pass the checkpoints daily.”

And she went on to say, “As for the Arab League at the Hebrew University or David Yellen College, Kedah added,” This is what’s really happening, and it’s noteworthy that the fate of East Jerusalem has been in Israel in recent years, while Israel had a possibility of negotiation or settlement with the Palestinians over Jerusalem, so they came up with what is known as the “Five-Year Plan for the Development of Jerusalem”, which basically includes the integration of East Jerusalem within the framework of the “United Capital”. of Israel ”. “And they are trying to do research on Jerusalem society, who can integrate and integrate and who can not leave.

She added: “The five-year plan 2018-2023 was introduced during the era of Bennett’s ministry, and his ministry formulated the part related to education with the goal of deepening the family and expanding work in the Israeli curricula. The Palestinian curriculum and prevents its expansion or natural growth in relation to population growth, and insists on closing or adopting the Israeli curriculum by all means. “

“Bennett paid special attention to getting students from Jerusalem to study in Israeli colleges and institutions,” she said. Thanks to specially designed programs and government programs for the five-year plan, the number of Palestinian students from East Jerusalem is enrolled in the Hebrew language. I graduated from the university in 2019 and reached the highest level so far. ”

She explained: “The closure of the Palestinian Director of Education’s office in Qin, November 2019, was one of the most prominent features of that stage, as the Israeli authorities wanted the official umbrella for Waqf schools and private schools in Jerusalem. . delegitimization. , which makes it easy prey for the Ministry of Education, which wanted to make itself the only official agency on earth. ”

She concluded: “This measure reminds us of the first step the Israeli authorities took after the occupation of Jerusalem in 1967, when they closed the Education Office in the Jerusalem governor, arrested many education officials and public schools at the Ministry of Education added. . ” on the Israeli curriculum.

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