Stock market news today, Wednesday 16-3-2022

The Egyptian Stock Exchange News fluctuated during today’s trading session on Wednesday 16-3-2022, the most prominent of which was the end of the Egyptian Stock Exchange’s trading session today, Wednesday, with a joint rise of indices driven by purchases from local institutions after stock prices reached attractive levels, and the main index rose the highest in 2022. Amid high trading volumes, the market capital gained about 16.2 pounds to close at 694.588 billion pounds.

8 shares suspended

The management of the Egyptian Stock Exchange has announced the suspension of trading on 8 stocks for a period of 10 minutes, for exceeding the percentage of up or down 5% during today’s trading session, that is; Arab Development and Real Estate Investment, Integrated Group for Engineering, Alexandria Container and Freight Handling, BIG for Trade and Investment, Industrial and Engineering Projects, Emerald for Development and Project Management, Arabia for Valves, Grand Investment Holding for Financial Investments.

The stock market wins £ 16.2 billion

The Egyptian Stock Exchange ended its trading session today, Wednesday, with a joint rise in indices, driven by purchases by local institutions after stock prices reached attractive levels.

The volume of trading on shares reached 359.3 million securities, with a value of 2.3 billion pounds, through the implementation of 43.3 thousand operations for 186 companies, and Egypt’s transactions accounted for 51.55% of the total transactions recorded, while foreigners accounted for 39.98%, and Arabs accounted for 8.47% during today’s trading session. Institutions accounted for 70.24% of the stock market transactions, and the rest of the transactions were by individuals held with a percentage of 29.75%.

The net transactions of Egyptian and Arab individuals and Arab and foreign institutions for sale tended to be 26.2 million pounds, 11 million pounds, 67.2 million pounds and 782.6 million pounds, respectively, while the net transactions of foreign individuals and Egyptian institutions tended to buy with a value of £ 4.9 million and £ 882.1 million respectively. .

The “EGX30” index rose by 2.71%, to close at the level of 10705 points, and the “EGX50” index rose by 2.65% to close at the level of 1875 points, and the “EGX30” – index of specific weights jumped by 2.84% to close at the level of 13 193 points.The “EGX30” total return index rose by 2.72% to close at 4226 points.

The index of small and medium-sized companies “EGX 70 of equal weights” rose by 3.03% to close at the level of 1873 points, and the “EGX 100 index of equal weights” rose by 2.95% to to close at the level of 2828. points, and the Excellence Index fell 0.5% to close at 4422 points, and the Treasury bond index fell 0.09% to close at 1155 points.

Shares of 122 companies listed on the stock exchange rose with trading, shares of 13 companies fell and the levels of 51 companies did not change.

Margin buy

The stock exchange announced that the period during which the daily price movement on the shares of Cairo Oil and Soap, the Egyptian Real Estate Group, will be extended within the 5% range, up and down, and without a temporary suspension limit during the session, will be extended. until the end of March 2022, and the submission is repeated to the relevant stock exchange committee, in the light of coordination between the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority and the Egyptian Stock Exchange to introduce temporary measures to limit the risks that traders may have. exposed to on shares in which the value of margin trading transactions increased, attributable to the value of market capital and to the value of freely traded shares, and all this represents an increase in the risks associated with its trading.

insider trading

The transactions of the insiders, the major shareholders and the groups associated with them differed during the trading session yesterday, Tuesday, as the board of directors of the Egyptian Arab Company (Themar) sold 20 thousand shares for trading securities and bonds , and the management of the Egyptian Kuwaiti Holding Company sold 24 thousand shares in the pound.

Meanwhile, the board of directors of Pioneers Properties for Urban Development North Cairo bought Mills and Bakeries, Middle Egypt Mills, General Silos and Storage, extracted oils and their products, Jadwa for Industrial Development, Suez Canal Bank, an Egyptian joint stock company, Palm Hills for Development, Aspire Capital Holding for Financial Investments, and Arab Developers. Holding, Fawry for Banking Technology and Electronic Payments 305.9 thousand shares, 2568 shares, 9 shares, 24.4 thousand shares, 748 thousand shares, 173 thousand shares, 2,600 shares, 92.9 thousand shares, 300 thousand shares, one million shares, 3.4 million shares respectively. A group linked to Arabia Investments Holdings also bought 4 million shares.

treasury shares

Raya Holding Companies for Financial Investments, ASEC Mining-Ascom, 10th of Ramadan Pharmaceutical Industries and Diagnostic-Rameda, United Housing and Development, Egyptian Electric Cables, announced the purchase of the first 2.22 million treasury shares during today’s trading session, and the second purchase of 41 thousand treasury shares during yesterday’s session. , which represents 0.07% of the capital shares, the third purchase of 768.6 thousand treasury shares, the fourth purchase of 10 thousand treasury shares, thus bringing the total percentage of the company’s holding of treasury shares to 2.28 % of the capital shares, and the fifth purchase of 200 thousand treasury shares, and thus The total percentage of the company’s holding of treasury shares is 1.45% of the share capital.

Orascom Finance

A number of companies listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange announced business results for the year 2021, and Orascom Financial Holding Company generated revenue of £ 362.4 million during 2021, and net losses amounted to £ 102.1 million.

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