Domasco unveils the advanced, elegant and brand new Honda HR-V

Yesterday, Domasco unveiled the sleek and sophisticated brand new 2022 Honda HR-V
. The new generation of the popular and elegant HR-V was introduced yesterday, in line with the general trend of Honda’s advanced and sporty cars. The brand new HR-V has a wealth of safety features and advanced technology introduced for the first time
Like Honda Sensing ™, low-emission panoramic roof, air-conditioning mode, LED touch-roof lighting, among many other features, providing comfort and space for passengers.
The HR-V strives to be a symbol of a lifestyle characterized by confidence, visual enjoyment and ride comfort, bringing excitement and enrichment into everyday life. This generation of the HR-V is larger than the previous generation with a longer wheelbase and magical seats that offer class leader space and the opportunity for adventurous vacations. This new model is primarily aimed at the youth group, or known as Generation-C, which includes a group of young people who depend on the use of computers on a permanent basis and on constant communication with the Internet, to get things done to choose and share their choices. and experiences with family, friends and colleagues. The new HR-V will enable its users to explore new areas of life.
“We are pleased to introduce the brand new Honda HR-V to the Qatari market. Its distinctive design directions include its striking front end, which features some newly redesigned headlights and a sporty grille. The brand new HR-V is ideal for today’s men and women who want to add a bit of style and comfort to their daily commute with advanced safety features in the form of Honda Sensing. ” says Jonathan Bullock, Regional Managing Director, Domasco, an Al-Futtaim Group company.

The brand new Honda HR-V boasts a powerful, sporty and distinctive exterior design for 2022, with the front end with a bold new grille, a longer hood and streamlined roofline. The brand new HR-V is larger than the outgoing model, with a longer and wider wheelbase and a fun SUV-like character.

LED headlights and LED fog lights front: The brand new Honda HR-V has a full range of LED headlights and daytime running lights (DRL) in all grades. The EX class also features LED front fog lights.
Hexagonal grille front: The bold and sporty new look of the Honda HR-V is underlined by a multi-faceted grille that gives it a striking sculpted look.
New LED taillights: (for the first time in the HR-V) the taillights are integrated and connected to extend on both sides of the car through the side design lines to reach the headlights, giving the degree of attention to the sporty, youthful style of HR-V design
• 17-inch aluminum wheels: All grades have elegant 17-inch aluminum wheels, giving them a solid and daring look.
Fastback-inspired roof design: The seamless roofline design, elongated hood and streamlined backlines give the HR-V a coupe-like look.
• Low-emission panoramic roof: (For the first time in Honda) a low-emission roof has been added that is designed to reduce infrared radiation, which makes the cabin cooler during hot days. Only available in EX class
Other notable features such as automatic sensor rain wipers and rear parking sensors are available on LX and EX grades, power folding mirrors, rear fog lights, Smart Touch Entry and Walk-Away® in all grades.

Luxury Interior Design
The spacious interior of the HR-V has a distinctly strong SUV feel with the use of premium materials, leather and soft materials. A modern, minimalist aesthetic is designed by the horizontal surfaces of the instrument panel.
The interior design focuses on improving forward visibility, ease of handling and a sense of spaciousness. The horizontal instrument panel design lines also enhance the prospect for more focused driving on the road ahead with an information entertainment screen designed to provide easy information. Convenience is increasing thanks to a new air distribution system which is one of the many new features of the brand new HR-V:
• Spacious cabin: The cabin accommodates five passengers with comfort. Dust seats are available in the DX and LX grades, and leather seats are available in the EX grade for more elegance and comfort.
• Automatic temperature control: Honda HR-V features automatic temperature control with prominent buttons that enable the driver and passenger to control and change the air conditioning temperatures to achieve the appropriate atmosphere inside the car.

Air distribution mode: (for the first time in Honda) a new and innovative feature, the new air distribution system. The choice of this mode leads to the flow of air through the L-shaped vents.These vents provide a fresh breeze in the cabin without directing the air towards the passenger’s face as they gently direct the airflow around them. An air curtain is formed around the front and rear passengers, which reduces heat transfer from the outside and keeps the cabin cool.

• Air conditioning openings for the rear seats: Rear seat passengers can enjoy extra comfort with air conditioning openings at the rear that help them sit back and enjoy the ride in the brand new HR-V. It is available in LX and EX finishes.

• MAGICAL SEATS WITH 60:40 RATING: The most unique feature of the HR-V is the magical rear seats that, with a single movement, transform the interior into enough space for a surfboard or even a bicycle. The seats can be turned over to provide vertical space, folded flat on the ground in one easy movement, or choose to fold the seats 60:40 for more flexibility in the choice of spaces.

• LED Touch Down Lights: (For the first time in the HR-V) The touch screen taillights are elegant in design and operation. There is no button to turn on or off, simply touch the chrome ring to turn on or off. This feature is available in the EX class.

Backload space: thanks to the fuel tank positioning in the middle of the car, there is flexibility in the different positions of the magic seats and the folding of the seats in the 60:40 ratio to allow luggage storage in the brand new HR -V, which allows two foldable can accommodate bicycles and a surfboard in addition to 4 to 5 suitcases with ease.

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