Is not it time for Hezbollah to climb down from the tree?

“I’m going to bed full today with my eyelids full,” a friend of mine happily told me and thanked the election. Why? He said he heard the most beautiful speech of Sayyed Nasrallah: calm and cheerful and without lifting a finger !! Thank God I did not hear it, otherwise I would have entered the Wali al-Faqih.

It makes you wonder about mr. Nasrallah’s ability to play different roles, as someone standing on a stage, has an eye on the audience, but turns his eyes and ears to the director behind the curtain and asks him to play on scenarios. Vtrah moves from one play to another, and as required by “interest” according to his dictionary.

But the audience of reality is not the same as the audience of the theater, which accepts the change of plays, their scenarios and the execution of characters. How will the Lebanese public forget the obstruction, to apprehend officials who serve it (their numbers were collected and reached 13-odd years), the arrogance and fluctuations based on its missiles, which spoiled the life and future of every Lebanese individual force? Do you see that the Lebanese are considered dementia and memory loss!

The veil of excess power blinded the party’s insight and prevented its officials from seeing the extent of the Lebanese anger over their coercion, threats, raised fingers and severed necks, especially the relentless contempt: those who were polite to you have a revealed series of insults that keep Google loyal.

I had previously bet on “the wisdom of Hezbollah” and it was the title of an article for me since 2006, and I remember Luqman telling me once rebuked, I followed you and read your statement about “the wisdom of Hezbollah “! But events have shown that he has no wisdom or those who mourn.

Therefore, the party believed that it would wipe out the squares and that the Shiite community was in its small pocket and did not appreciate the extent of the objection and anger, and that it is like water that must somehow find a leak on the day of the poll, especially after his fierce attacks on the October 17 revolutionary and its aftermath, to protect the government that protects the weapons that did not prevent them from accident and humiliation. Rather, he contributed to the success of their demon.

Of course, resentment over the catastrophic economic situation is accompanied by frustration and despair over the ability to change. This was reflected in the polls, as almost 59% of voters remained in the polls. As for those who voted, they succeeded in affirming public opinion’s rejection of the state at the expense of the state and its sovereignty.

Nevertheless, he and the system were able to maintain their presence and even bring back corrupt MPs and failed ministers in their ministries, relying on fanaticism and fear and their subordination to an army of civil servants and beneficiaries crammed into the bowels of the public sector.

However, we can only respect the land of freedoms that allowed the free Lebanese voter to withdraw the parliamentary majority from the domination of opposition, and to establish a diverse majority that is dominated by those known as the sovereign, despite the intimidating attacks in the Bekaa, forgery and bribery and all the described transgressions recorded by Ladi and announced by observers of the European Union. It seems that the process of challenging the results has begun and let’s take a look.

It was not expected in the light of the distorted electoral law, which sets out the size of the power holders exercising the capabilities of the state, its functions, its investments and its investments for election money and bribes over the years, that the outcome of the elections could bring about a radical change. But it launched the process of change that was launched on October 17th. It is too early to wait for the collapse of this authority, with its offshoots and hard work, within 30 for the traditionalists and forty years (Hezbollah) from the first round.

We will not take back our criticism of the performance of the various oppositions, or the traditional oppositions called Sovereignty, which have fragmented and overcome their sensitivities and narrow interests, so none of them have given up the murderous “Ego” in the interest of Lebanon not. We hope they have learned the lesson and will not allow the fatal fragmentation, in front of iron opponents, to complete the collapse.

Now, far from competing in terms of size and representation of sects, it is important to represent the interests of the Lebanese; Hence the responsibility of all of them, changers, civil society, revolutionary and traditional sovereigns, to abandon their selfishness and establish a binding program that includes at least the basic headings that can save the country and pay attention to the citizens ‘s necessary needs. as soon as possible, otherwise they will not succeed in bringing about the required change.

The priority is to turn away from the heresy of the national accord governments, because it is the best recipe to disrupt government work with the disabling one-third weapon, as well as not to submit to the imposition of the coming “golden rule” “: the army does not. , the people and the resistance used as a cover for the legalization of illegal weapons.

Preserving Lebanon’s sovereignty, independence and neutrality by respecting and implementing the constitution, while respecting international legitimacy and enforcing all Security Council resolutions to control borders and eliminate the parallel economy and to uphold the rights of the state by control customs duties and adopt progressive taxes. Above all, work seriously on the independence of the judiciary and reactivate the work of Judge Al-Bitar in the investigation of the port.

We also hope that the changers will correct the Council’s working mechanisms and be eager to participate in all parliamentary committees to exercise oversight and standing, relying on the support of the Lebanese people, in the light of consensus and agreements. which by the intertwined political and financial relations when making political decisions. Restoring the rights of depositors, cooperating with the International Monetary Fund, rising up against the money whales – with whom some sovereign opponents were associated in the elections – and holding the banks accountable, and restoring the Banque du Liban to its natural role as other central banks.

After the scandal of the creation of representatives, Fadlallah and Council, who called the Lebanese people of labor and high treason, threatened them with civil war and mocked the result of the polls, “Put it in a cup and drink it.” Mr. Nasrallah shows some realism in his speech, given his implicit knowledge of their described loss and the cracking of their various iron fronts; From the restlessness of the foster environment to the loss of Trojans within other sects.

However, Nasrallah’s meekness did not stop him from displaying the sword of obstruction and rejoicing in the tone of voice of the popular majority he created in 2009.

This session only revealed that the electoral law, by which a numerical majority of 74 deputies conveyed Qassem Soleimani’s boast that they had made the Lebanese government a “resistance government”, is bad and needs to be changed !! Although he imposed it after setting it out according to his dimensions and those of his “dhimmi” allies. He now wants to blow it up because he has lost the majority: “The number of representatives for any party expresses the popular choices and the popular will in one case, namely that the electoral law on the basis of Lebanon should be one constituency and outside. the sectarian restriction and with proportional representation, and the young men and women of 18 are elected. “Note now that” the distribution of districts was done in this unscientific way because they were cut and pasted according to the interests of some political leaders, and this leads to the number of delegates not wanting to represent the popularity or the popular.When someone says that this organization is more popular, he should go for the number of votes, not the number of votes.Representatives !!

Without noticing that the will of the people is not just when it is in its interest or when the voices opposing it are suppressed by terrorism.

But the laughable one is that he believes the cause of our crises is due to the intervention of the embassies and their support of “a handful of agents from Israel and America.” The soldier is employed by the leader of a foreign country who is financing and arming him in the face of the Lebanese people and sowing the state and destruction in 4 Arab countries, betraying others and embassies operating in the open and within the framework of the laws that apply !!

The question is, if your weapon was not able to protect Lebanon against Israel with its airstrikes, and turned the people into a fifth column, and was not able to protect it in Syria, nor the to prevent the collapse of Lebanon, then what is the benefit of this weapon and this resistance?

If Hezbollah’s plan now is to impede the implementation of its policies along the lines of Iraq, he must remember that Iraq is an oil-producing country and his economy is not collapsing. Can bankrupt Lebanon tolerate this scenario? Will you carry his incubator?

It is reported that the faces of the objectors are anxious and worried about the future, and when asked about the reason for their adherence to the party, they reply that we are involved with them and that our head is required both internally and externally . ! Or: Do you want us to come back on the vomit and Zabbaleen?

It is as if reality is in a pit that will save him from digging further into it, and as if the Lebanese constitution has granted the profession of porter to Shiites !! It is as if those farmers who were let down by Israel’s occupation of Palestine were able to progress to administrative positions while not having the required level of education. And if you ask them why would you come back as a cleaner? Where do your children not work? They work in Canada !!!

The irrationality in which the Shiite public is drowning is remarkable. No one asks himself: What image do you give to the world about us?

Videos of bullying, threatening, hitting and attacking polling stations?

Any photo of them by making the slogan “Shi’a Shi’a Shi’a” their weapon of intimidation !!

The funny thing is that Nasrallah only noticed his abuse of the Shiites and the Lebanese two and a half years after he was raised by thugs who attacked the revolutionaries with their fists and daggers, and allowed them to ride their bikes with their yellow to drop flags. in the streets of Beirut.

By the way, he has not yet noticed the photos of Iranians and terrorists slapping the faces of those who get on the airport road and in the suburbs, that the Iranian people are being torn apart in their cities, and their regime does not dare to comment on they.

It is time for the majority of the frightened Shiites to confront themselves and apologize for their involvement in the blood of the Lebanese and Arabs and voluntarily give up their excess power that has been borrowed and their delusion that they are the strongest and most honorable people to recover. their Lebaneseness and their Arabism before it is too late.

They must solve this problem: Is it natural that only the fighters of dualism nominate themselves for them and limit the representatives of an entire sect to their presence?

Is it normal for them to turn Shiism into a weapon of terrorism? Accept that they are exclusively represented by a group that declares its affiliation and loyalty to a foreign country, finances it, carries its weapons and spreads its illegal activities over the area of ​​the ball, along with the number of people sought for justice?

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