Singapore sees the technology system in the Emirates through a virtual tour

The business community and scientists in Singapore were able to see the science and technology system in the UAE through a virtual tour.

The UAE Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation there, presented a virtual tour of the UAE’s science and technology system for the business community and scientists in Singapore.

The UAE Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The virtual tour, held in collaboration with the UAE Embassy in Singapore, reviewed the UAE’s strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the opportunities for collaboration in the field of advanced manufacturing.

The virtual tours, launched in 2021, are one of the initiatives of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology designed to help promote the UAE’s presence as a global center for advanced science and technology and a conducive improve environment for future industries.

The virtual tours facilitate communication between companies, stakeholders and investors, and provide a platform for stakeholders in government and private sectors and large national companies to exchange ideas and experiences, in addition to providing information on the scientific and technological capabilities of the UAE, as well as linking emerging Singapore companies with UAE investors.

More than 50 participants

More than 50 participants took part in the virtual tour, which concluded with a high-level brainstorming session connecting Singapore beginners with Emirati officials, experts and investors, including senior executives of the UAE Defense Technology Group “EDGE” and “Aspire” , the technology program management arm of the Technology Research Council. Developed in Abu Dhabi, and the Mohammed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence.

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  • In turn, Dr Jamal Abdullah Al Suwaidi, UAE Ambassador to the Republic of Singapore, emphasized: “The UAE is Singapore’s largest trading partner in the Middle East. The volume of trade exchanges between the two countries reached a record level in 2021. , which amounted to 21 billion Singapore dollars, which amounts to about 15 billion US dollars, as there are many trade opportunities between the two countries in key sectors, including the digital economy, green economy, food security and smart cities.

Al Suwaidi added: “Singapore has achieved great success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. These successes are due to the provision of an integrated economic environment and the application of economic policies and strategies that support the Fourth Industrial Revolution. That is why I am glad Congratulations to all the supervisors for organizing this excellent event, and I would like to assure you that the Embassy will continue its initiatives and programs to encourage Successful Singapore companies in the field of the fourth revolution, with the aim of develop collaborations and exchange experiences with similar companies in the country and strengthen trade ties and relations between the United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

virtual tour series

On this occasion, Mohammed Al Qassim, Director of the Department of Adoption of Advanced Technology Development in the Ministry, said: “The series of virtual tours is an essential element within the Ministry’s approach to increase the level of cooperation with global peers. and facilitate interaction with experts and investors around the world to benefit the UAE industry sector.It also contributes to establishing relationships Successful with leading companies and research institutions, reflected in attracting investment to key sectors, and the industrial sector in the UAE can offer a lot at the global level. ”

He said: “Through initiatives such as virtual tours, the Ministry aims to exchange interaction and knowledge and experiences with relevant stakeholders and various systems around the world. These initiatives enable us to establish the UAE’s fixed position as a platform for cooperation and a regional and global center for science and technology.This initiative contributes to the ministry’s objective of transforming the UAE industrial sector into an engine for sustainable economic growth and innovation.

Al Qassim has focused on the extensive trade, investment and technological relations between the UAE and Singapore, including partnerships in the field of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, smart cities, the adoption of 5G networks, cyber security and others, where virtual tours gained. great popularity, which indicates the enthusiasm of the world community to handle the industrial sector in the UAE. We look forward to organizing more virtual tours with our international partners in the coming months.

The opportunity came on the heels of similar virtual tours offered to improve the technological and scientific system in the UAE for Israeli, Spanish and Korean delegations. The virtual tours are part of the mission of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology to upgrade industrial, technological and research capabilities in the UAE and provide opportunities for further collaboration and growth.

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