The kitchen … a functional family space in contemporary design

What’s new, in the context of the design of the decor of contemporary houses kitchens, whether the space of the latter expanded or narrowed, became independent or joined the reception area?
A question that “Madam” brought to the interior design engineer, Amy Kassem, whose projects stretch between Egypt and the United States of America, and she came back with the following.
In reading books for the primary school stage, as well as in children’s stories, the kitchen is “feminine” in the sense that it is a private space for women, or it can be called “the kingdom of women” in the context of defining their roles in society, despite the fact that cooking is a hobby practiced by many men, Or even it represents a craft for them or they do while women are busy with other things .. On the other hand, the design of the contemporary kitchen the latter an inclusive space, so that all family members share it, to perform various activities, including but not limited to: the lesson over the “counter”. “In the spacious kitchen or office work, in addition to meeting for meals, maybe watching TV …

Key points in contemporary kitchen design

Gray, cream, ivory and pink paint colors are popular for a contemporary kitchen (courtesy of interior designer Amy Kassem)

According to Egyptian interior designer Amy Kassem, the transformation of the independent kitchen into an “open space” that joins the seating area is a design that represents a cultural evolution of the concept of the kitchen, which is no longer just a food preparation area. not. , but rather an area that has a great influence on home decoration.
On the other hand, the engineer says that “the kitchen space, however small, does not stand in the way of implementing an elegant and practical design, as the content of the space has become scarce, within the framework of contemporary designed, and organized, in a way that allows for easy movement within the place. ” It focuses on the following points, in the design of the kitchen:

  • Cabinets are an integral part of the design.
  • The presence of the “island” or “the counter” in the main kitchen, no matter how small the space is.
  • Neutral paint colors, especially gray, cream, ivory and pink, are finally in vogue.
    Lighting is an integral part of kitchen design (Image courtesy of interior designer Amy Kassem)
  • Lighting plays an important role in the design.
  • It is important not to choose soft ceramic floors, to prevent them from slipping.
  • The electric kitchen utensils, especially the fridge and the gas oven, were designed from stainless steel and with fingerprints, and painted in black, in keeping with current fashion, knowing that the electrical appliances were incorporated into the design.

New items for the kitchen

Engineer Amy asks for the choice of the basic kitchen material, very carefully, from:
1 Wood is covered with a layer called “HPL”, that is, treated chips that are resistant to scratches and at high temperatures.
2 Or wood covered with “Polylac”, that is, the “environmentally friendly” material develops in a way that looks shiny to the point of gloss, similar to mirrors in reflection, as well as scratch and heat resistance, with easy cleaning.
3 Or PVC panels, the latter being a form of heat, water and fire resistant plastic.

Work triangle in the kitchen

The free-standing kitchen has been transformed into an “open space”, which joins the sitting area, a design that represents a cultural evolution of the concept of the kitchen (Image by interior designer Amy Kassem)

The “working triangle” is a term that expresses a specific path for the way the contents are displayed in the space, according to the following: The dishwasher, refrigerator and gas oven are distributed in a way that allows movement between the mentioned points, e.g. as a triangle, during cooking, which makes the design more comfortable and efficient. To achieve a “work triangle” in design, there are two general approaches:

  • Display the contents of the kitchen in the form of the letter L: The aforementioned design is suitable for the kitchen with limited space, so that the appliances in it look perfectly distributed, ie the dishwasher against one wall, and the refrigerator near the gas stove on the opposite side wall, with easy movement between the mentioned points, according to the “triangle” path.
  • U-shaped display of the contents in the kitchen: The aforementioned design is used in the spacious kitchen, with a gas sink on one wall, a sink on the second wall, and a refrigerator on the third. It is therefore easy to move between the mentioned points, according to the “triangle” path. In the case of the presence of the “island” or the “counter”, the latter is located opposite the basin of the basin, with the gas oven integrated in it, with the deposition of the third wall of any additional detail required in the design .

On the other hand, if the kitchen is very small, the storage units are spread out, with the sink, the fridge and the gas oven on one wall. In this case, the above “triangle” shape is not formed.

4 decorating tips

It is important not to choose soft ceramic floors, to prevent them from slipping (Photo courtesy of interior designer Amy Kassem)

1 The design idea that requires the gas oven to be installed directly under the window is excluded, as the air that leaks from it can extinguish the fire during cooking and also bring dust to the food in the pot.
2 There is no objection to the preparation of the kitchen design in such a way that the location of the sink is located directly below the window.
3 The washing machine is excluded from the kitchen, especially if the size of the space is small. On the other hand, it is advisable to find a place for the above device in the bathroom.
4 It is correct to use light colors in kitchen paint. The case of the light color applies to the ceramics that cover the floors and walls, creating a sense of spaciousness within the space.

Neutral paint colors are ultimately popular for kitchen walls, especially gray, cream, ivory and pink

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