Holds a forum between the past and the present, “Egypt is strong” in its second phase in Luxor .. Training workshops for about 500 young men and women .. Lectures and discussion sessions on contemporary history .. the most important events

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In order to achieve the vision of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and his interest in the process of building the awareness of the Egyptian people, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, under the protection of Dr. Its second phase, in the Youth City in Luxor, during the period from 17 to 22 of this month, under the slogan “Egypt is strong”.

About 500 young men and women from different national entities of different governorates of the Republic participated in this forum, such as: “Cairo, Giza, Qalyubia, Alexandria, Gharbia, Fayoum, Beni Suef, New Valley, Menoufia, Qena, Assiut, Red See, Luxor, Aswan, Kafr El-Sheikh, Dakahlia, Minya, North Sinai, Sohag. ” Among the entities participating in the forum: “African Parliament Entity, Upper Egypt Youth Support Entity, Long Live Egypt Student Union, Youth Managing Youth, Members of Egypt Youth Centers, Red Crescent, Participants in Youth Forums The Kamal Ya Sisi Initiative, the Heads from the unions of some faculties in different universities, the youth of parliament, the Delta Support Youth Union, the Kafr El-Sheikh Youth Union, and the coalition of the National Youth Congress of Egypt ”, in addition to a large number of young people who participated by registering through the forum link on the official website of the Central Administration for Youth Cities.

Forum events

The forum’s activities included many dialogue and discussion sessions, lectures, meetings on contemporary and modern history, training and rehabilitation workshops, in addition to organizing a number of leisure activities and a few tours in the historic city of Luxor, where the forum is aimed. around the values ​​of loyalty and belonging, build awareness and learn about events and challenges. The challenges facing the Egyptian state, capacity building and youth rehabilitation, in addition to consolidating the concept of citizenship and establishing patriotism among young people.

At the beginning, dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sport, via video conferencing technology welcomes the guests and youth who took part in the second phase of the National Forum’s activities between past and present, and emphasizes that the Egyptian state, led by President Abdel Fattah El -Sisi and the Ministry of Youth and Sport, are eager to support young people and provide them with all ways of support and encouragement, praise the forum and its organizers, praise its wonderful goals, which is the spirit of patriotism, should and establish loyalty to the precious homeland, in addition to the development of abilities and the rehabilitation of young people intellectually and psychologically through lectures and dialogue sessions moderated by symbols and a number of public figures influential in society.

The Minister of Youth and Sport also communicated with a number of guests, who thanked him for his efforts, and for the achievements and developments of the Ministry of Youth and Sport for the benefit of the Egyptian youth, and they saluted for their honorable presence and the valuable information and lectures they provided that benefited the participating youth.

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part of the forum

In turn, Major-General Ismail Al-Far, Executive Director of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, praised through video conferencing technology the objectives achieved by the forum and the activities it implemented, saying: “The forum is distinguished by you and we are happy with you, and if God wills, we will meet for good and hold the forum in other governors. “

Dr. Mervat Sayed Ahmed, First Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Central Administration of Youth Cities, confirmed in a special statement to “Al-Bawaba News” that he had received requests from civic organizations, youth entities, clubs, youth centers, members. of the People’s Assembly and some government institutions for youth participation in the forum, which is expected to be important in the coming stages of the forum’s activities, expresses gratitude and appreciation to the program’s workers and the aid agencies in the success of the first and second phases , and Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sport, and the participants as well, explain that the Ministry of Youth and Sport, through the central administration website, received the wishes of the participating youth for their selection Online.

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Part of the forum, journalist author Mohamed Mounir

Journalist writer Mohamed Mounir, Executive Director of the Forum, explained in an exclusive statement to “Al-Bawaba News” that “between the past and the present” is a modern idea facing the challenges facing the Egyptian state, the main area and to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining the stability of the state in view of going to the new republic.The forum covers all the governors of the Republic, and the first and second phase has’ received a huge turnout of young people, and a major media campaign aimed at reaching the youth of Egypt through social media and the media.

The third phase is expected to be launched from 25 to 28 May in the Youth City in Port Said with the participation of a number of young men and women under the slogan “Egypt is strong”.

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part of the forum

It is noteworthy that the “Past and Present” Forum, during its second phase, was attended by a group of public figures, namely Major General Mohi Noah, one of the legends of the Egyptian Thunder Forces in the Armed Forces throughout history, and Major-General Staff War Fouad Fayod, Adviser to the Department of Moral Affairs of the Egyptian Armed Forces and one of the symbols of the October 1973 War. Sherif Salah El-Din, a training and development consultant, presenter of the Art of Life program on Youth and Sports Radio, a lecturer in the Art of Life Management Office in the Central Administration of the Minister’s Office Affairs at the Ministry of Youth and Sport, and Major dr. Ahmed Karkait, a consultant in leadership preparation and self-development, dr. Adly Saadawi, former dean of the Institute for Research and Strategic Studies for Nile Basin Lands at Fayoum University, and dr. Nervana Fadel, General Coordinator of the Arts of Living Office under the Central Administration of Ministerial Office Affairs at the Ministry of Youth and Sport.

The forum was also attended by dr. Amal Zakaria, Member of the House of Representatives, Member of the Future of the Nation Party and Rapporteur of the National Council for Children and Motherhood in Beheira Governor, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ishraqa Amal Association, Representative Amani Al-Shawli, Secretary of the Tourism and Civil Aviation Committee of the House of Representatives for the Future of the Nation Party and the Secretary of Women in Luxor, and MP Sahar Sidqi, a member of The House of Representatives and the Women’s Secretary of the Future of the Nation. party in the Qena governor, in addition to some members of the administrative prosecution office in the Sohag governor.

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