In preparation for the 2022 climate conference, the localization of technology for the production of environmentally friendly intelligent transport systems, in collaboration with the Arab Industrialization Group, the Egyptian Investment Group and the UAE “Barq” for electric vehicles

Lieutenant-General Abdel Moneim Al-Terras, head of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, stressed the implementation of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s prescriptions to deepen local industrialization and to transfer and localize technology, according to the latest systems of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. .

This took place during the signing of a cooperation protocol between the Arab Industrialization Group, the Egyptians Investment Group and the Emirates Barq Company for Electric Vehicles. .

The protocol signing ceremony was held today at the headquarters of the Arab Industrialization in Cairo, in the presence of Lieutenant General Abdel Moneim Al-Terras, President of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, founder of the Egyptian Investment Group, and Mr. Ahmed Suhail Faris Al Mazrouei, Founding Partner of Barq UAE Vehicles Electric.


This protocol comes within the framework of ongoing efforts by the Arab Organization for Industrialization to implement President Sisi’s directives to improve cooperation with major specialized industrial companies to locate the electric vehicle industry in Egypt, starting with the assembly phases, leading to to integrated manufacturing, within the framework of the implementation of the national strategy for green transformation..

The parties agreed to cooperate in the provision of an environmentally friendly smart transport and logistics system, the production of light and heavy electric bicycles for the benefit of the Arab and African market, and to cooperate in research and development for electric bikes like upgraded batteries and clever design in improving. conforms to market and customer requirements..


In this context, the “Terrace” explained that agreement has been reached on the integration and joint production of electric bicycles of all kinds, in addition to training and qualification of human cadres to operate production, supervision and quality control in accordance with the latest advanced training. systems, which indicate that these bicycles meet all the requirements of environmental protection. .

The “Terrace” indicated that the collaboration includes the localization of modern technology and the deepening of local industrialization .

The Terrace also mentioned that with this collaboration we aim to provide a smart electronic operating and management system that works in accordance with international standards for electric bicycles within tourist cities such as Sharm El Sheikh, the new administrative capital and new urban cities, which shows on future expansion to meet all the needs of Arab and African markets. .


In a related context, the “Terrace” stressed the importance of intensifying efforts and pumping up new investments in the manufacture of electric vehicles of all kinds and increasing the efficiency of the workers needed by these industries to increase the level of competitiveness in this sector, and place Egypt on the global investment map in a way that serves the interests of the consumer, especially with the intensive preparations.The government has adopted this within the framework of the United Nations Conference will be held in Egypt this year. .

Businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, founder of the Egyptians Investment Group, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to General Abdel Moneim Al-Terras, Head of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, for the good reception, pointing out that this cooperation is the depth and development of economic and industrial cooperation between Egypt and the sister United Arab Emirates, which will have a significant impact on cooperation in industry in general and the smart transport industry in particular.


Abu Hashima stressed that manufacturing is one of the most important magical solutions to the global economic crisis, especially in the field of intelligent transport, which expresses its happiness with a large national entity as large as the Arab Organization to work together. for Industrialization, which has a very large history in the field of industry in its various sectors, as well as Barq Company The UAE pioneered in the field of smart transport and logistics services in an area that is a major addition to the Egyptian economy will represent, especially as we will work to produce an environmentally friendly product that contributes to achieving sustainable development.

?Abu Hashima explained that there are more than 3 million motorcycles in Egypt, including about 600,000 users in the field of order delivery, and the percentage of motorcycles used in the delivery field is increasing by about 10% per year, and this is due to from the increase in electronic sales, and with the presence of electric bicycles, we will be able to a number of Things are first and foremost.

?Safety and economic savings after the huge rise in fuel prices and their impact on all modes of transport of all kinds, and this is all solved by using electricity as an alternative to fuel.lIn addition, the whole world is moving to smart transportation, emphasizing that within a year and a half we will be able to manufacture 100,000 bikes that will benefit the local market in Egypt..

Abu Hashima indicated that this cooperation is only the beginning of a fruitful cooperation in other areas of manufacturing with the Arab Organization for Industrialization, the industrial leader in the Arab world. .

Mr. Al Mazrouei, the founding partner of the UAE company Barq for Electric Vehicles, emphasized his pride in this collaboration with a stronghold of industry throughout the Arab region, pointing out that Barq Company has always been honored to enter the promising Egyptian market to work. , and explains that they collaborate in the field of scientific research and development of electric bicycles with major operating companies Vehicles in the world.



























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