“Safok Al-Sheikh” Syrian renews allegiance to Israel: “We need to put Sharon’s photos in our bedrooms.” (Video) Watan Sarb: Press B

Watan – “A Syrian and a former Muslim who is proud of his Zionism and Zionism. Teach, Arabs.” With this provocative phrase, Zionist journalist “Eddy Cohen” commented on a video he published by a Syrian blogger called “Safok Al-Sheikh” that glorified the Zionists and claimed his association with them.

Safok Sheikh: I’m a Zionist and I’m proud

The aforementioned video is titled “Your Squads”, which is controversial and known for its unbalanced positions, as “We renew loyalty, loyalty and loyalty to our Jewish brothers and cousins, and we tell them that I am a Zionist and I is proud. ” I have not found more honorable and better than you, nor clearer than you have found, nor more truthful than you have found. We are with you and our enemy is one. “

We renew our promise of faithfulness, loyalty and loyalty to our Jewish brothers and cousins, and we say to them #I am a Zionist and I am proud. ???????????????? ??? ?????????????????????????????? pic.twitter.com/edUOa0AOLg

19 May 2022

In the aforementioned video, the “Sheikh” said he had a small message he hoped would reach the Palestinian brothers and the lands of slogans and entertainment.

He added: “Enough of betrayal against the nation and the pure Arabian Gulf.”

With emotion, the Syrian blogger living in the United States continued: “The Gulf is the origin of the Arabs.” Then he followed her with a sarcastic laugh. He shamelessly added that “the era of espionage is over. I am a Zionist and I am proud.”

Then the Syrian Zionists started spelling the word “Zionist”, adding: “You are betraying the nation while sitting in the arms of Iran, which killed 6 million Arab Muslims.”

He continued, “You are giving national medals. Is normalization with Iran patriotic? Should we put pictures of Sharon and Israel’s leaders in our bedrooms?”

Wide doubts about the personality of Safouq Al-Sheikh

It is noteworthy that much doubt was raised about the character of Safwaq al-Sheikh and his workers for the Assad regime, especially when he appeared in a video of the “Al-Mimas” area west of Homs, ten despite his claim that he is an opponent.

Activists at the time wondered how he entered an area controlled by the regime’s checkpoints, and the sheikh indicated in an old video of him that the price of any regime checkpoint was one dollar (equivalent to 1,000 Syrian pounds). ), and then you can go wherever you want.

He continued in a sharp tone: “All the stray dogs and beggars of the regime’s army at the checkpoints smell the smell of dollars, and they can be easily bribed, and then they allow you to take the boy’s lion to the to curse grandpa. ”

However, these views and false statements were exposed by another video, which was later published by the “Sheikh” on the “Tuk Tok” platform, in which he puts a shoe on his head and praises the Assad regime.

And he said in the aforementioned video: “I call on 26 million Syrians inside and outside Syria to” kiss Bashar al-Assad’s shoes “because – according to him – he protected them from terrorists and Syria from terrorists cleaned up. ” his head again.

Storm attack on Syrian Zionists Safouk Sheikh

The Sheikh’s self-confidence as a Zionist provoked a storm of resentment and furious reactions, when Sarah Al-Masbah addressed him and said, “You are already growing up! Us! Talk about yourself! No thought, no faith, no cause, no principle, no pride, not even invention. ”

You’re not me at all! we! Talk about yourself! No thought, no faith, no cause, no principle, no self-respect, not even morals!

Then be clear and say your interest in them and you are free afterwards, but do not justify
And call on the cause of the Arabs!

Because if this logic is true, we will not be honest.


19 May 2022

And she added: “Be clear and say your interest is with them, and you are free after that, but do not justify and justify the situation of the Arabs! ”

Regarding “Dayem Al-Ezz”, he commented on the Sheikh’s video, saying: “The principles are indivisible, O your class, you are being expelled from your country because of Assad’s crimes and brutality, and at the same time you are renewing the promise of fidelity and be proud of the Zionists who left the Palestinians from their land before you! unbelievable.”

Thaer Muslim al-Halabi described the controversial blogger as “the strangest being who has accumulated contradictions within himself.” Addressing him, he said: “You describe everyone with common sense hating Zoroastrian Iran. We all hate and are hostile to Iran.

The strangest object that has accumulated contradictions in itself ….

We all hate and are hostile to Iran..but there is no justification for you to become a servant of the Zionist occupation. Our Muslims are not hostile and do not fight against the Jews as a religion. As for the occupation, we are against it and we fight against it … …….

19 May 2022

In turn, “Abu Yaman” addressed the Syrian typographer in a slanderous tone, describing him as a donkey looking for someone to take care of him, as he said, “If you were not a stupid and stupid donkey , you would not have distinguished between the Zionist entity and the Persian entity.

These were the details of a Syrian “Saffak Sheikh” who renewed allegiance to Israel: “We need to put Sharon’s photos in our bedrooms” (video). We hope we have succeeded in giving you the full details and information.

It is also noteworthy that the original topic was published and available on swarm homeland The editorial team at Press B has verified it, and it may have been modified, and it may have been completely transferred or quoted from it, and you can read and follow the developments of this topic from its main source.

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