The advanced and brand new Honda HR-V in the market

Dubai: “The Gulf”

Trading Enterprises, a subsidiary of Al-Futtaim Group, the exclusive distributor of Honda cars in the UAE, announced the launch of the advanced, elegant and brand new 2022 Honda HR-V, which in its design meets the best standards of modern life embodied. , and reflects high levels of confidence, driving pleasure and attractive appearance by focusing on Elements of functionality and spaciousness. The new car is characterized by its appropriate size, which provides spacious interior space and the necessary features for weekends, as well as the ability to walk easily in city streets.

The exterior appearance of the new Honda HR-V reflects its strong and elegant sporty design, which is manifested in the bold grille design, the long bonnet and the flowing appearance of the roof. The new car is larger than the previous version, and has a longer wheelbase and a wider design to highlight the distinctive character of the SUV.

LED headlights and front fog lights: The Honda HR-V is equipped with a full set of wide LED headlights, including daytime running lights available in all grades, while LED fog lights are available at the front of the EX Class.

Hexagon Front Grille The Honda HR-V’s sporty and elegant new look is reflected in the multi-layered front grille with a hexagonal design, giving the car its unique, eye-catching look.

New LED taillights: For the first time, the HR-V has a center lamp on the tailgate that extends to the headlights and forms an extension of the vehicle’s side belt line to the headlights, giving the vehicle a distinctive vibrant appearance.

17-inch alloy wheels: All grades are equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels to give it a more aggressive and aggressive look.

Soft-head-under-rear design: The HR-V adopts its coupe-like appearance thanks to the under-rear sawdust design, long bonnet and elegant body lines.

Panoramic sunroof: For the first time, the Honda HR-V features a panoramic sunroof with special glass to reduce infrared radiation, which makes the car’s cabin cooler in hot weather. This feature is only available on EX class cars.

Other features include rain sensors in the windscreen wiper arms and rear parking sensors on LX and EX grades, electric folding mirrors, rear fog lights, smart car access system with touch sensor, as well as the automatic walk-away lock function. is available as a whole as standard features in all classes.

Luxury Interior Design

The spacious interior is characterized by its design that reflects the luxurious character of an SUV, with a modern choice of materials, leather and soft materials. The cabin’s simple and modern aesthetics are reflected in the horizontal design of the instrument panel, which is distinguished by its streamlined lines and streamlined surfaces.

The interior design focuses on providing ergonomic imagery, greater ease of operation and a sense of spaciousness. The horizontal layout of the instrument panel provides a driving experience that helps the driver focus on the road ahead through the easy-to-use information entertainment screen, which enhances the modern character of the cabin design.

* Spacious cabin: The spacious cabin of the car accommodates five passengers with comfort, and is available with interior designs made of materials in the DX and LX classes, and leather in the EX class for more elegance and comfort.

* Automatic air conditioning system: The Honda HR-V is equipped with a single automatic air conditioning system, with outstanding buttons that enable the driver and passengers to access the air conditioning and control its temperature to switch on outside the car in the weather. to pass.

* Air distribution system: The air distribution system is an innovative new feature introduced by Honda for the first time. The operation of this system leads to the flow of air through the L-shaped ventilation outlets, which emit fresh breezes of air and spread it gently around the passengers without directing them directly at them, to create a kind of air curtain around the passengers form. the front and rear seats, which prevent heat from penetrating outside the cabin, and maintain a cool atmosphere inside.

* Rear ventilation and air conditioning: Rear seat passengers can enjoy additional levels of comfort through the rear ventilation and air conditioning outlets, which help them relax and enjoy the experience of traveling in the brand new Honda HR-V. These ports are available in LX and EX grades.

* 60:40 High-elasticity folding seats: The HR-V’s most unique feature is the Magic Seats, which can be folded up in one motion to free up space in the cabin for a surfboard or bike. The seats can also be positioned to create vertical space, fold in a single motion horizontally to the floor, or choose to fold 60:40 to provide more flexibility in the available space.

* LED headlights in the roof: Honda HR-V is equipped for the first time with touchscreen rear skylights, which are elegant in appearance and easy to use; Which can be switched on or off with a simple touch on the chrome ring, without the need for any switches or buttons. This feature is available on EX class cars.

* DRILLING COMPARTMENT: The innovative design of the main boot, together with the various smart positions of the highly flexible seats, offers ample storage space in the HR-V, which can easily accommodate two folding bikes, a surfboard and 4-5 cases.

Advanced safety features with Honda Super SensingTM

The brand new HR-V is equipped for the first time with Honda’s Super Sensing ™ system with a full range of active safety systems and driver assistance technology, based on the new single camera system that offers a wider field of view on the roads in front of the car compared to the previous system based on camera and radar. This system, integrated with advanced software and a new, more powerful processor, can detect other vehicles faster and more accurately and make the driving experience safer and easier. This system is available in LX and EX grades.

A list of the most prominent benefits of this system includes:

Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS): This system is designed to detect the driver and warn of potential collision situations, and slow down the vehicle to reduce the severity of a collision when it can not be avoided. This system also detects oncoming vehicles when they turn, detects cyclists when they cross the street, as well as identifies pedestrians and motorcycles in low light conditions.

* Low Speed ​​Tracking Adjustable Speed ​​Control (ACC) This system helps maintain a constant vehicle speed by automatically increasing or decreasing the speed to maintain a constant distance from vehicles without keeping the foot on the accelerator pedal.

* Lane-Keeping Assist System (LKAS): helps keep the vehicle in the middle of the lane, preventing it from suddenly deviating from its lane.

* Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) The system alerts the driver when it detects that the vehicle has inadvertently deviated from its lane or is suddenly leaving the road.

Driver Notification System When the vehicle is launched in front of the vehicle The system notifies the driver by issuing audible and visual warnings when the vehicle is moving in front of the vehicle and the driver has not depressed the accelerator pedal; This is useful in cases of traffic jams or when stopping at traffic lights.

Additional security features and functions

Continuing Honda’s rich legacy of advanced safety features, the brand new Honda HR-V introduces a new range of active and passive safety systems, including the full range of Honda Sensing ™ technology. The list of security systems includes:

* Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE): The brand new Honda HR-V chassis has been developed with Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) to ensure better compatibility with larger vehicles, as well as to improve occupant protection in front-corner collisions with the new window pillar design , front, rear frame, and the partition between the engine and the cabin; Everything is designed to distribute the impact energy around the vehicle’s cabin.

* Wide-angle rear-view camera: The rear-view camera is activated automatically when the car is reversed, showing what you are shooting on an 8-inch screen, with the option to look from three angles.

* Rear Seat Belt Warning: The rear seat belt warning system is a new feature of the brand new Honda HR-V. When the ride is over and the car’s engine is switched off, this system warns the driver to verify that no passengers are left in the rear seats before the car doors are locked. This system is very useful for families with small children and pets.

Hill Descent Control System: The Hill Descent Control System (HDC) automatically controls the vehicle’s speed to be between 0-20 kilometers per hour when descending slopes.

* Vehicle Stability Assistance (USA) with traction control: When the vehicle is turning at an extreme angle or turning error, the Vehicle Stability Assist System (USA) can apply the brakes on individual wheels and / or slow down the engine’s revs to get the driver back on track.

* 6 airbags: The brand new Honda HR-V is equipped with six airbags to ensure maximum protection and safety for occupants.

* Auto High Beam (AHB): The system automatically changes the low light headlights to large beam when needed, improves visibility at night and avoids the large beam effects of vehicles driving in the opposite direction.

Additional features

Additional in-car connectivity features and applications bring completely new levels of advanced technology to Honda’s compact SUV segment, which can be accessed via an 8-inch screen with an audio system. The Honda HR-V is a groundbreaking example of a people-centered aesthetic design approach. The list of significant technical improvements includes:

* 8-inch screen with audio system: The brand new Honda HR-V is equipped with an 8-inch color screen with sound system. The new touchscreen displays large, easily identifiable icons, and provides simplified navigation with proven menus. Standard installed display systems are integrated with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

* 4.3-inch EFT Driver Information Display with Multi-Information Display (MID): The Honda HR-V is equipped with a high-resolution 4.3-inch EFI Driver Information Display (DII), which displays a variety of information such as Honda Sensing Superior SystemTM, rear seat belt warning, detailed navigation information screen, fuel consumption and more, all of which can be adjusted from the steering wheel and within the driver’s field of view.

* USB ports: The Honda HR-V has a standard USB port for charging and a dedicated smartphone interface port, which is standard on all finishes. The car also provides USB ports in the rear seats (two in the EX class) to charge smart devices on the go.

Energy efficient performance

The brand new Honda HR-V is powered by a powerful 1.5-liter engine integrated with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) system specifically designed to improve propulsion system, engine sound, overall performance and optimum fuel efficiency.

* Fuel efficiency: 18.4 km / L

* Maximum power: 119 HP at 6600 rpm

* Maximum torque: 145 Nm at 4300 rpm

* Gear switches: The brand new Honda HR-V allows you to manually shift between 7 different speeds using the steering wheel-mounted clutch switches, giving the driver a unique sense of sporty driving pleasure. This feature is available in the EX class.

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