Why as a Bahraini and a Gulf do I love Mohammed bin Zayed?

A Compulsory Beginning .. While His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God bless his soul, has passed away.

He left behind a good and well-known legacy, including one of the greatest sayings of a contemporary Arab leader: “Citizens are first, second and third” … and the secret of its greatness is that he, along with his trusted crown prince, the best successor of the best predecessor, to make it a reality with which the Emirati citizen lived, lived and will live .. He glorified the UAE. May God reward you and give you the best of compassion, President, rulers and dear brothers and sisters for us, with whom we can share their joys and sorrows.

And a note that the blind have the right to see and hear for those who are deaf, I must before I reach the answer to the question of the title of my article: “Why do I like a Bahraini and a Gulf country of Mohammed bin Zayed? ” What is the world saw yesterday of the smooth transfer of power in the Emirates, which has become new evidence However, political systems succeed and bear fruit when it is a true reflection of the people’s composition and nature. , and arising from imported foreign experiences, faltering and failing, give expression only to the cultures of others.

And now I come to the “discouragement” of my article, and its title, but before I had the right to single out His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates, with this word, I disgraced God’s caliph and gave God’s caliphate, a caliph fulfilled his love, so God forgave his sin, and I took over the presidency And I was more entitled to politics, so I hope with God the greatest misfortune and thank God for the greatest gift, and you from the people of the Emirates listen sincerely, obey and pray for success, and of your lovers are millions of wilderness.

I will tell you a realistic story with a high level of support and trust, which took place years ago, and was told to me by the family member of the main character in the story, and they are both from Bahrain, and it includes a noble in and worthy position that is almost imaginative, and I did not find the similar, even in the example of “The Walk of the Nobles” of the hero of the story, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, to the family member who told me the story.

And God knows that this story, since I heard it, has made me weep, and I pray in it whenever I remember it for His Highness the Sheikh, who filled my heart with love for his generosity, pride and generosity, and that he is the son of those who have overcome Hatim in generosity. His father and father are generous and wise of the nation, His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul. Before I told the story, I asked permission from its owner, without publishing his name, and His Highness the sheikh excuses me when I reveal what I know he only wants the face of God behind him. Among them is the greatest and most generous, and to thank him, which is a thank you to God, and a confirmation that my love for him and millions of others from within and outside the Emirates is sincere and stems from the generosity of His Highness its morals and its kindness, which is similar to the “cloud of Harun al-Rashid”, wherever it goes, drives and benefits it.

A relative of the owner of the story told me that his son had cancer years ago, and it got worse – may God protect everyone and those they love – and that the father was one of the low-income people, the country narrowed him down with what he welcomed, and what made him more anxious was that he had contacted a hospital in one of the well-known European countries specializing in the treatment of cancer.And he had his son’s medical reports, who explained his critical situation, sent to the hospital to see how much the treatment would cost, therefore the reaction of the hospital came to him with imaginary treatment costs that he could not bear, said the father, who is known among his acquaintances As a dear and chaste, an official authority tried to achieve. charity – forced for his son – to obtain assistance that would enable him to reach the required amount of the hospital, but which he received from the possibility of assistance was among what does not amount to cover the cost of treatment, travel and accommodation, and what would be delayed in procedures, and the time factor was important so that the father then became stronger The distress, his son needed a prompt treatment intervention due to his critical situation.

At this time, God’s grace came and changed the situation, as described by Jalal al-Din al-Rumi: fate will be changed forever. ”

The beginning of the fateful change for the father and his son came in the form of a phone call from an Emirati family member, with the intention of checking his son’s condition. The father told him in a rasping voice between despair and pride of the situation, and here his Emirati family member surprised him by asking him to book the first plane and bring him quickly to his residence in Abu Dhabi.But the father refused to tax his family member, so he insisted on him without telling him any other details. .

A few days later the father traveled and met his family member, and there he said to him: “How many days after the council of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan received his pioneers, and we have no one but God if he. ”

On the appointed day, the father went to the council of His Highness Sheikh Al-Amer and stood in line with his pioneers until he reached His Highness, and after his greetings to His Highness, and with the sharpness and wisdom of the leader, he asked him, “Where does the brother come from?” His Highness replied, “From Bahrain your life is long.” Here Asarir rejoiced. His Highness and his gesture: “From dear Bahrain, give me good news of a quarter of it and a quarter of you?” Here the father could not restrain himself: “They have all been well for a long time, but I will keep asking you.” His Highness did not add to say, “He was poisoned and finished, and the first coffee was at ease.” And after the pioneers of His Majesty’s Majlis Al Amer were afraid to protect his own, His Highness advised the father to come near to sit next to him, and turned to the father and said, “Say what’s on your mind . ” The father explained to him the situation of his son, the issue of treatment abroad and the costs, and as soon as he was done, His Highness signaled to him with his beautiful smile. The usual reassuring one: “But this, give good news.” Then His Highness called one of his own and whispered in his ear for a few minutes. Then His Highness addressed the father and greeted: “When will so -and-so you tell the whole arrangement, and I want you to love your son for me and give me good news about his safety .. Are you ordering anything else? ” And here the father makes his Highness and the lesson suffocated him: “Your safety is long life.” The father said goodbye to His Highness by praying for him and praising his favor, and the same person who whispered the Sheikh outside to him through His Highness accompanied him, and there the father asked p. From some of his personal data and his son and about his place of residence, he told him that he was staying at the home of his relative from Emirati, so he took the address of his relative and said to the father: “I will pass. you within a few hours, to deliver you what His Highness commanded. ”

Hours later the doorbell rang from the father’s relative’s house, and he and the father went out, and the same man was at the door with two envelopes in his hand, which he gave to the father and said to him: ” It is an envelope in which a comprehensive medical mission for your son is at the expense of His Highness’s Diwan, and the other envelope is from His Highness the Sheikh for you and your son and greets you. ”

Here the father could not restrain himself and cried and unconsciously embraced the man. And when he had said good-bye to him, and brought him peace, and much thanks, praise, and supplications to his highness, and they entered into the house, the father opened the other envelope, and he received a check from ‘ an amount greater than the cost the hospital told him, in addition to the rest of the expenses!

The father was amazed at the generosity of His Highness, and his cousin said, “Zayed did not die, cousin, and God prolongs the life of Sheikh Muhammad and his brothers and preserves the honorable mother, and Sheikh Muhammad Omari is known, I will not forget him. ”

The father returned to Bahrain, and a few days later he and his son traveled to the hospital abroad, and the attention they received and his son there from the UAE embassy in the hospital country.
The treatment period passed and the son was completely cured of cancer, and the father and son returned safely and healthily to Bahrain. Today, by the grace of God, and the grace of His Highness, there is a Bahraini who has returned from the dead. and live in full health and well-being, and a father who could not and will not repay the favor of His Highness. For your information, I have gone further into many of the details of the story because of its privacy and not to expand on it further, and what is surprising about it is what has been mentioned about His Highness’s generosity! God is the best and most generous.

Finally, nothing like the poetics of “Al-Mutanabbi”, the prose of “Al-Jahiz” or the rhetoric of “Ibn Saifi” can the human leader, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates , and on behalf of the father and son in the above story and myself.And many others whose generosity and generosity His Highness has been revealed or hidden from them, I say with shame and neglect:

You were created from the steel of an outstanding Zayed
You are among the sleeping lover

You replaced the “n” in you with “b”
People are clay, and you are good

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