A quantum leap in the services and specialties of the Dubai Center for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

The Dubai Health Authority has established a new phase for physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, after bringing about a qualitative leap and a radical transformation in its Dubai Center for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, which has become a role model in its field, with its modern and smart technology and the most advanced treatment methods, and the elite doctors and specialists, and its management And its operation, based on the company (Europe), which is one of the leading global companies in the field of healthcare, with a long experience spanning 1989.

Executive Director of the Specialized Healthcare Sector, Dr. Ahmed bin Kalban, said that the Dubai Health Authority is seeking to improve Dubai’s competitive capabilities in this important specialty, especially after the center has transformed into a global level, comparable to it. of developed countries, and aims to meet the volume of demand expected in the future On the services of physiotherapy medicine, in addition to stimulating the movement of health tourism in this field.

He added: The center’s work revolves around providing the patient and the merchants in general, by providing patients and judges with the highest levels of care, through a multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists, internal medicine and sports medicine, neurologists, psychologists, therapists, nutritionists, and social workers. All are carefully selected, to ensure the availability of expertise and high efficiency, and then to provide competitive services of high quality.

He noted that the center’s work is integrated to serve inpatients and outpatients, outpatient clinics and home care, with a focus on preventive and curative health education programs, to provide all patients and clients (adults, youth, adolescents and children) with high levels of health give. wellbeing.

Regarding the group of new specialties of the center after its modernization and development, dr. Ahmed bin Kalban states that, according to the modernization and development work he witnessed, which increased the capacity to 36 inpatient beds and 160 places for outpatients, the center included a group of medical specialties and important and accurate treatment and rehabilitation programs. outpatient rehabilitation program for acute and subacute conditions (children and adults), the outpatient rehabilitation program for patients with chronic diseases (children and adults), and the inpatient rehabilitation program (neurological rehabilitation and orthotics). New consultants and specialists from different countries of the world have also been recruited to cover all specialties related to physical therapy, as well as occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and social psychologists.

In addition, he says, the center has included another new group of specialties and precise treatment and rehabilitation programs, including: the outpatient rehabilitation program, older than two years, adolescents and adults, specializations in the treatment of neurological disorders, orthopedics and trauma, and rheumatism with functional and structural disabilities that cause difficulty In activism and community participation, rehabilitation programs for patients with neurological or musculoskeletal diseases, as well as post-Covid-19 treatment.

In the same context, he explained that the radical transformations of the center led to the expansion of its services, which became: physical medicine services, rehabilitation, neurology, sports medicine, internal medicine, physical therapy, providing the management and treatment of injuries , illness or disability, and occupational therapy with training and rehabilitation techniques that help to repair, strengthen and improve the ability of people with illnesses or injuries to take care of themselves and maintain skills necessary for daily or educational activities , speech therapy that examines, prevents, evaluates, diagnoses and treats dysphagia, speech, language and cognitive communication disorders, as well as orthopedic services that deal with the provision and use of prosthetic devices such as splints and wires for the limbs and spine. expert designs, manufactures and applies an orthosis. for people served in a cardiovascular treatment center who require devices to support or supplement weak or abnormal joints, limbs or spines.

As explained by dr. Kalban, the center also included psychiatric services, designed to help improve the lives of people with disabilities, through learning emotional, cognitive and social skills, and nutrition services that provide advice on food and nutrition and its impact on health and the adjustment of the diet exactly according to the needs Patient, pharmacy services that provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care and medicine management services to ensure final treatment results, in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

The list of services also includes: social services, where the social worker participates in the education of patients and families about illnesses and treatment plans, and psychosocial assessment services to determine mental or emotional distress, where special counseling to patients in need of a crisis or distress suffer, be provided. , as well as family management services.

Regarding the partnership between the Dubai Health Authority and the global company (Europe), which will operate the Dubai Center for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Dr. Ahmed bin Kalban spoke and emphasized that the partnership and fruitful cooperation between Dubai Health and (Europe) aims to achieve a set of objectives, including: upgrading the level of physical therapy and rehabilitation services, and achieving integration in the provision of of this service at the level of the government, where patients will be transferred from the government’s hospitals and the primary health care sector to the center. for treatment and then reintegration into society, in addition to the revival of the health tourism movement in this specialty The important, on which a multidisciplinary and multinational medical and treatment staff is based, in addition to the development of a natural medicine and rehabilitation strategy to improve the best practices of this clinical service over the facilities of the Dubai Health Authority, and to provide the best therapeutic practices by applying the highest standards and requirements that are compatible with specialized international accreditations.

He said: The collaboration also aims to support, promote and develop professional development programs, including: community and approved accommodation, in coordination with the Medical Education Department at the government, the development and guidance of scientific research programs in this specialty, and the expansion of physical medicine services and rehabilitation for inpatients to acute cases.

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