After an absence of two years … The directors of theater clubs reveal their experience in the 29th edition

After a two-year absence, the General Authority for Cultural Palaces, led by director Hisham Atwa, launched the activities of the closing ceremony of theater clubs in its 29th session, implemented by the Central Administration for Technical Affairs under the direction of artist Ahmed El -Shafei, by the General Administration of Theater under the direction of decorator Mohamed Jaber, and the festival is managed by Director Mohamed Taya, Director of Club Department, whose activities will continue until May 30, and his performances will be on stage of the Culture is held. Center in Giza and the Ramses King Opera exactly six o’clock in the evening throughout the days of the festival.

The 29th edition of the Club Festival will feature the participation of more than 20 theatrical performances, including: “Determining a Path” by Omar Lotfi, “Up the Slope” by Yasser Fawzy, “Shadow” by Mohamed Salem, “Mouse Hunting” by Shadi Ezzat, Her name is a female, directed by Hemmat Mustafa, “Zakira Yellow” by Safinaz Muhammad, and “The Harem of Fire” by Ali Medhat Ali, among others.

Increasing production of theater club projects

Director Mohamed Taye, Director of the Theater Club Department, said this year’s preparations started early, especially as the Theater Department, Club Department and the General Authority for Cultural Palaces had the real intention of holding the closing parties this year; Because it was suspended two years ago due to the Corona crisis, and we started the plan, from last September, to present projects at the level of the Republic, and this year 250 theater projects were presented, and it’s as’ considered a major challenge. , and we have sent committees to look at these projects, in addition to increasing the number of productions for theater clubs, where 137 theater performances nationwide have been selected for production, and this season production has doubled compared to last year, and note that by the director is directed. Hisham Atwa, head of the Cultural Palaces Authority, Ahmed El-Shafei, head of the Central Administration of Technical Affairs, and engineer Mohamed Jaber, director of the theater’s general administration.

Taya added that this year has seen an increase in the production of theater club projects, in addition to its early establishment for the closing ceremony of clubs, especially after a two-year hiatus. And now we are seeing 24 theater performances at the closing festival of theater clubs, and that is not a small number, and the festival continues for 12 days.

The Director of the Theater Club Department thanked all the jury and discussions in the regions, as well as all the artists of theater clubs who made a great effort to hold the festival, pointing out that the festival benefited from 5 thousand artists and creators at the level of all the regions of Egypt, and this is a record number.

Taya explained that the directors’ accreditation was once again due only to theater club performances, in addition to the administration supporting them in entering the Cairo International Festival of Experimental Theater, and representing Egypt at international festivals. Workshops for leading directors only in theater clubs for their support and continuity in Egyptian theater.

Director Omar Lotfi, director of the program “Determining a Path”, said that the program says that we always have many questions about right and wrong and its origin, and the human soul always has elements of seduction that drive it astray. Curiosity and likes to experiment.

Regarding his experience in the clubs, Lotfi indicated that he suffered from routine during the club experience, pointing out that the production budget is 2500 pounds, of which 35% is deducted in tax, in addition to the specification of items, but on the technical level there are offers that deserve to qualify for competition, and there are other offers that do not exceed Viewing Committee from my point of view.

Director Safinaz Mohamed, director of the “Yellow Memory” show, said the show revolves around the memory of wars and their repercussions on the human psyche. The face is the result of a mining explosion, and events begin to unfold.

Muhammad noted that the text discusses the phenomenon of bullying in society, in addition to the domination of parents and their blatant interference in the lives of children, which puts them at risk for mental illness and insoluble contracts.

Director Hemt Mostafa, director of the program “Her Name is Female”, said that the show is an ongoing dialogue between the mind, conscience and memory of the woman, the child, adult, adolescent, woman and the guy, as the daughter, sister, wife and mother, and in their relationship with men in Egyptian society, their struggle and participation in home, study, work and the street. , and so on.

Mustafa pointed out that the show embodies some of the woman’s desires, including gaining a greater area of ​​awareness, understanding and being in changing worlds, and that the relationship with the man is clearer, safer, more trusting and more respectful. must be.

As for the most prominent issues, she noted that the show is a room with privacy, and it is difficult to present it in an Italian box, but the theater management, led by the decorator Mohamed Jaber and the director of the Club department, director Mohamed Al-Taye, worked with me and was able to provide me with a hall in which I could present the show, and they also overcame all the problems I faced. I love and care .

While director Hossam Al-Omda, director of the program “Is the singer bald”, said that he mixed the lyrics of “The Bald Singer” and “Al-Kurassi”, both written by the author Muhammad Osama, and pointed out that the two texts are based on one idea, which is waiting, while in the program trying to offer a new treatment.It does not go in the traditional way that the absurdity of a study based on the “savior” who are people, proposal awaits to save them from the routine and monotony of life.

As for the problems, the “mayor” explained that there are special problems in the same place, as it was not always available or easy due to the large number of experiences participating in the One Culture Palace, secondly, exams, as most of those who work with me are in different study stages, in addition to trying to provide a good image that is comfortable to the eye in relation to the abilities.

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