«Al-Mal» publishes the details of the economic and social development plan for the fiscal year 2022/2023

The Ministry of Planning has unveiled the most prominent features and targets of the economic and social development plan for fiscal year 2023/2022, aimed at improving the quality of life for citizens, in the face of successive global unrest, and green projects credits worth £ 336 billion.

The Ministry of Planning added in a report seen by Al Mal that the plan aims to build people by providing and ensuring the quality of services provided by education, health, smart transport and others, as the volume of green investments differs between various sectors, led by “transport” worth £ 300 billion.

She added that the volume of targeted green projects in the irrigation sector is 26.4 billion pounds, housing 4.5 billion pounds, local development 2.8 billion and electricity 2.4 billion, as the percentage of green investments increased by 40% compared to 30% for the financial year 2021/2222.

The “Planning” indicated that the objectives of the Egyptian Economics Index have been revised in the light of the developments of successive global crises, as the economic growth rates for the fiscal year 2022/2023 decrease from 6.4% to 5.5% is, and inflation has increased. from the target of 7.5% to 10%, and it has also increased Unemployment rates from 7% to 7.3%, in addition to a decrease in the investment rate in GDP from 18% to 15.2%.

The report explained the details of the public and private investment structure, targeting £ 1.4 trillion for the year 2022/2023, compared to 1.2 trillion 2021/2022, and the investment structure is divided into public investments worth £ 1 trillion. 1 trillion pounds, compared to 933 billion pounds for the year 2021/2022, and the volume of private investment is 300 billion EGP, compared to 267 billion for the year 2021/2022.

He added that the volume of public investment accounts for 87% of total investment, as the sources of funding for the state apparatus amounting to 367 billion pounds for the next fiscal year are divided as follows: 255 billion pounds budget funding, 75 billion self-financing, and other resources £ 46 billion.

health sector

The report stated that the features of the development plan for the health sector are represented by the allocation of £ 5.2 billion to comprehensive health insurance for 94 hospitals and 448 health units, the allocation of £ 3.6 billion to hospitals and specialized centers for 148 hospitals , and access to 36 hospital services at a cost of £ 1.8 billion.

He added that EGP allocated 2.8 billion to the development and equipping of health facilities in the governors of a “dignified life” for about 15 hospitals and 104 health units, and the provision of 1,500 intensive care beds at the expense of EGP 1.3 billion.

The report indicated that 100 ambulances were provided to the towns of a decent life, at a cost of £ 350 million, £ 250 million was allocated to develop health and family development centers, and £ 209 million was allocated to medical waste treat.

Credits have been allocated to university hospitals to enter at a total cost of 5.1 billion for about 7 hospitals, with credits worth 1.1 billion pounds, and this will be completed before the end of the 2022/2023 financial year .

housing sector

The report revealed the characteristics of development projects in the housing sector, including the implementation of 59 sewage treatment plants worth £ 6.3 billion, and the establishment of 27 seawater treatment plants worth £ 2.5 billion.

The works of 243 drinking water and sanitation projects with the amount of credits will be completed during the 2022/2023 financial year, with a value of 2.2 billion pounds, and the replacement and renewal of water networks and increasing their efficiency at a value of £ 2 billion.

He added that an amount of EGP 2.4 billion has been allocated to meet the urgent needs of the sewer system, especially in the Alexandria governor, to develop urban communities worth EGP 1.2 billion for about 35 projects , and around water and sanitation facilities colliding with national projects worth EGP 959 million during the targeted plan.

Transport sector

The report added that the main features of development projects in the transport sector for the next financial year include 43 projects for the national road sector, at a cost of 17.2 billion pounds, and the transverse axes, with appropriations worth 3.4 billion .

He added that there are plans to complete the works of 12 bridges and 5 bridges with funds of 2.5 billion pounds, in addition to the end of the axis of team Kamal Amer with funds of 2.1 billion and the completion of the ashes of Jihan Sadat with funds of 2.1 billion pounds.

The report added that the plan includes the implementation of 10 axes on the Nile, with 3.4 billion pounds of funds, in several regional governorships, including Sohag, Aswan and Assiut.

The report pointed out that the major projects of the economic bodies at the Ministry of Transport include the National Authority for Tunnels, with a value of 176 billion pounds, spread over a number of projects, including the high-speed electric train, the first phase of the fourth subway, the mono-railway project, the rehabilitation of the Raml tram in Alexandria, and the third line. For the subway, modernization and operation of its lines, and the development of the Abu Qir-Alexandria train, and the Adly Mansour-Tenth of Ramadan electric train.

27 billion allocation for railway development

The report added that £ 27 billion in funding had been allocated to railway development projects, including the provision of 1,300 vehicles, electricity projects with a length of 140 km, the renewal of railways with a length of 1,035 km, and the supply of 1,000 trucks.

He added that these projects include the construction of the railway complex in the country Bechtel, the rehabilitation of the Qena Abu Tartour line, and the duplication and electrification of signals on the Tanta, Zefti and Zagazig lines.

irrigation sector

The report revealed the most prominent development features in the irrigation sector, including the allocation of £ 24 billion for a project to rehabilitate and carry canals with lengths of 5.7 thousand km, benefiting from the Bahr al -Baqar Bank by appropriating £ 5.7 billion, and completing development projects in the south of the valley in Toshka with an appropriation of £ 4 billion.

telecommunications sector

The features of the development plan in 2022/2023 indicated that the telecommunications sector has a priority to implement several projects, including the development of cooperation programs with companies and international organizations, by allocating £ 2.5 billion, and the technological infrastructure in the mechanize administrative body. by approving £ 1 billion.

He added that a unified national network for emergency services and public safety would be established, with a £ 2.4 billion allocation, and a project to evacuate the frequency system by adopting 1.6 billion, and a establish closed government network and allocate £ 1.25 billion.

He added that the efficiency of Internet use in the state’s administrative apparatus would be increased by approving one billion pounds, developing and modernizing the information infrastructure and digital content at a value of one billion pounds, and 500 million to the Passport Authority system and the issuance of electronic visas.

She explained that the features of the development of the electricity sector include the completion of strategic projects to support the national electricity network and ensure nutrition for economic development projects, with appropriations worth £ 6.4 billion.

The report revealed details of local development projects in the new year’s plan, including paving of local roads with an appropriation of LE 6.8 billion, development programs for Upper Egypt at a cost of LE 3.3 billion, and the initiative of public service complexes with an appropriation of LE 3 billion.

He added that EGP was allocated 1.4 billion for the solid waste management system, EGP 1.2 billion was arranged for a security, traffic and fire-fighting system, and EGP 1 billion was allocated for automatic slaughterhouses.

He explained that the strategic objective of the scheme is to bring about integration between the state’s efforts in rural and urban areas, in a way that enhances a sense of community satisfaction, as £ 10 billion has been allocated to 75 urban complexes develop during that period of the new financial year.

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