Eman Al-Roudan is on the list of the most influential businesswomen in the Middle East

Zain, the leading digital services provider in Kuwait, announced the selection of Zain’s CEO Eman Al-Roudhan from the list of the 50 most influential businesswomen in the region for the year 2022, a list compiled by the prestigious magazine Arabian was introduced. Business specializes in the financial and business sectors.

The company said in a press release that this classification of one of the largest leading media organizations in the Middle East shed light on the role that Al-Roudhan played in leading Zain to become one of the largest and most pioneering Kuwaiti private sector companies. during the last period, especially its efforts to develop and implement the company’s strategy. Integrated digital transformation aimed at enabling a more efficient business sector in the Kuwaiti market under the umbrella of the “New Kuwait 2035” vision.

Every year, Arabian Business Magazine honors businesswomen who make a difference in the Middle East through their impact on society, their practical experience, their expertise in various business sectors, and their ambition to lead and push the region’s markets forward. The magazine selects 50 names from tens of thousands of names of female entrepreneurs and heads of non-profit associations and presidents of companies from various industries.

Engineer Eman Al-Roudhan was appointed CEO of Zain Kuwait in December 2015. She is considered one of the Kuwaiti leaders in the parent group who took an active part in the story of its successful launch.

Al-Roudhan has more than 25 years of experience in various executive management sectors within Zain Kuwait and several subsidiaries of the Zain Group. Prior to this position, Al-Roudhan held the position of Group Chief Regulatory Officer.

Al-Roudhan is considered one of the pioneers in the telecommunications sector in the region as she started her career in Zain with Zain Kuwait, launching the first prepaid mobile service in the country and region, which continues to be the customer base for mobile services in Kuwait.

Since 2003 and with the expansion of Zain throughout the region, Al-Roudhan with her vast experience has contributed to the completion of many works for Zain’s subsidiaries, as she was part of the founding team of the group’s operations in many countries such as the Kingdom of Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Roudhan has also played a key role in Zain’s transition phases over the years, building numerous operational teams and laying solid foundations for business units in all major telecommunications sectors, including smart networks, product and service development, strategy making and business planning, roaming , and international corporate sales. In addition to organizational matters.

After assuming the duties of Zain’s CEO in Kuwait in December 2015, Al-Roudhan led a number of major projects that marked a transitional phase in Zain’s history, most notably overseeing the commercial introduction of 5G technology in June 2019, to be the first. company to introduce this technology in the Arabian Gulf through the Kuwait market with comprehensive coverage of all regions of Kuwait, in addition to the signing of a smart meter system contract with the Ministry of Electricity and Water in May 2017, which is considered one of the largest projects word. in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector at the national level, and contributed to achieving the state’s vision for the implementation of the e-government system and digital transformation mass.

During her tenure at Zain, Al-Roudhan also organized various strategic alliances with international and regional operators, leading teams and developing resources in the areas of technology, trade, strategy, wholesale sales and regulatory matters.

Eman Al-Roudhan has more than one membership in many international bodies and organizations. She is a member of the GSMA Regional Interests Group for the Arab World Region, and a member of the GSMA CROG Group of CEOs for Regulatory Affairs. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the University of Kuwait, and has attended programs. She is a graduate of the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT) and programs in Public-Private Relations Management at Harvard Business School, and she is currently a member of the Advisory Board of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences.

Al-Roudan was recently selected from the annual Forbes Middle East magazine list of the most powerful businesswomen in the Middle East for the year 2021, who also managed to demonstrate resilience and strength amid unprecedented problems in the workplace and societies . to also be selected by Forbes Middle East.As one of the most influential women in Kuwait in her special issue of the successes that Kuwait is witnessing under the title “New Vision” for the year 2017.

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