Intellectuals: Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is an annual reading forum

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A number of authors and intellectuals confirm that the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is a leading cultural destination regionally and globally. It derives its importance from the position represented by the UAE in the world, and it is one of the most important international exhibitions for the diversity of ideas put forward for the production and publication of the book and the focus on sponsoring authors. and creativity, explains that choosing a guest of honor for the exhibition with the weight, highness and ancient culture of Germany is a win for us and for every reader and creator.

They added to “Al-Khaleej” that the choice of the Dean of Arabic Literature, Dr. Taha Hussein, the crucial figure this year is a tribute to the thinkers and enlightenment thinkers, and it is seen as a measure of the success of each session with the available opportunities for communication and building bridges between writers and readers and all those responsible is for publication, distribution, press and media and vice versa through Available Channels.

Dr. Shaaban Badir, an academic and critic, says: The exhibition is a leading cultural destination regionally and globally. It derives its importance from the position that the UAE represents in the world; Where it is meant by the pioneers of the publishing industry, they see everything new in this important industry and discuss the ways to develop and promote it, as well as anyone who is curious about science and knowledge to get the latest publications of paper and digital see books, the interest is no longer just limited to paper publications, but the interest in digital publishing has become very important. It attracts millions around the world, especially with the repercussions of the Corona virus crisis, and therefore it is very good and remarkable in this year’s edition of the exhibition to house a virtual segment of visitors who do not due to the Corona crisis will be able to attend, and publishers provide a digital aspect to their publications for this segment, as well as The exhibition is an opportunity for different talents to present their work in an attractive way and with the latest technology. a diverse cultural event that is not only limited to publications, but also includes culture in all its fields.

He added: “Choosing Germany as the guest of honor for this year’s exhibition is a good choice. Because it represents an influential position in the field of culture, literature and the arts, which makes it possible to acquire knowledge and exchange experiences in the publishing industry, and to benefit from the cultural program and activities prepared for their introduce cultural identity, which promotes civilization, cultural and knowledge communication and strengthens collaborative relationships between German publishers and their peers participating in the exhibition. The exhibition’s celebration of the Dean of Arabic Literature, Taha Hussein, is a conscious gesture to introduce the pioneer of Arab enlightenment and culture, which is an immortal knowledge and literary heritage that is a basic pillar on which the future by the centuries can be built, and his thinking and literature are still the subject of research and evaluation. The future of culture in Egypt), which highlights the future of culture and its impact on Egyptian and Arab life, and offers a new perspective for youth and society.As Minister of Education he believes in the importance of education as a starting point for progress and progress and that it is a right guaranteed to the boys of the country. of all classes and classes. The well-known slogan “Education is like water and air” is still a slogan raised today.

Asmaa Siddiq Al-Mutawa, founder and president of Al-Multaqa Literary Salon, says: “The exhibition is considered one of the most important international exhibitions for the diversity of ideas put forward for the production and publication of the book and the focus on book sponsorship and creativity, and this in turn is reflected on readers and the high-end cultural content and the follow-up of development in the field of intellectual creativity, by organizing some lectures Through the virtual world to facilitate the encounter between thinkers and creators from around the world and the public interested in cultural affairs, as well as the digital book and its development to facilitate access to the public. The exhibition is a rich forum in which we are inspired by the love of reading our wise leadership, which strives to consolidate the UAE as a cultural capital, and in it we meet writers.

Al-Mutawa explains that the exhibition’s partnership with the Frankfurt International Fair facilitates the communication of Arabic writers and the translation of their works into other languages, ie the export of Arabic culture to the West and vice versa, as well as the translation of books into Arabic, thanks to the opportunity for international publishers to meet and communicate in the UAE to develop the thinking and literature content industry.

Author Mohammed Shuaib Al Hammadi, Member of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Writers Union, says: “Book fairs form a kind of recovery in the reading process, increasing knowledge and reading and interest in writing, authorship and literature in general, and learning about cultures and literary productions of especially other people, and we in the UAE establish platforms for culture and science, to gain knowledge and learn about the cultures of people. The Emirate of Abu Dhabi extends its arms to receive the exhibition as a wedding for writers and creators and their publications that radiate their light penetrating thoughts before shining from the shelves of the contestants.

It extends its hand to the fraternal and friendly countries to be a guest of the exhibition in every session, and in this session the friendly Republic of Germany will be a guest of the exhibition.To introduce our literary production, and we can also dig into the field of translation and counter-translation. The choice of a gas with the weight of Germany with its highness and ancient culture is in any case a profit for us and for every reader and creator.

He points out that the choice of Taha Hussein as a central figure for the exhibition is a tribute to the late and what he has presented in his life full of creativity and giving to literature. And through the eyes of our present generation and in our time, we have been openly discovered by His works that our predecessors did not discover.

Author Nabil Al Huraibi Al Kathiri says: “The importance of the exhibition this year is that it comes with the decline of the Covid 19 epidemic, as the momentum will return by visiting thousands daily, including school students eagerly awaiting the exhibition, and for me, I participated in most of the exhibition sessions because of its importance in the conscience. All intellectuals, and this is the first time that a special mini-wing has been dedicated to the display of my documentary and literary works. ”

The poet Nasser Al-Bakr Al-Zaabi says: “The exhibition represents a great addition to the cultural movement, like any national and international event that reflects the tremendous development of civilization in our generous country. Senior Arab writers, as it is of great importance in the middle of this year, enriching the literary arena with new and unique, the participation of senior Arab publishers is an essential side branch for the reader and researcher, and commendable competition is an essential requirement for obtaining the best books. , in what we call (summer supplies), so what we need for these books It is rich in benefits, and there is no doubt that the exhibition’s successes over its previous years are enough to present a more prominent and glamorous version this year. does not offer. “

He continues: “It’s nice to choose Arab personalities to be the character of the year in the exhibition, hoping that Emirati personalities will receive this honor, and the importance of the annual book fairs is emphasized by the culture of the different people of the world, in addition to developing knowledge and refining emerging talents while displaying cultural output.What’s new, and the exhibition is not limited to publications only, there are various opportunities, seminars and training workshops, it is a first-class reading festival, and there is no doubt that it is a new and important stage with all the transformations and changes that have taken place in the world and affected the publishing industry, which must double efforts and do much before a Conscious reader who is good with the choice of topics.This exhibition is a great stop for all intellectuals in the country, and will enjoy wide follow-up and a large presence et. ”

  • Awareness of the importance of gentle power

Novelist Ann Al-Safi says: Currently, the book fair is a literary, cultural and artistic festival and conference that brings together the diverse groups of society. Countries that are aware of the role and importance of soft power support creativity and revitalize the arena . with everything that responsibly translates to creativity and the parties on which the creative product is based.The top of the intellectual and creative pyramid, so it had a place in the UAE’s strategy for creating a knowledge society.

The capital, Abu Dhabi, has become a leading oasis for thought, literature, culture and the arts. With a quick look at the map of culture and literature here, we find that the city of Abu Dhabi has the most important area in the world. international awards in various fields, the most important of which is the Sheikh Zayed Book Award with its diversity of branches and the International Prize for Arabic Fiction, in addition to the prizes for classical and Nabati poetry and books issued by On the Other Side, the Department of Tourism and Culture, on the other hand, is located within the Map of Literature and Culture, the Abu Dhabi Center for the Arabic Language and its written achievements, as well as translation publications from New York University in Abu Dhabi.

She explains, the exhibition is considered one of the most important cultural forums in the region, characterized by holding valuable seminars and lectures in various fields, and the personality of the year is carefully selected with a focus on the impact of the work of the personality of the year on culture and literature.In the world of the book there, and the measure of the success of each course is considered the available opportunities for communication and building bridges between authors, readers and everyone responsible for publication, distribution, press and media, and vice versa through the available channels.

Anne Al-Safi continues: “The exhibition has attracted modern media instruments, in a high quality and in parallel with the events and activities, and followers from everywhere can attend, participate and later refer to it. This is especially evident in the last year 2021, when hybrid events were held, where guests were presented directly and hypothetically, in accordance with the necessary precautions and consequence during the Corona pandemic, writers, readers and publishers are indispensable for attending book fairs, eating paper books, attending forums and direct communication in the sense of humanizing the dialogues, so to speak, where the platforms, exhibits and pavilions of participating publishers are located.

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