Stop bragging, Real Madrid. Your history is based on money and stealing stars!

Following Kylian Mbappe’s decision to stay in Paris Saint-Germain, Madridist sentiments exploded on social media and talked about the loss of the next star to take responsibility for the team for the new year.

Mixed feelings from the fans between sadness and an attempt to rectify the situation to focus on confronting Liverpool in the Champions League final, but they all get a state of anger towards the French player.

An issue that can never be denied, with just a few minutes of conversation with any Madrid fan, his calm way of speaking will turn into insults and curses for all who took part in the process of retaining Mbappe.

This case not only stopped at the fans, but infiltrated the hearts of Real Madrid elements, and it seemed like there was a case of celebration for the absence of the Frenchman for some.

On the other hand, there is Benzema, who feels that he has been stabbed from behind by Kilian’s deadly knife, and his dreams have turned into a mirage with that sting.

Even you, Mbappe?

In William Shakespeare’s famous play “Julius Caesar”, the dramatic and historical final scene in which “Marcus Junius Brutus” stabs him in the heart of his friend, comes to tell Julius: Even you, Brutus?

A well-known phrase created by Shakespeare, the king of drama, with a simple and clear question, but which expresses unexpected betrayal.

So far we have not talked about Mbappe’s betrayal of Benzema, and we do not realize it or how strong it is in the first place. We rather do not know if this is a real betrayal or an exaggeration of Karim.

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But what the royal attacker did after Killian’s announcement of the renewal is what made the connection between the theatrical phrase and his affected position clear.

Where Benzema posted a photo on Instagram of the famous singer Tupac Shakur next to his friend, which revolves around the story about his friend’s betrayal of him and his death thereafter.

Yes, these are all exaggerations that have nothing to do with football, that we may sometimes forget that it’s a game of entertainment and nothing more, but some turn it into an arena for drama and reinforcement.

A message to Benzema .. Who is really young?

Today, after Mbappe’s story finally ended with his renewal, Benzema showed up for the first time to talk about the failure of the deal and direct some lining steps to Kylian.

Asked about Mbappe, Karim said: “This is not the time to talk about these little things.”

In fact, we understand Karim’s apparent sadness from his emotional exaggerations through the Twitter and Instagram apps, and Tupac’s photo is the best proof.

But the most important question remains: Who is really small, Benzema? After all those days of trying to determine the suitability of Real Madrid by including Mbappe, and by publishing your photos with him, did Kylian become the “Brutos” who put the dagger in your heart?

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The main question is rather, if the loss of Mbappe was a “small thing”, as you say, why did you post the photo of Tupac and his traitor friend in the first place? And why is your photo you posted on Twitter after scoring the third goal in Paris this season?

Your talk, Karim, contradicts your actions, and your attempt to highlight the state of “lack of interest” is not in line with your great sadness that came out in the form of dramatic messages about betrayal and betrayal.

And no one blames you for what you did, or even criticizes the seriousness of your grief, but man, has some logic, how can the loss of Mbappe not mean to you, and you are looking for all the “burning” ways to put him in the “treacherous” box.

Do not wear an honor mask, Perez!

Benzema was not the only Madrid player to post photos with hidden messages after Mbappe announced his contract renewal.

More than one player expressed his joy at the arrival of the Frenchman, who is considered one of the best young talents ever.

Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo also posted photos expressing their love for Madrid with some emotional words addressed to the royal fans, referring to the club’s presence and love for money, and those fake phrases, but what did it do? to do with Perez?

At first glance it seems that it was accidental, but when these photos and their timing are compiled, and with Benzema’s speech today, it seems that the state of anger is directed at Mbappe in an organized manner.

This is what Mbappe said ironically: “You do not have to be a student at Saint-Cyr Military School to understand this, it came from above.”

mbappe quote


It sounds similar to what happened to Luis Suarez when Perez failed to sign him in 2015, saying he was “not a good player”, with a few words about his disorderly behavior, especially when he spoke after the famous Chiellini bite incident.

And in 2013, after Perez failed to sign Neymar at Real Madrid, the president of the royal wanted to wear a mask of honor this time by sending some messages to Barcelona about the impartiality of the transfer process.

It was during this time that Perez made it clear that there were certain ways in Brazil to close transactions that seemed “suspicious” and that the money was divided into more than one side, and so he came out of it.

The funny thing about Perez’s speech at the time is that it goes against what Real Madrid usually do in transactions, and perhaps the story of including Luis Figo is the best proof of the apparent lack of integrity.

So why is Mbappe being blamed for preferring French money over Real Madrid, at the same time that the royal is ending most of his transactions by paying more money than the competitor?

And why, after the failure of the royal, are these cheap methods used to attack individuals who refuse to complete the transaction?

Stop in vain!

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What happens to the Royal Club will scare some to negotiate with Real Madrid in the future, so why talk to an institution that if the player rejects it, his image or that of his representatives will be distorted?

There is no form of professionalism in it, it is rather extremely coincidental, and it is unreasonable for an institution the size of Madrid to deal in this way with those who refuse to be there.

What’s happening to Benzema now is logical in light of the absurdity the club is experiencing, so why is Karim not sending his angry feelings through those exaggerations that are inconsistent with the size of the situation, at the same time that the administration’s Mbappe’s image trying to distort?

If management is going to act in childish ways, why would a young man not do it? This is self-evident and does not require in-depth explanations, as Killian has previously explained.

Real Madrid did everything wrong and then accused everyone of high treason and ran after money, so when will the royal stop blaming everyone, and start holding himself accountable?

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