A failed assassination attempt on the medical laboratories in Sanaa

After eight years of continuous suffering for the Yemenis as a result of the coup against the Yemeni state on 21 September 2014 and the militias’ invasion of Sana’a University and turning it into the possession of a Tamer and ending and destroying it without a supervisor or liability or a clue, it was in the temptation to learn about it in the filth and with scholars, there was no more punishment as it required arbitrary dismissal, expulsion, imprisonment and imprisonment Forced disappearance and even death which from the clutches of this militia and its tools to kill the university with its cadres, administrators and students.

A dark, frightening, sad and shameful scene.We would never be able to live through it one day, not even in nightmares, because it really does not go through people’s minds and can not be done by people, or even the elves and demons who stepped aside and withdrew because before what the Iranian civilian army did, they overcame demons.

What prompted me to write when I emigrated was the decision of the Sana’a University Council to move my division (Medical and Nursing Laboratories) from (College of Medicine and Health Sciences – Sana’a University) to a new college (College of Applied Medical Sciences), which is one of the satanic militia plants I planted in the heart of the Faculty of Medicine and Sciences. The Department of Health and Sanaa University of Collection and the people stole every penny they could save to teach their sons and daughters in so-called education (at private cost), which was set at $ 2,400 per year for any of the different specialties in this college (physical therapy – therapeutic nutrition – prosthetic limbs – anesthesia – hearing and speech) the important list One of the specialties in the buildings of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences is the same as you gave us, fraternal state of Kuwait , and we could not add a stone to it from that day on. Rather, we have an important part of the ownership of this unique college in the Arab region, which has been narrowed down to what it originally contained from colleges (medicine – pharmacy – laboratories Nursing) in addition to the College of Dentistry, which is still a part of the college buildings also occupy.

Not only that, but all faculty members and their assistants in the college, as well as colleagues in eight Yemeni universities in the areas controlled by the Iranian civilian army, have not received their salaries for more than six years, and they must continue to carry out the educational process and by force (as forced labor), and the group and its supporters and followers share the spoils.

The decision of (Sana’a University Council) to include medical laboratories and link it to this originally illegal college is a premeditated murder crime, and its purpose is not to develop the educational process, to level the level of achievement increase and develop education, God forbid, but rather seek money, prestige and power.

A decision that will withdraw millions from the budget of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences to the Community Fund, as these colleges have ten times those affiliated to the new departments in the new college. This is in line with the importance of the important disciplines that have been nominated in this college, despite their importance, as I would like to repeat.

In this context, I would like to point out that whoever dared to make this decision without studying, knowing or realizing it is called the Division of Medical Laboratories or Laboratory Medicine in the International Federation of Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (AFCC and Laboratory Medicine). know that this specialization is today the title of the article.It was founded 44 years ago by Yemeni and international experts and with the support of the World Health Organization An alternative to travel to Syria to study agricultural engineering, according to the coordination of the Ministry of Education, when we had no land.

This specialty was the core of its existence, its foundations, faculty members, laboratories and wards, the College of Medicine and Health Sciences was built, and my class was indeed the first in which we graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in medical laboratories from the College of Medicine and Health Sciences in 1985 (Basic Blood and Sub-Biochemistry), and so this section was The core without which the Faculty of Medicine would not have been established, and its faculty members and they are still for those who do not know until now is the backbone of teaching in the Faculty of Medicine, as the human medicine student must pass the study in the basic department, which includes the departments of biochemistry, anatomy, physiology and histology, which are also the departments. It was mainly available to teach medical laboratory students in the late seventies and early eighties until now.In addition, the students study many courses in the applied department, namely hematology, microbiology, viruses and pathology, and then move on to the clinical department and work in hospitals.

If the Division of Medical Laboratories is the basis of construction, and it is not a brick thrown into a college that is announced without any ingredients or capabilities except for material gain and taxation of the people of this country whose institutions are occupied by force of arms, and we all realize that without this weapon, this group would not see another day.

The title of the article was Laboratories Assassination.When I received a letter from colleagues in the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, in which I greeted them in my name and the names of all colleagues in the laboratories and nursing departments, in which they rejected the decisions of the so-called University Council, I changed the title to an assassination attempt, which I hope remains a failed assassination attempt and also shameful. advice, even out of taste and courtesy in transgressing all knowledge and laws.

I can not point out here an important point that everyone should know, namely that this department is proud of Yemeni medical specialties, and the whole of Yemen should be proud of its scientists and realize that this specialty has graduated among its two hundred scientists. and without exaggeration, which opened for them the doors of the most important universities in the world in America and Canada in America and Canada Germany, Britain, France, Japan, China, Malaysia, Egypt, Jordan and many other countries to serious researchers in it be and the highest scientific bikes without any obstacle, but they fit in with their colleagues from the countries of the world if they are not often the best and it is they who returned and contributed to the educational science in Yemeni universities and graduates of this section or The specialization is a work to develop the specialty of laboratory medicine, so we see medical laboratories in Yemen in their beautiful forms, with high-end laboratories, modern technology and rare skills that every Yemeni is proud of, knowing that dozens of our colleagues have become academics media and researchers at a very high level in scientific universities and many of them have t received promotions achieved For the professor with all value and ability, after the doors were closed for them to return to Yemen as a result of the war caused by the Iranian civilian force on 21 September 2014.

In the end, I salute all colleagues for the great interaction and broad rejection of the decision, which became a true national movement that showed the extent of the strength of this specialization, its belonging, its history and its existence. . to academic work, and they are assured that any decision that may be taken against this division will not undermine our determination and will not see its way to the light as long as we are all united.

* Dr. Samir Abdel-Ghani Tarish * Professor of Hematology and Blood Transfusions – College of Medicine and Health Sciences – Sana’a University

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