A Jordanian Saudi Entrepreneurship Partnership to Employ 1,000 Jordanian Workers to Work Remotely

Ibrahim Mubaidin- The two Jordanian companies, Parachute 16, specialize in innovation and entrepreneurship, and Saudi Squadio, which specializes in providing human resource solutions to technology companies, formally signed an agreement last week to hire 1,000 employees in Jordan to remotely working with many international companies and specifically to serve especially the Middle East and North Africa region.

The agreement signed by the two start-up companies aims to provide jobs and remote jobs to Jordanian youth in the fields of information technology, programming, product and program design, interface design and user experience, at a time when Jordanian youth are distinguished in the field of technology and digital skills, and in view of the high unemployment rate locally, which revolves around the rate of twenty-four percent.

The partnership seeks to appoint full-time, part-time and freelance employees in collaboration with private sector companies and government sector entities in Jordan to serve the Middle East and North Africa region from local and regional destinations.

The agreement was signed at the headquarters of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship in Oman, in the presence of the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Ahmed Hanandeh, where it was signed on behalf of Parachute Arashout 16, its founder and CEO, Ghassan Halawa . , and on behalf of “Squardio” his HUB.

The two companies will work together to carry out the task of hiring 1,000 people from Jordan to form remote technical teams to serve customers and companies across the Middle East and North Africa. Today, by targeting the access to and use of untapped talent pools locally and regionally.

The partnership is important with the overarching goal of expanding the economy of temporary jobs and remote jobs for Jordanians who are distinguished by their technology-enabled digital skills and abilities to Jordan’s position as a competitive ICT service export center in the Middle East. -Eastern to improve.

This partnership between the two companies began with the support of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, the Social Security Corporation, Al Etihad Bank, Al Hussein Technical University (HTU), the Crown Prince Foundation, and more. With the aim of stimulating job creation and increasing the competitiveness of Jordan as a regional center for the export of information technology and technical services.
Ghassan Halawa, CEO of Parachute 16, stressed the importance of the partnership in accelerating the growth of the two companies on the one hand, and paving the way for creators, programmers, technologists, software designers and user interface and user experience designers in Jordan to collaborate with. fast-growing start-ups and international companies in the region And the remote world of Jordan on the other hand.

He said that an interested and competent person can send an email to “Parachute 16” company, which is available on all social media and the company’s website.

Halawa explained that the partnership aims to employ 1,000 people this year in the areas of information technology, programming, product and software design, interface design and user experience, with ambitions to reach nearly 10,000 by the end of 2023. region, pointing out what distinguishes Jordan from Great experience and reputation in the field of information technology, which has allowed and accelerated the process of partnership between the two emerging companies.

Halawa pointed out that there are plans for the two companies to expand more in the US market and the European market, which will increase the huge demand for programmers, designers and software developers in this sector in Jordan in the next stage.

He explained that this is a very big opportunity for Jordan and its youth, and we must work hard to create great value for Jordanian youth and programmers through this partnership.

In turn, Squadio CEO Khaled Sinawy said that this partnership will bring great value to the company and its customers around the world, especially as there is a huge demand for leading Jordanian creators, and this partnership will ‘ a qualitative leap for the company, especially within its plans to expand further in the Gulf markets and US and European.

He referred to the ambitions of “Squadio” to expand his family to become 10,000 people and a creative programmer by the end of 2023.
He said, “We chose Jordan because it is a source of inspiration and competence in the field of information technology, and we are very grateful for the partnership with the Ministry of Digital Economy and the leadership in this great task, and we are excited to partner with the private sector to achieve the goal of employing 1,000 people in this field by the end of 2022. “

Founded in 2019 and formerly known as Ibtikar Technologies, Squadio is a Saudi Arabia-based company providing human resource solutions to technology companies in the MENA region. The company is looking for new contacts and expanding further in the region.

Parachute 16 is a Jordanian-Saudi startup specializing in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology that builds business accelerators, programs and support communities for beginners to help accelerate their growth in the Arab world and the region. The company also designs digital skills programs and builds technology offices to help beginners grow.

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