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Corruption of purchased energy destroys major Al-Houta electricity projects and accepts “Report”

The electricity file is considered a hot file in the Lahj governor, and it gets hotter in the summer, while the electricity service is a secret, with the continuity of the electrical connection with the increase in the loads on the electricity generation and the many problems it suffers from, the inability to supply electricity 24 hours a day or the regularity of the operating process, as well as the lack of Achieving equitable distribution in all operating switches at Abbas and Bir Nasser stations.

The “custodians” receive many notices during which the citizens of the governor complain about the deterioration of the electricity service, in addition to the “custodians” who obtain documents revealing the extent of corruption in the purchased energy and other stuck projects, and studies on what amounts apply spent, but it is locked in the drawers and replaced with other proposals.

“The Trustees” publishes documents on the electricity of Lahj, which are two projects to connect from the national network 132/33 kV, for the districts of Tibn and Al-Houta, and how to stop it and replace it with the purchased energy project, which depleted citizens and caused the state to spend millions of dollars for the owners of these generators and corruption in the state, as well as Not knowing the reasons for the organizations’ unwillingness to intervene in the electricity sector of Lahj, contrary to what happens in the Abyan governor of intervention and spends hundreds of dollars to improve the electricity service.

Hajar Samii and Majidi

The “Secretaries” received copies of documents confirming the great efforts made by the militant brothers Ahmed Al-Majidi, the former governor of Lahj governor, and Ahmed Al-Salami, the former director of the branch of the Electricity Corporation in Lahj, has been applied. – Previously – Dr. Saleh Hassan Sami, on July 19, 2019. The foundation stone project for the establishment of a transforming station from the national network 132/33 of the Tibn Balhaj district, which was one of the biggest dreams and still is of the citizens of the Tibn district dream of, but this The project did not come to light at the time as a tangible reality for the citizen, and instead to complete its implementation after the foundation stone was formally laid, and this event was covered by various media at at that time the citizens were surprised to freeze and replace the project with the purchased energy project and at that time by replacing it (Egreco) with the generation system Electricity with generators that are completely out of order today, as a witness to the corruption of the so-called purchased energy and those behind it.

station floor

And after the failure of the transfer station project in Bir Nasser to connect it from the national network, and after a floor for it was found near column no. 55 of the network on its way to Abyan Governor, and according to an official memorandum giving ownership of the floor to Lahj Electricity, and the memorandum issued by the Governor of Lahj Al Majidi to the Director of Land Authority Branch No. 42 Edited on 2/4/2012, and consequently, today the general public in Tibn wonders: Where is this land located? Is it still private property of the state, or did the land mafia dispose of it without the knowledge of the competent authorities? And why has the leadership of Lahj and the governor’s electricity since 2012 to date not instituted a viable study to relocate this transforming station to complete the Majidi and Salami project and the corruption of the energy purchased to its owners and its owners should terminate. those who supported them turned into a state of financial corruption and at the expense of the homeland and the citizen ?!

Duke shift and reverse ligation

In the Nuba Al-Dukim area, of the Tuban Balhaj district, one of the documents issued by the former Governor of Lahj Al-Majidi No. 68, edited on 13/12/2012, revealed a serious and general tendency at that stage to complete the rest of the transmission station in Al-Dukaim Nuba by asking the ministry to supply an electric generator. The station has a capacity of 25 megabytes, until the station is connected to the national network 123/33 kV, and vice versa via the Al -Anad / Al-Houta line, with the aim of taking advantage of the station and the solve electrical problem by supplying electricity to the northern Tibn areas, part of the eastern and western regions, and the entire city of Al-Houta. This project has not come to light to this day, due to the failure of the energy giants with the project of purchased energy whose generators are located in the Abbas station by the company Egreco, which has been out of service for years, and the launch of Al-Ahram Company in its place, in addition to the presence of government generators that do not work, which is a gift From the people of the Emirates, who were taken out of actual service by frivolous hands.

Tuban and Al-Houta salads

In view of the great efforts made by the authorities of Al-Musaimeer and Al-Mallah for the citizens of the two districts to obtain the right to obtain electricity from the national network 123/33 kV, and in return, the citizen notices stagnation and stagnation by the authorities of Al-Houta and Tibn, due to their failure to follow up and revive the connection project of the national network It is rather sufficient to suffice with the corruption of the purchased energy, which did not fully meet the requirements of the citizens. need for the right to electricity.These generators have rather turned into a major problem for citizens and the environment, and an obscene wealth for their owners and others, as if they are a state within the state and at the expense of the citizen!

Burger’s condition: Water is next to me while I’m thirsty!

Popular dissatisfaction and anger increased over the deterioration of the electricity service within the framework of the districts of Al-Houta and Tibn, especially with the onset of summer without any improvement in service, and this was further increased by the fact that the leadership of Lahj Electricity developed studies and follow-ups to connect other areas of the national network, and deprived the citizens of Al-Hawtah and Tibn to connect to this network. , whose electric columns span the entire area of ​​the two districts despite the existence of a previous study as well as the laying of the foundation stone, which made one of the citizens mock with the electricity of Lahj, and said has: The water is next to me while I live next to the water, thirsty and thirsty, and I watch the water! It passes over us while we are in anxiety on the ground due to the severity of the fever, the intense summer heat, the increase in electrical outages and the lack of any improvement in service.

Studies in drawers

A former leading source in Lahj Electricity revealed to Al-Amana that there are studies and a serious approach to carrying out many electrical repairs and interventions in Tibn and Al-Houta to prepare for this summer and improve the service , with the support of a number of businessmen in the two directorates According to the source, the Lahj government worked to stop all these efforts and works that would have been implemented in Al-Houta and Tibn by replacing another leadership that projects for other directorates at the expense of the citizens of Al-Houta and Tibn, and the “custodians” who have important information about these studies under the request not to publish it, and due to the increase in citizens’ complaints about the deterioration of the electricity service, “The Trustees” call on the Tibn and Al-Houta authorities to implement those previous and current studies by the Electricity Command of Lahj and d follow up the governor to improve the electricity service in a better way for citizens.

reluctance of organizations

For a long time, all the organizations in Lahj refused to open the electricity file and did not provide any assistance, while it was recently noted that organizations intervened in other governorates and brought about an improvement in service Transformers with a power of 20 -25 megabytes due to the suffocation they suffer from, in addition to many transformers that need to be changed in most areas of Lahj The question: Why do organizations refuse to intervene in the electricity sector in Hajjah and are they satisfied with their intervention in stationery projects and others that have no sustainable development impact? Do the policies oblige organizations not to open this file, or do the competent authorities in Lahj fail to report to the organizations on the electricity needs in the governor?

Finally, the “secretaries” summed up the opinion of the street in Lahj, where citizens of Lahj called on the leadership of the Transitional Council to take a serious stand by addressing the sources of corruption of the purchased energy dry and stop, and to the Lahj areas through the national network 132/33, and mandatory organizations to support the electricity sector, as in other governorates.

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