Direction White 2022..the latest tourism projects in the North Coast

  • Direction White 2022 is located in a privileged area of ​​the North Coast, at Kilo 192
    On the way to Ras Al-Hikma.
  • The connection is minutes from New Alamein Airport.
  • A few minutes from El Dabaa Road.
  • It is also close to the new Fouka Road, which connects the North Coast with Cairo..
  • This is in addition to its presence alongside several important projects in the North Coast region, such as
    El Alamein Towers, Mountain View Race El Hekma, and Sodic Presence.

Towards White North Coast Units

The living units within Direction White Egypt differ between separate villas, twin houses, duplex apartments and chalets, and differ greatly in terms of the number of rooms, designs, as well as views, and the spaces currently provided by the project and offered for sale as follows:

  • There are villas of the highest standard with a number of rooms ranging from four to five bedrooms.
  • As for the twin house units, they are available with a number of bedrooms, from four rooms.
  • Chalets come with a number of rooms ranging from two to four bedrooms.
  • There are duplex apartments with bedrooms ranging from three rooms to four rooms.

prices Towards Wit Noordkus

Prices within Direction White Egypt vary according to the type of dwelling unit, its view, its area, and the number of rooms in it, as well as according to the type of finish, location and many other things.:

  • The prices of detached villas within the Direction White project start at 15 million Egyptian pounds And up to 50 million Egyptian pounds.
  • While the prices of Twin House units start from 8 million Egyptian pounds.
  • While the prices of duplex apartments start from 3 million and 500 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • And finally the prices of the chalets start inside Direction White Of 2 million and 800 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Payment system in the direction of White Compound Egypt

The Direction White Al Sahel project provides easy and convenient payment methods for all customers to book a unit without experiencing any financial pressure, by purchasing units in installments as shown below:

The client can own a residential unit within the project by paying 5% of the unit price he wants .Then the rest of the unit price is paid in installments over the next 7 years.

Towards White Coast Services and Facilities

The composition provides all the main services and facilities that the client needs, along with entertainment to make him spend a special time, and these services are as follows:

  • Inside the resort there are expansive green spaces that are comfortable to the eye, making all residential units enjoy distinctive views, whether on the seashore or green areas.
  • There are artificial lakes and swimming pools evenly distributed in the village for all ages.
  • In addition to the presence of a gym equipped with all modern sports equipment, and training cadres of the highest importers.
  • There is a gym with a number of sports fields for all games.
  • There is a health club with sauna and kagozi to relax and enjoy a more luxurious life, and there is also
  • social club.
  • In addition to a five star hotel that offers the best hotel services to guests.
  • There are tracks for walking, jogging and cycling.
  • In terms of security level, the developer provided a strict security system, supported by cameras
  • 24 hour security guards.
  • There is also a large running center that includes many distinctive brands.
  • Within Direction White Egypt there are also restaurants and cafes on the beach.
  • There is a children’s entertainment area with a high level of security.

And if you want to know more about this project and the latest update on the units, available spaces and their prices, Click here.

If you are a fan of the North Coast in Egypt, or even this picturesque area was not in your interests before, then prepare, dear reader, for your view to change today after learning one of the most beautiful projects in the region know, which is the Compound Direction White North Coast Egypt, which is one of the most beautiful projects made by Arabella Real Estate Development and Investment.

Direction White Compound contains many features, services and amazing designs that make it the focus of attention and search for many lovers of beauty, brilliance and distinction. The North Coast is no longer just a place to spend only the summer seasons, but Arabella provided. you in his new project a residential complex with integrated corners and services to make you feel more comfort, security and privacy, and in our next paragraphs we will learn about the most important and important information you can know about the connection direction white To be able to choose the living unit you are looking for.

Towards White North Coast Egypt

Arabella Development and Real Estate Development worked to establish its project, Direction White North Coast, in an area that
Up to 290 hectares, this large area is perfectly utilized to provide the largest amount of services
and facilities in a way that meets the needs of customers and satisfies them, so we find that Direction White Compound has excelled:

  • All units in Direction White North Coast overlook the ocean directly.
  • We also find that work has been done to build the project at a height of 44 meters above sea level.
    Which contributed to the project getting a perfect view.
  • excel direction white It has a long sandy beach, one of the most beautiful in the world.

Direction White North Coast Website

The Direction White project is characterized by its presence in one of the most prominent places on the North Coast, so we find that it:

  • It is located at Kilo 192 on Ras El Hekma Road.
  • Near El Alamein Airport, where you can reach it in a few minutes.
  • The project is also near El Dabaa Road.
  • It is bounded by several important places that you can easily reach such as:
  • Mr Abdel Rahman.
  • Alexandria.
  • Marsa Matrouh.

prices Towards White North Coast Units

Arabella worked on the presence of many different and very diverse units within his project
Towards White, we find that the dwelling units differ between villas, duplexes and twin houses,
In addition to the chalets, the units differed in terms of design, area and views. In the following points we will learn more about the details of these units.:

  • The number of rooms in the villas varies between four and five bedrooms, with prices starting from 15 million Egyptian pounds.
  • Twin houses include four bedrooms as a start, and their price starts from 8 million Egyptian pounds.
  • The number of rooms in the chalets varies from two to four bedrooms.As for their prices, we find that it starts from 2 million and 800 000 Egyptian pounds..
  • While the duplex units include three bedrooms, and the number of rooms in the other units reaches four bedrooms,
    And its price, we find that it starts from 3 million and 500 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Payment and payment systems

One of the important factors that contributes to a person’s choice of his new housing unit is the suitability of payment and payment systems for him. Therefore, Arabella Company for Development and Real Estate Investment was interested in providing a payment system that fits a large percentage of people.You can rent your living unit at:

  • 5% installment of the total unit value.
  • Work to pay the rest of the unit value in installments over 7 years.
  • It is noteworthy that the units will be delivered over 3 years, i.e. delivery by 2025.

Characteristics of Direction White Compound, North Coast Egypt

Compound Direction White contains many services and features that have greatly increased the demand for it, so we find this one of its benefits:

  • Views of the different units on the sea.
  • All units are delivered in full, including kitchens and air conditioners.
  • A unique hotel that includes all the services and features you need to ensure a well-equipped hotel life.
  • Gyms with the best equipment and trainers.
  • social club.
  • Routes for walking and cycling.
  • International restaurants with various types of Oriental and Western foods.
  • Elegant cafes.
  • Security presence and surveillance throughout the day to feel privacy, comfort and security.
  • Swimming pools for all ages.
  • The company did not forget to take care of the green spaces in its project, so it worked to allocate the largest area of ​​it to apartments and landscape to make you feel comfortable.

If you want to know more about this project and the latest update on the units, available spaces and their prices, Click here.

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