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SAN JOSE, CA -Wednesday 25 May 2022 [ ايتوس واير ]

(BUSINESS WIRE) – Forescout Technologies, a leader in automated cyber security, today announced the launch of Forscout Frontline, a new counter-threat service that employs a team of highly trained cybersecurity analysts to support cyber security teams by proactively identifying risks and set to Respond quickly to incidents and reach security maturity. Forscout provides this free service to organizations that do not have the internal resources and visibility needed to defend themselves against cyber-security attacks, including ransomware and advanced persistent threats.

“With cyber security attacks on the rise, cyber security teams are constantly understaffed and under-resource, creating extremely risky conditions,” said Sean Taylor, vice president of threat defense at Forscout. “Organizations are under tremendous pressure to deal with The scale and speed of attacks and the chaos caused by attackers. Forscout introduces this new service to help organizations defend against attacks through a comprehensive and comprehensive overview of their assets to provide. “

While many organizations use multiple security tools and teams to help identify threats and risks, insights are limited by isolated views of IT, IoT, IoM, or OT assets. Typically, a variety of these types of assets exist in an organization’s digital environment and are often interconnected, meaning that cybersecurity risks need to be identified and addressed holistically.

Provided by Forescout Frontline analysts, the Anti-Threat and Threat Identification service overcomes staff resources and asset visibility challenges to identify threats and identify risks that might otherwise go unnoticed. Forscout Frontline will help organizations:

  • Detects, validates, and prioritizes a wide range of cyber threats and vulnerabilities across all assets, including IT, IoT, IoM, and operational technologies.

  • Analyze the context and risks associated with all outcomes.

  • Use comprehensive insights to develop effective strategies to mitigate and address risks.

A Florida agency, which supports several major departments in Florida, has introduced Forscout Frontline to 220 corporate sites in 16 different departments with the goal of understanding each model of Log4G software, a surprising vulnerability in the registration process common to the java platform is. In less than a day and a half, Forscout Frontline has provided insight into thousands of vulnerable assets such as Windows-based Log 4G and PrintNightmare. In addition, hundreds of critical vulnerabilities have been discovered that are classified by the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (“CVSS”) affecting infrastructure devices such as switches and routers. Finally, tradable intelligence has been discovered across IoT models based on the critical TCP / IP package like Nuclease: 13, Ripple 20, unsecured connections and other risks. To reduce the time to mitigate and address these vulnerabilities and to improve the overall security situation.

In a related context, the director of information security at the Florida State Agency said, “When Log 4J went down, we knew there was a critical issue, but we lacked a complete picture of the risks within. our extensive organization. [فورسكاوت لمكافحة التهديدات] More comprehensive than I expected, it also included in-depth, workable intelligence about the Log 4J and other critical vulnerabilities, and it was not just general information, but accurate information where it resides in our area.

Forscout Frontline enhances cyber security by enabling and complementing vulnerability research and threat intelligence conducted by Forskout’s FederLabs by using the Forscout Continental platform to provide threat mitigation services across multiple dimensions. Forescout Frontline’s team of analysts includes former public and private sector threat actors trained in threat detection and incident response.

For more information on Forescout Frontline, please visit here, and for more information on how a Florida agency can benefit from this new service, visit here.

More about “Forscout”

Forscout Technologies provides automated cyber security across the digital environment, while continually aligning customers’ security frameworks and digital realities, including all types of assets (IT, OT, IoM). The ForScout Continental platform offers complete asset visibility, continuous compliance, network fragmentation and a strong no-confidence basis. For more than 20 years, Fortune 100 organizations and government agencies have trusted Forescout to provide automated scale cyber security. The company provides customers with data-assisted intelligence to accurately detect risks and quickly address cyber threats without disrupting critical business assets.

Together to manage cyber risks.

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