Tasneem Al-Batayneh relies on the power of her determination to pave her way to success and excellence

Ruba Riahi

Amman- The woman with a sincere smile and a strong personality who did not suffer life with its difficulties and hard tests .. From the confident eyes of Tasneem Al-Battaineh radiates pride and hope, because she loves life with everything it contains.
She decided to befriend joy and a title of excellence and want to be through her motor disability, so she deserved to write success after success and stand proud and refuse to face the obstacles of reality and to bend challenges. Her great faith and certainty that God has given her a lot and that he still hides the most beautiful for her, makes her go with all confidence and determination to a life she does not know the details of, but she is well aware of the amount of consideration waiting for her for every moment she lived, every pain and every test that worried her.
Tasneem did not allow despair to one day penetrate her soul, she rather remained a fiery warrior in search of a just life in which she could achieve even a small part of her big, endless dreams. She reconciled with her disability and was content with everything God wrote for her, but in return she did not accept to give up her ambition, as she well believed that excellence was born from the womb of suffering.
Tasneem was able to pave the way for success based on her strong determination and her parents’ love for her, so she completed her studies until she finished university, specializing in sociology and social service, and also through the experience of homeschooling for all. attended classes, in addition to founding the “Yadi Bid” charity and winning the membership of Hakama Municipality in Irbid Makan her residence.
Her illness at the age of four years after suffering from high temperature, which resulted in muscle atrophy, increased her will and determination to love life and enjoy it, she says, because the great power that she enjoys today is the result of many years of fatigue, patience, zeal and faith, his abilities.
Tasneem pointed out that her parents had given her a lot since she was little, as they had planted in her hope that she would be able to overcome all the trials and obstacles she encountered. She responded with love and interest to their precepts and insisted on making her a prominent and independent person, so she first accepted herself and then knew how to progress step by step to a future she was different and fruitful wants with achievements, so she has what she wanted.
She studied Tasneem and was educated like other children of her mother, who believed in her and in her right to become a successful person. She just wanted to be a crutch who helped her through all the difficulties and saved her from isolation that was not worthy of her as an ambitious and dreamy human being. She carried her back and forth in her hands every morning to take her on foot to school. On foot, do not care about the weather at that time. Her mother insisted that she find a life in which there is a lot of love, determination and perseverance. She tried by all means to take her daughter’s right, and publicly declared that disability would never and never be a reason be to break her daughter. or a barrier that prevents her from living the dreams that she wants to live realistically.
Tasneem showed that the lack of environmental preparation in the school at that time was not a sufficient justification to discourage her determination and limit her ambitions and desires. Rather, her passion for life grew and grew within her day after day, defying all obstacles. Behind her stands a loving and giving family who are proud of her and support her to strengthen her against despair, weakness and frustration.Until she was able to pass the basic stage with praise and to the secondary stage, specifically the Tawjihi stage, could move. This stage was a turning point in Tasneem’s life, as the disease aggravated her during this critical period of her future. She had two options, either to destroy everything she had built in recent years. She leaves everything and is content to stop at that point, or to continue her path despite all the thorns that insist on stopping her.
Because she believes in herself and is aware of the fact that life can not always be rosy, she has found that she must continue to overcome every challenge she faces. She says she has a severe spinal deformity. ‘ a large and dangerous operation subject that took 72 hours in a row. Tasneem remembers that difficult stage of her life, which forced her to stay in the hospital for about four months, during which she experienced pain, anxiety and hardship. Despite the bitterness she experienced in those days, she gave her a greater determination to live, made her stronger than before, and increased her self-confidence.
As for the university level, it was no less difficult than she had experienced in the past, but she nevertheless remained strong and proud of everything she had achieved. She says: “After achieving an average of 83 in the Tawjihi, I was able to book myself a seat at the university, specializing in sociology and social service.”
Tasneem spent four years of her life at the university, during which she was able to work in addition to studying marketing to support herself and have her own income. She was also able to buy herself an electric chair instead of the regular chair, which made a big difference in her movement and transportation from one place to another. Tasneem completed her university studies in the hope of finding a job that would be safe from the volatility of time, but she was shocked by the reality.
Tasneem claims that the wait for so long for the job did not stop her from walking new paths to success, as she is very ambitious and a lover of life, and refuses to give in to all that is frustrating and despair and introversion. cause. She decided to take the teaching experience while she was at home, and she was indeed able to record another achievement to add her credit. Tasneem managed to study all the subjects for her students, from the first grade to the Tawjihi, and she, with her untamed will, knew how to be near them in support of their desires and a power from which they draw hope, and joy and determination. She has also worked in the field of volunteering, through the founding of the “Yad in Hand” Charity Association, which proves that people with disabilities are able to contribute to the building of their homeland and serve their community, in addition to providing of leisure activities and material and moral assistance to orphans, poor families and people with disabilities.
Ambition for Tasnim has absolutely no limit, his participation in public life, his closeness to people and the execution of their worries and issues, are all introductions that opened the door for her to find her way to a new dream and a greater challenge, which proved her legitimate right to vote in the last session for municipal membership. She believed in her abilities and gained the support of all who loved and knew her. Her accession to the municipality’s membership certainly came after long patience, hardship and years of volunteer work, and this victory was another proof of Tasneem’s strength, determination and deserving success and being one of the pioneers and prominent women in to be the society.
Today, after all the achievements she has achieved, Tasnim is preparing to establish a new life with the partner she has chosen to complete the journey with. She says: “Every girl has the right to marry and be a mother, and disability can not be an excuse to kill that dream for many women who have no fault except that they are in The society’s view is not qualified for that responsibility, ”she addressed her message to all,“ leave the judgment for the days, for disability may be in the eyes of some of you a disability and need, but for its owners it is a source of strength, giving and discernment, ”emphasizes the need to better prepare the environment for people with disabilities and to work seriously to integrate them educationally and socially.

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