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The “media” competition between the new Corona virus (Covid-19) and monkey pox continues, despite the small number of infections with the latest virus around the world. However, the health crisis caused by the outbreak of Covid-19 is getting worse and more tangible in a number of regions, notably China, Taiwan, North Korea and South Korea. China yesterday announced the registration of 688 new infections, of which 156 were asymptomatic. Despite China’s compliance with control over the health situation in Shanghai; This city of 25 million people is still in most parts of the closed. Even the neighborhoods in which the precautionary measures have been relaxed have prevented their residents from moving, a situation they have been suffering from for almost two months. The suffering can be seen by the guards overseeing the prevention of residents leaving their apartments. The Chinese government fears that the outbreak of Covid-19 will return to their economic capital. 85% of Shanghai’s population, or about 21 million, live in apartment complexes. Although the local government has confirmed that these complexes are free of new infections; It meets the need for the strict application of preventive measures, which are implemented by popular committees in neighborhoods. In some neighborhoods, citizens are not allowed to go shopping for more than three hours. Yesterday’s reports indicate that being tested has become a daily routine for millions of Chinese, in light of Beijing’s compliance with the need to eliminate the spread of Covid-19, in what is known as the ” zero Covid “strategy. She added that Chinese cities have added the sites of tens of thousands of exam centers to the maps of those cities on the Internet. And the South China Morning Post reported yesterday that the Alibaba Group Holding Company had announced that it had obtained the locations of examination centers in 350 Chinese cities, and added them to each city’s map to help residents find the nearest to find exam center. And the Chinese municipalities undertook earlier this month to set up examination centers for many residents that are no more than a 15-minute walk away. The authorities of Henan Province (Central China), which is one of China’s most populous provinces, said last week that they had decided to make it compulsory to undergo a PCR survey every 48 hours. Those who refuse to take the exam will receive a yellow notification on their mobile phone, prohibiting them from entering public facilities and using public transport. In Beijing and Shanghai, the authorities required every citizen to add his personal identification information and test results in the health application to his mobile phone.

However, the Associated Press reported yesterday that China is waging its tough campaign to combat the outbreak of the global epidemic without weapons! She pointed out that China has failed to develop an effective vaccine based on mRNA messenger technology, which has been proven to provide the greatest protection against the worst effects of Covid-19 disease. She pointed out that although the Chinese pharmaceutical company Fosun Pharma had entered into an agreement with the American companies Pfizer and the German Biontech in the spring of 2020, to manufacture the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine, which is based on this unique technology. ; The Chinese company has not yet received Beijing’s approval to do so, knowing that Beijing has allowed Hong Kong and Macau to use the US-German vaccine. Due to the placement of political calculations and national sentiment before public health, the Associated Press explains; Health experts believe that China will face inevitable deaths and injuries.

And not far from China; In Taiwan, this country has kept the infection rate at less than 15,000 injuries throughout 2021. But the level of his new business is now more than 80,000 a day. Taiwan has opened up its economy to production and tourists, in an effort to coexist with the epidemic, after realizing that it could not achieve the “zero Covid” strategy at all. Former Vice President Chen Xianjin acknowledged in a video clip released by the ruling Progressive Party (Sunday) that it was impossible to reach “zero Covid” amid the outbreak of the Omicron tribe, which ” has a great ability to spread his infection.

Can you catch monkey pox in the air ?!

British health officials warned yesterday that air travel poses a certain risk of monkey pox. The British Health Safety Agency said in a recently published newspaper that the greatest risk of infection with this virus comes through direct contact with an infected person’s skin, nose, mouth, body fluids or through infected clothing. However, sitting on a plane near a person infected with monkey pox, or riding in a taxi with an infected person, without wearing personal protective clothing, represents a “moderate risk”. The agency indicated that the protective uniform needed to prevent monkey pox is an FFP3 snout, a long-sleeved jacket, gloves and eye protection. She also stated that in case of exposure to such a “medium risk”, a person is not advised to isolate himself healthily, but this person can be given a dose of the smallpox vaccine. It is better if it occurs within four days after contact with the victim, or sitting near him. She explained that sitting on a plane three rows from the seats in which a person is sitting with monkey pox is considered a low-level risk. Anyone who has been through this situation does not need to be vaccinated. And he can continue his normal life after getting off the plane unless he shows symptoms. And she added that a person sitting more than three rows away from the seats on the plane on which he is sitting has monkey pox is not considered to have been in contact with the infected person in any way. Yesterday, Forbes magazine quoted David Hayman, professor of infectious diseases at the University of the School of Health and Tropical Medicine, as saying that it is very rare for surfaces to be infected with monkey pox virus, as the infection always occurs through direct contact with the infected person.

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