The Minister of Communications witnesses the launch of the electronic platform for the Network of Services for Persons with Disabilities for Employment

Posted on: Wednesday, 25 May 2022 – 09:30 | Last updated: Wednesday 25 May 2022 – 09:30

• He visits the Digital Egypt Creativity Center at Fayoum University
As part of his visit to Fayoum Governor to institute and inspect the projects of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology under the initiative of a decent life in the villages of the Governor; Dr Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, and Dr Ahmed Al-Ansari, Governor of Fayoum, witnessed the Governor’s General Court; The ceremony of launching the electronic platform of the National Network of Services for Persons with Disabilities for Employment “Rehabilitation” under the slogan (Your Professionalism in Your Difference) in Fayoum Governorate, which is one of the first governorates of the Republic in which network services will be launched to support people with disabilities to obtain jobs suitable for their abilities.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Amr Talaat opened the “Qalhana” post office within the projects of the initiative of a decent life in the towns of Fayoum governor, after the development of it to provide financial, postal and government services to citizens, in addition to the opening of the “El Goun” and “Tamia main” post offices, as well as the Telecom Egypt project inspected To lay fiber optic cables in the village of “Qalhana”, he participated in some of the activities of a symposium on digital and financial education for the citizens of the village “Qalhana”, as part of a decent life initiative.

During his visit to the General Court of Fayoum Governor; Dr. Amr Talaat stressed that Fayoum governors are one of the most promising governors full of human cadres and investment opportunities. He explained that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is implementing a number of projects in collaboration with Fayoum Governor, including the development of communication infrastructure, supporting digital transformation processes in the governor, and human development by integrating and integrating people with disabilities. empower and establish the Digital Egypt. Creativity Center at Fayoum University, which is expected to open at the end of this year.

Dr. Amr Talaat added that co-operation with the governor is taking place in the implementation of the ministry’s projects, with the initiative of a decent life in the villages of the governor. Points out that the initiative is an unprecedented giant pioneering project undertaken by the state with all its devices to increase the efficiency of all Egyptian villages, and emphasizes that the ministry’s participation in the first phase of the initiative through four main axes, where the first axis means connecting fiber optic cables to the towns to provide high-speed internet to citizens To enable them to open up to the world of knowledge, in light of the government’s vision of the importance of the internet as one of the main ingredients for providing a decent life for citizens.

Dr. Amr Talaat explained that the second axis is concerned with the development of all post offices in the initiative towns and their development in terms of form and content, and the development of the services provided by it to include various financial and government services, in addition to the development of logistics. services in a way that contributes to stimulating electronic commerce in the towns and thus creating jobs for small manufacturers; He pointed out that the third axis is concerned with increasing the efficiency of the mobile Internet network by providing the initiative villages with new mobile network stations; The fourth axis is concerned with building humans through a set of initiatives and training courses to enable citizens to use information and communication technologies to access jobs and receive digital services.

Engineer Hoda Dahrouj, Head of the Central Department for Digital Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, explained that the ministry recently launched the National Network for Services for Persons with Disabilities for Employment “Taheel”, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, in a step to complement the state’s efforts to empower and integrate all persons with disabilities using information and communication technologies, as part of the Egyptian Government’s plan to build a person, and to build a digital Egypt achieved by publishing rehabilitation and training services and creating more jobs, by providing an electronic platform for employment on the Internet and by applying to mobile devices (Mobile) to provide people with disabilities, business owners and stakeholders with the to provide training, rehabilitation and employment services.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology aims, in collaboration with Fayoum Governor and in coordination with the Directorate of Social Solidarity in Fayoum, to hold a series of workshops and introductory seminars on the services of the electronic platform for people with disabilities, business owners and relevant civil society institutions, to offer the services of the national network, to introduce available jobs and services and to maximize benefits One of the rehabilitation, training and employment services provided by the various authorities and institutions in Fayoum Governor .

In a related context; The Minister and the Governor of Fayoum have initiated the development of the construction of the Digital Egypt Creativity Center, which is being inaugurated in collaboration between the Ministries of Communication, Information Technology and Higher Education at Fayoum University within the framework of the second phase of the project. publish the Digital Egypt Creativity Centers in the governors; They were received by dr. Iman Ashour, president of the National Telecommunications Institute, and dr. Heba Saleh, president of the Information Technology Institute.

The Egypt Digital Creativity Centers project aims to create an environment conducive to technological innovation throughout the Republic, and to provide frameworks that contribute to the support and development of the information technology industry.

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