“The New Jordan” … Young people chart future paths

AMMAN – In a speech to Jordan on Wednesday, on the occasion of the Kingdom’s 76th Independence Day, His Majesty King Abdullah II emphasized the importance of Jordan’s youth’s role in building Jordan’s future, and emphasized its support. for them to achieve their aspirations and improve their political participation.
His Majesty said that “the new Jordan will belong to the younger generations, and they will pave the way for them with the power of their ambition, knowledge, openness to the future and the global movement of development in which there is no place for ‘ a people who are left behind. ”
His Majesty pointed out that “the political modernization system offers our youth an opportunity to take part in building partisan life and political participation, to circumvent the fears of the past in the light of legislation that protects their rights and the way pave the way for them to make a difference. “
Youth and entrepreneurship specialists, for their part, stressed the importance of royal support to improve youth skills, involve them in decision-making, and motivate them to advance Jordan’s future with great vigor at all levels.
Safe and supportive spaces for young people
In turn, Acting Secretary-General of the Ministry of Youth, Dr. Yassin Al-Halil, confirms that the King, since accepting his constitutional powers in 1999, has placed the youth on the doctrine of national priorities.
Al-Halil told Al-Ghad that it is the wise and wise Hashemite leadership’s determination to provide for the future through plans and programs that simulate the needs, desires and aspirations of young people, by involving young leaders in making decisions related to the future, and believe. in the importance of this group, which makes up two-thirds of society in its present and future.
He added that the wise and prudent leadership translated it into a set of constitutional reforms, followed by a set of regulatory legislation that supports the effective participation of young people, either by increasing the age of candidacy for elected councils or young people in all national dialogues related to decision-making and decision-making, participation in public life, and their inclusion in management actually locally.
Al-Halil pointed out that the royal efforts through youth initiatives have contributed to the provision of safe and supportive spaces for the youth, providing the opportunity for young people to benefit from advanced global experiences and the adoption of best practices on all economic, social and political areas.
He stressed that the promotion of young people’s participation in political life is the King’s main concern, and his directives to make political changes that support young people’s participation are reflected in increasing their representation in the electorate. councils, followed by the formation of the Royal Committee to modernize the political system and a set of recommendations issued by it, in addition to the amendment of the Parties Act.
Al-Halil continued: I believe that the royal approach, through a new party law, is clear and explicit and strongly supports the participation and contribution of young people by creating and forming political parties that are in line with the establishment of Parliament and the new electoral law.
We wanted to be stronger with the participation of young people
In this regard, Ayman Al-Othman, head of the Central Badia Youth Commission, said: “We follow with passion and hope the future vision of His Majesty the King, who was a turning point in Jordanian political work, and his interest in parties and the future prospects for Jordan’s political future through discussion documents and meetings of His Majesty with personalities and party and youth activities. ”
Al-Othman added to Al-Ghad: We hope, through the participation of young people in decision-making and the most important tool, which is the parties, according to economic, development and social programs and visions, to build a stronger and more. prosperous Jordan future in the two hundredth anniversary of the Jordanian state.
Youth is a permanent priority for the King
In turn, Al-Ain Club president Lulwa Abdulaziz Al-Fayez said youth is a permanent priority on the King’s priority list, and believes in their great role and ability to shape Jordan’s future, and that’s what we see through His Majesty’s interest in young people and their strong presence in His speeches and meetings on several occasions.
Al-Fayez – who is the first young female president of a sports club in Jordan – added that the King emphasized the need for young people to participate in politics and party life through the political modernization system that His Majesty called for a to draw road map for the construction of a modern Jordan in its second centenary, based on young people with great ambitions who keep pace with global development and openness. The king is the first supporter of us as young people, and he is our role model to realize our ambitions. “
The presence of a leader among his sons
is the biggest support
In the same context, the president of the White Window Association for the Disabled, Wedad Al-Ahiwi, said: “As a member of one of the political parties, and because I am a youth participant and volunteer in the field of volunteering and a representative of people and youth with disabilities, I know very well that His Majesty the King has endeavored in every way to maintain security, safety and progress. I love humanity, support young people and look forward to their political participation. “
Al-Ahiwi continued, “We are proud to be among the youth who always participate and initiate the march. The King’s presence with the youth in the field, especially young people with disabilities, strengthens within us the rush to which is best. to serve Jordan, to achieve the values ​​of loyalty and belonging to the homeland, and to encourage concepts of voluntary youth work. “
She added: “Through the Jordan Al Nakhweh initiative implemented by the White Window Association for People with Disabilities at Qasr Al-Hallabat Al Sharqi Secondary School for Boys, we always remember that the presence of the leader among his children is the greatest support for they are. to continue. “
Al-Ahiwi confirmed that Jordanian youth are striving to improve their political participation, especially after focusing on the role of parties. represent.”
Strong youth presence
In turn, the head of the “Badia with the Strength of its Youth” initiative, Waad Al-Daham, said: “We will look forward with passion, strength and determination to our future youth ambitions, because we believe in the saying (where God will sow us, and we will bear fruit, especially as these aspirations and ambitions are supported today in the speech of His Majesty the King. ”
Al-Daham believed that Jordanian youth would have a strong presence during the next phase in building party life, political participation and activating the true meaning of parties in the state. “Because the king has conveyed a message through his speech to all young men and women, the content of which is that partisan life in Jordan will be within a safe environment, and laws and legislation prove it.”
He continued, “I will participate and soon belong to a newly formed party that carries and includes youth energies and youth leadership figures.”
Al-Daham added that all this would be a qualitative, modern, reformist leap for the future of Jordan in its second centenary, and that new legislation and laws would help young people to advance the future Jordan with great force.
It is noteworthy that Jordan is characterized as a young country, as 63% of its population is under the age of 30, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

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