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I visited the state of Qatar last week, on the occasion of the inauguration of my last two books in Arabic, in a ceremony held under the auspices of the Qatari newspaper Al-Raya, and then I visited Kuwait to celebrate the same two to set up books.

The two books have been published under the title “Islam in Turkey between Heritage and Modernity” and “Political, Social and Cultural Change in Turkey.” During Ramadan, I had the opportunity to present and discuss the two books with Arab thinkers living in Turkey.

On the occasion of the signing of the two books, several meetings were held in Qatar and Kuwait, where Turkey was on the agenda of many councils, seminars and diwaniyas. In fact, people in both countries do not need an opportunity like this so discussions on Turkey can be at the top of the agenda of their dialogues, especially in terms of political and economic dimensions.

They prefer Turkey

Most of the citizens of the two mentioned countries now have a foothold in Turkey, and I mentioned earlier on one occasion that almost 7 out of every 10 people I meet in Kuwait came to Turkey within two months. Most of them own houses and companies and have investments in Turkey, so they come and go constantly. As for those who do not have homes or investments, they visit Turkey to spend their holidays or to attend other events. In fact, there are many places they can visit in Europe, but they especially prefer Turkey, and the only reason they have it is their love for Turkey.

Therefore, everything that is happening in Turkey is being followed with great interest and care in all the Arab Gulf states. The course of the Turkish economy and the possible outcome of the 2023 election have become an issue of interest and issue that is being discussed more than any Turkish city there. They also make many contributions to support Turkey economically, culturally and politically. They form a powerful, hidden source of Turkey’s gentle power.

In fact, Turkey has opened up to the world through the heightened economic dynamics it has been pursuing lately.

The anti-Arab and anti-Muslim campaigns within Turkey are viewed against the results of this openness, and these campaigns also confirm that they are openly hostile to Turkey.

Do not those who are shamelessly hostile to the Arabs not say that they should stay away from the Arabs because of Ataturk’s fabricated and wrong views and statements about the Arabs? As if the Arabs were a burden on us, and as we moved away from them, we reached the top and saw modern civilization, our progress and our development !!

We have been politically separated from the Arabs for a while, and that is a fact, and unfortunately there have always been those who have tried to establish the Turkish national identity through anti-Arabism.

All the members of our Western alliance, who pushed us to separate from the Arab world, tried to fill the void left with great desire, and they did, and they just looked at the benefit they were achieving. and we did not see them, but they approached the face of the Arabian and the sweet of Damascus with great desire.

for the west

We moved away from the Arabs for the sake of Britain, France and then the United States of America and in the name of the modern civilization we thought they represented, but these Western countries took us back by especially these illusions, and we have them not seen clinging to the Arab countries. They did not say among themselves that the Arabs were a problem for them, but rather they managed the problems well and established relationships and benefited fully from the Arab countries.

As for us, we comforted ourselves with the benefits we thought we had by turning away from the Arabs with the false belief that we should lead a comfortable life by being content with what we have, and we did not even understand how this is a great deception for us, and there are still those among us who do not understand.

Certainly, the cultural and spiritual distance between the Arabs and the Turks is much closer and greater than the cultural and spiritual distance between the Turks and the Europeans.

But when necessary, the Europeans find ways to establish relations with the Arabs in the most mature way without disturbing the Arabs, by taking full advantage of all their academic, journalistic and economic opportunities, and in the end they get what they want from this market. .

We look at that image and the discourses that Orientalists propagate in abundance towards the Arabs and we circulate and despise them, and then we say that the Arabs do not like us, so we expect them to have advantage or loyalty in this case?

Speech by some ignorant

Fortunately, the Arabs do not follow the discourse of some of the ignorant racists among us, and even if they do, they believe that these views and opinions do not reflect the true feelings of the Turkish people, but rather express the opinions of the ignorant. . just so they don’t take them seriously.

Fortunately, there is also an administration and an economic terrain in Turkey that does not respect these silly views that have recently been adopted in the name of self-declared national pride. And you can clearly see how Turkey has a huge advantage over all other countries, when you see how people in Qatar, Kuwait and all the other Gulf countries view Turkey and when you know their relationships, their investments and their motives behind those investments. Also, the people there have a great desire and do not want to establish any possible trade exchange with others if this exchange with Turkey can be established, and the only reason for this is due to the historical and cultural ties and the feeling of brotherhood between us, and certainly showed great sympathy with Turkey’s positions in Recently.

In fact, this view sheds light on the nature of the discontinuity that took place after World War I. These countries and peoples have not left Turkey and will not leave Turkey unless those who act on behalf of Turkey leave them. In this context, the rhetoric of anti-Arab (Arabophobia) being promoted can tragically generate false national pride.

The victors in the war against the Ottomans were expected to break the chains of spiritual slavery they had imposed on the defeated, but they embellished these chains so that the negligence and illusions would continue.

What do we say, may God protect you!

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