Zain wins “Best Telecommunications Operator” Award in the Middle East for the year 2022

Telecom World awarded it with the award..and its ZainTech brand wins the “Best Digital Service” in the region

Bader Al-Kharafi: Successful implementation of our business strategy makes us more committed to our brand promise

Dubai – Kuwait: Zain Group – the leading digital innovation company in the Middle East and Africa – won the “Best Telecommunications Operator” award for the year 2022 at the annual Telecom World Awards in the Middle East.

The group announced in a press release that the “Best Operator” award came at the events held by the Terrapinn Foundation (the organization that organizes the Telecom World Awards events) in Dubai, which testifies to the classification of institutions and companies with outstanding performance in various sectors, and it is also an opportunity to highlight institutions and companies that have contributed to making the telecommunications industry the most dynamic and dynamic field.

The jury responsible for distributing awards during this major international event praised the recent developments and transformations seen by Zain Group’s operations in the Middle East markets as it continued to upgrade and develop networks , and its projects in technological innovations that have a major impact on improving the customer experience It has increased its relevance to the recent transformations in the business and business sectors, and the operating environments of government entities.

In recognition of its role in technological innovations and the digital services sector, the group brand “ZainTech” won the “Best Digital Service” award, as the “ZainTech” brand presented itself strongly to the regional markets in the region as a comprehensive technology provider of digital solutions, cloud services, cyber security, big data, cities It also seeks to present itself as a strategic partner for governments and businesses.

It is noteworthy that the Zain Group owns one of the inspiring brands in the telecommunications sector, by its presence in 7 countries in the region. By implementing a range of initiatives and programs in the field of sustainability, it is also classified as an institution . which “leads the fields of diversity and inclusion” through which it seeks to empower the youth, strengthen the role of women in the business environment and promote the efforts and innovations of entrepreneurs.

Zain Group is implementing a comprehensive business strategy based on continuous development and keeping pace with technological transformations and new business model methods. Recently, the value of the “Zain” brand on the ladder of Brand Finance’s rating has been increased to reach $ 2.4 billion, to settle at the AA + level.

In recent years, the Zain Group has expanded into many areas and digital innovations, as the group launched its technology entity ZainTech to unite its operations in the field of information technology and digital services, and the group established Zain Global Connect which is responsible leading the group’s investments in emerging technologies and advanced digital platforms, and the company has managed to develop and update its Dizlee API platform, the group is making double efforts to develop e-sports services through its distinctive to introduce brand Zain Esports.

The group’s business in the field of financial technology has recently excelled in the region’s markets, with its expansions in ZainCash in Iraq and Jordan, and also expansion in consumer microfinance platforms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through its brand “Tamam”, and the company also implements successful digital models For its services, its Oodi brand in Iraq has provided a successful experience as a digital provider, and the “Yaqoot” brand also achieves growth in its business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“The successful implementation of our business strategy, and expansion into new areas of growth, makes us even more committed to our brand promise to deliver an excellent customer experience to our customer base,” said Bader Nasser Al-Kharafi, Vice Chairman and CEO of Zain Group.

Al-Kharafi explained, “The recent transformations have forced a new reality in the region’s markets, which has prompted us to adopt more innovative business models that take these developments into account. In these areas, and especially the areas of financial technology, start-ups, and digital services. ”

The ZainTech brand is one of the modern brands of the Zain group, as it is a “single managed service provider”, which meets all the needs of institutions, companies and government entities in the field of communication and ICT, and also a one-stop shop for cloud services, Internet of Things, cybersecurity services and managed services. , big data and smart cities. ZainTech operates in the markets of: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, Jordan, Sudan, South. Sudan, and the UAE, and connect them regionally and globally ZainTech has local and regional data centers in the Middle East and North Africa.

ZainTech’s managed security services help protect businesses as they can manage technological complexities and reduce investment costs while reducing security risks and the time required to resolve cyber threats, and a unified service offering by “Zain Business” for unified basics can provide communication products. It enables connectivity, as well as leading solutions for cloud cybersecurity.

It is noteworthy that the “Zain” brand is one of the most active brands in the telecommunications sector in the region’s markets, as it selectively invests in new growth areas as the group seeks to become a leading telecommunications provider of information and communications. technology.

The recent period has seen tremendous momentum in the digital service options offered by the Zain Group and its new digital entities, which have contributed positively to the enrichment of the customer experience as the group launches its range of initiatives in the digital sector. sharpened by introducing more digital channels, helping customers with easy access and from anywhere a place for its service portfolio, enabling them to manage their accounts, buy new services, pay bills and much more innovative options.

It is noteworthy that the Zain brand lives up to its constant promise to shareholders, other stakeholders and the communities that receive their operations with excellence and continuous excellence to bring the latest technology and services. Al-Manakh is one of the first organizations to provide. continuous carbon disclosure to CDP as it places the group in the leadership category in this field, becoming the highest rated telecommunications operator in the Middle East and Africa.


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