A celebration of “A Day in the Love of Egypt” at Cairo University coinciding with Africa Day

Ahmed Salama

Dr. Mohamed Othman Elkhosht, President of the University of Cairo, inaugurated the ceremonial activities of the Faculty of Higher African Studies ‘A Day in Love with Egypt’ as part of the celebration of the college’s diamond anniversary, which coincides with the celebration of African day and the commemoration of the founding of the Organization of African Unity 25 May 1963

Dr. Muhammad Al-Khasht said that May 25, 1963 is an important date in the history of Africa and African countries, the day determined with the establishment of the Organization of African Unity and subsequently the African Union, and it is also a day for a renewed call for Africa to establish solidarity, representing the secret of success, progress, victory and peace, representing Aspects absent from many global entities, emphasizing that solidarity and true unity on the ground the basis is power and success and any political, economic or military progress

Dr. Muhammad Al-Khasht emphasized the pride of the African continent and its placement in the Egyptian strategy, and at the forefront of the political leadership’s priorities, recognizing the importance of Africa, and explaining that the celebration of the College of Higher African studies reflect the importance of Africa to Egypt and the world, noting that Cairo University and Nasser Academy have studied in a large elite. One of the African leaders and has reflected the role of the Egyptian nation state since the July 23 revolution until now.

Al-Khasht pointed out that Africa faces many challenges, whether related to war, human trafficking, arms and others, which worsened after the Corona pandemic and the Ukrainian war, and stressed that it requires a lot of recommendations to be developed and that submitted to decision makers and that it provides. mechanisms that contribute to addressing these challenges and achieving the desired progress.

Dr. Al-Khasht added that the Faculty of Higher African Studies represents a major house of expertise for the African continent within the University of Cairo, pointing out that the African person is creative when the opportunity is available to him, and that appeared in the distinction. of many African elements on a global level in various fields such as sports and politics from where they are in global political leadership positions, emphasizing his pride in all that is Africa

In turn, Ambassador Abdel Hamid Bou Zaher, head of the permanent delegation of the African Union to the League of Arab States, said that this celebration, held in the corridors of the prestigious Cairo University, commemorates the 59th represent. commemoration of the founding of the African Union that changed into the African Union, with praise for the cooperation of the University of Cairo and the Faculty of African Studies Supreme Court with the African Union mission and interest in African affairs, which Egypt reflects his permanent interest in the African continent, which was clearly demonstrated by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s speech to African citizens, which expressed the importance of the African continent and Egypt’s great interest.

Speaking on behalf of Moussa Faki Mahamat, chairperson of the African Union Commission, Bouzaher said: The 25th of May brings us to the first moments of the existence of the Organization of African Unity at the geopolitical and institutional levels, and it is a test of the ability to build Africa that the founders of the organization dreamed of.In recent years, the African continent has faced the challenges of terrorism, extremism, corruption, societal conflicts, unemployment and economic crisis. , in addition to the food crisis that resulted. of climate disruption, the Covid-19 crisis and the negative consequences of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Bouzaher explained that the African Union has taken many measures, decisions and strategies to meet these challenges and achieve the desired goals, including the institutional reform of the African Union, which began in 2016 with the aim of improving governance, multilateralism and the entry into force of the African Continental Free Trade Area in 2021, making Africa the largest market in the world in general, in addition to confronting the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic by strengthening health systems and units for to establish the production of Corona virus encounters

Bouzaher added that the African Union had launched a series of initiatives to address the food crisis, the most important of which was the development of the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Program, and a commitment in 2922 to resilience in the field of food security in to build Africa. continent by strengthening agricultural food systems, health and social production and human capital development. It contributes to the acceleration of economic development

Dr. Attia El-Tantawy said that the celebration of “A Day in the Love of Egypt” represents a celebration of several occasions, namely the celebration of Africa Day, which is held on May 25 every year to manage the Organization to celebrate African unity, and the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the College of Postgraduate Studies in Africa. The celebration is a day to appreciate the pioneering professors of African Studies, and to honor the graduates of the college, who support the bonds of love and dedication of work values ​​among researchers in African affairs. It also focuses on strengthening interdependence with African countries and supporting historical relations and vital interests between Egypt and its African brethren.

Dr. Attia El-Tantawy has dr. Mohamed El-Khasht’s efforts to lead the University of Cairo in an excellent way to occupy a prestigious global position to become a destination for ambassadors and scholars of all countries, and his interest in the College of Postgraduate Africa- study praised. and support for Egyptian-African relations, the conduct of many opportunities and activities and the increase of communication with Africans in various fields. In addition to supporting the development of many programs aimed at serving the African continent and preparing frameworks capable of achieving a better future, in order to achieve Africa’s Vision 2063 and in line with the vision of the political leadership to pave a new path from these relations, in recognition of Egypt’s African position, which Dr. Elkhosht describes as a human philosopher and pioneer Enlightenment, renewal and the citizenry in present-day Egypt, which led to the university occupying a prominent global position and becoming a destination for ambassadors and scholars of all countries.

Dr. Attia El-Tantawy explained that Egyptian-African relations go back to decades and have close historical, geographical and cultural ties, which made the African continent part of Egyptian history and one of the circles of Egyptian foreign policy. Awareness of the importance of achieving security, peace and progress, and its affiliation with its African environment is an important component of the Egyptian identity, emphasizing that the College of Postgraduate African Studies plays a crucial role in supporting of Egyptian-African relations, and the use of his expertise and scientific and service capacity in the service of African affairs.

At the end of the celebration, the Organization of African Unity dr. Mohamed Othman Elkhosht, president of the University of Cairo, was honored with the shield of the Organization of the African Union, and the College of Higher African Studies honored him with the shield of the College. .

The ceremony was attended by dr. Attia El-Tantawy, acting dean of the college, Major General War Ayman Naim, director of Nasser Military Academy, Ambassador Abdelhamid Bouzaher, head of the permanent delegation of the African Union to the League of Arab States. , a number of ambassadors from African countries representing the five regions of the continent, and dr. Naela Farouk, Head of Egyptian TV, and Journalist Writer Akram Al-Qassas, Editor-in-Chief of the Seventh Day

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