Celebrations of Independence in the Governors of the Kingdom | East and West

AMMAN – Today, Thursday, the Governors of the Kingdom continued to celebrate the 76th Independence Day, which fell on Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

* Jubaiha Gardens

Celebrations continued today, Thursday, on the occasion of the 76th Independence Day of the Kingdom, for the second day in the Jubaiha Gardens, which were prepared in advance by the Greater Amman Municipality.

The gardens received thousands of visitors and celebrants who took part in the festival’s various activities, including games for children and adults, carnival competitions, and an outdoor cinema showing children’s films, entertainment, masquerade shows and light games.

The secretariat allocated spaces for restaurants and popular bazaars displaying products and crafts, which testified to a large turnout by visitors who praised the level of service and organization, especially for the elderly and people with disabilities, as transport vehicles for them assigned from the main doors to the inside of the festival.

The municipality of Amman has been working to rehabilitate Jubaiha parks, which have an area of ​​about 55 dunums, previously occupied by the recreational city of Jubaiha, as it has built corridors, sidewalks, lighting, internal streets, children’s games, health facilities and playgrounds.

Yesterday the mayor of Amman, dr. Yousef Al Shawarbeh, Jubaiha Gardens opened to coincide with the celebration of the Kingdom’s independence to be a public park for citizens, provided it remains open to visitors even after the completion of the festival, which will continue until the day after tomorrow , Saturday.

Burger Huda Muhammad expressed her joy and pride on this occasion and remarked that Independence Day represents the aspirations and aspirations of young people in the Renaissance and motivates them to give, as such festivals are not only entertaining but rather in the hearts of children and adults the meanings of lofty values ​​of love for the fatherland and loyalty to his wise leadership.

Young Laith Alyan said that the commemoration of Independence Day is a national occasion that cultivates the spirit of citizenship in us and connects the kingdom’s rich past with its glorious present, and that Jordanian youth have the interests of His Majesty King Abdullah II in the youth sector much appreciated. and appreciates the continued support and successive directions of His Majesty to care for them and their needs and to meet their aspirations and share them in all aspects.

* Roman amphitheater and city center

The spokesperson for the Greater Amman Municipality, dr. Nasser Al-Rahamneh, revealed that the number of people who attended the independence celebrations in the Roman Amphitheater and Hashemite Square in the capital Amman, today, Thursday, more than 25,000 people attended.

Al-Rahamneh assured Ammon that the celebrations were going according to plan, amid an expression of joy and rejoicing by the citizens.

* Russeifa celebrates Independence Day

Official and popular events in the Rusaifa Brigade continued their celebrations today, Thursday, on the occasion of the Kingdom’s 76th Independence Day, which fell on Wednesday.

The activists took part in rallies with the Jordanian flag and photos of His Majesty King Abdullah II, and toured the districts of the brigade and expressed their pride in the national event, the most precious to the hearts of all Jordanians.

The administrator of the Rusaifa Brigade, dr. Mohi Al-Din Al-Adwan, said that the people of the homeland always have the right to be proud and rejoice in their national holidays that still belong to them and loyalty to the homeland and the glorious Hashemite leadership.

Al-Adwan recalled the noblest meanings of the sacrifices made by previous generations to bring about independence and build a strong and solid Jordanian state so that present and future generations will be able to lead and build a decent life. and strengthening state institutions in its second centenary to be stronger and higher among all countries.

In turn, the Mayor of Rusaifa, Shadi Al-Zinati, called for inspiration from the fathers and grandfathers who established the strong Jordanian state and established its permanent institutions under a wise Hashemite leadership that addresses all challenges and dangers internally and externally commanded to place Jordan high among all countries of the world.

Al-Zinati referred to the development that Jordan is witnessing in all sectors and the great expansion of autonomy in the management of internal affairs in all municipalities to bring about decentralization in the administration and the participation of citizens in the management of their life affairs.

* Karak

On Thursday evening, popular and official activities in the Karak Governor continued to celebrate Independence Day on the Karak Castle Square.
The celebration included entertainment, games and traditional artistic sessions that sang about the country and its leadership and the great achievements achieved in various fields.

A number of participants indicated that the celebration on the occasion of the 76th Independence Day this year comes after the end of the Corona pandemic and the beginning of the process of modernization and political and legislative reform in translating the work of the Royal Commission for Reform .

* Zarqa Continues to Celebrate Kingdom’s 76th Independence Day

Today, Thursday, the citizens of the Zarqa Governor continued their celebration of the Kingdom’s 76th Independence Day in the Prince Muhammad Youth City, with a remarkable presence of official, party, political and popular events from all regions of the Governor.

Today’s celebration included national anthems and hymns mimicking the significance of independence and national achievements achieved during the first centenary of the founding of the Jordanian state, theatrical performances and folklore performances by Jerash Troupe, entertainment games, competitions and prize giving to the audience , in addition to a segment of patriotic songs presented by artist Hussein Al-Salman.

It is noteworthy that the Independence Day celebrations will continue tomorrow, Friday, in Prince Mohammed Youth City, and will include many folkloric paragraphs, national and folk songs and theatrical performances that mimic the event.

* Irbid: More than 30,000 take part in the Independence Festival

More than 30,000 people attended the activities of the second day of the Independence Day celebration in Irbid, hosted by Al-Hassan Sports City as part of the Governor’s celebrations of the 76th Independence Day of the Kingdom.

The large audience that gathered at the festival grounds interacted with the various paragraphs included in the activities and activities on Thursday, followed by the governor of Irbid Radwan Al-Atoum, the administrative governors, the directors of the official departments , the head of the Irbid Provincial Council Khaldoun Bani Hani and the head of the Chamber of Commerce Muhammad Al-Shuha.

The activities of the second day included performances of music by the Jordanian Armed Forces (the Arab Army), folklore performances by the Salt Group and national cultural competitions, in which prizes were awarded to the winners, in addition to theatrical performances for children, face painting and artistic formations with balloons, while Jordanian artist Bashar Sarhan concluded the day’s activities with a set of his national anthems.

In parallel with the festive aspect of the festival, the charity bazaar of productive associations and families continued to market their products directly to the public. The bazaar included 75 display tables that ranged from popular foods, crafts and crafts.

A number of citizens who followed the events expressed their joy and pride at this precious occasion and the atmosphere of joy that the celebration activities provided for all family members, in a festive and carnival atmosphere that embodied the meanings and values ​​of the glorious embodied independence and the extent of pride and pride at this event, which from their point of view constitutes a source of giving and continuity in the process of building and development.

* Tafila Independence Day celebrations continue

For the second consecutive day, the Independence Day celebrations continued in Tafileh Governor, amid a distinctly festive atmosphere in which popular and youth activities expressed their pride in the national achievements and gains achieved in various fields and sites.

Today, Thursday night, the celebration witnessed DJ music, drawings on children’s faces, balloons, and a display of products in the charity bazaar organized by charities and cooperatives to celebrate this most precious event, in addition to theatrical performances for children, games , a folkloric performance (Ma’an Troupe), competitions and song links for the artist. Jordanian Saad Abu Tayeh, who sang about the country, its achievements and its leadership.

The celebration was attended by the governor of Tafila, dr. Muhammad Abu Jamous, directors of institutions in the public and private sectors, sheikhs and dignitaries of tribes, youth activities, heads of institutions in civil society, and a large number of women sector.

A number of citizens expressed their joy at participating in the Independence Day activities and the meaning of belonging and loyalty to the homeland and their love and appreciation to His Majesty King Abdullah II.

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