& e Group opens its smart data center in Kalba

The & e Group’s Wholesale and Operators Services division today announced the opening of a new smart data center in Kalba to provide disaster recovery services for existing smart data centers in the emirates of Fujairah and Dubai. The new data center represents an important step for the future of the telecommunications sector in the region, as it is planned to connect it in the future with a system of subsea communication cables and thus the position of “& e” as a leading group of regional data centers. The modern data center in Kalba is linked to Africa-1 and Africa-2, two new submarine cable systems that provide diversified and reliable connections with Africa, the Middle East and Europe. The center contributes to enabling the Africa 2 system to become part of the company’s smart data network, enabling easy access to the Middle East and North Africa region, as well as direct access and advanced connectivity. to provide international clients from various sectors to meet their important business requirements. The new center is now fully operational and will be connected to the Africa-1 submarine cable system, which provides high-quality customers with direct connectivity to meet their growing requirements. This expansion in data centers follows the opening of two smart data centers by the “& e” group in Fujairah and Dubai two years ago. The data center offers international partners an important opportunity to expand their regional presence by linking it to the system of other data centers locally and regionally. The launch of this center supports the efforts of the Department of Operator Services and Wholesale Sales in the “& e” group to be a regional leader in this field, and it embodies the company’s strategy aimed at adopting innovative and future technologies take and lead the digital transformation of its customers in various sectors. This step is in line with the UAE Government’s vision to consolidate the country’s position as an advanced regional center in the information technology, communications and data sectors, helping to meet the diverse requirements for telecommunications infrastructure. Ali Amiri, CEO of Wholesale & Operator Services, said the new hub reflects the group’s continued commitment to making its smart data centers the ideal choice for operators, cloud service providers, data exchange companies and world-class companies. slim data centers. As one of the largest independent data centers, & e’s smart data centers form a bridge that connects continents and a key supporter of business and vital activities for international clients. The new data center in Kalba contributes to the improvement of our capabilities and international connectivity capabilities in response to the diverse needs of our partners around the world, and in line with our vision to provide an advanced infrastructure covering the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe connected. the Middle East and the Americas. By connecting the center to the world’s largest submarine cable system, it can continue to meet customers’ needs for new applications in the field of cloud computing, video-on-demand services and social media, and improve capacity, quality and availability of internet connection between Africa and the rest of the world. By connecting many countries across the Sahel with Europe and the Middle East region, businesses and consumers will benefit from the improved capacity and reliability of a range of services that will benefit from this connectivity, such as telecommunications, HD TV Broadcasting, Internet Services, Video Conferencing, and Multimedia Advanced, Mobile Video Applications. In addition, this project will play an important role in accessing mobile and fixed broadband services in the future, supporting the country’s strategic objectives, and addressing many of the challenges associated with the sustainable development objectives at the level of Internet connectivity. The smart data system currently serves nearly two billion people, and seeks to connect them with another billion people with the addition of new submarine cable systems and a data center in Kalba. The data center also provides an important opportunity for international partners to expand their regional presence by connecting it to the network of other smart data centers locally. The center serves telecommunications wholesale, content delivery networks and a variety of sectors such as banking, financial services and insurance. The centre’s objectives are in line with the vision of the UAE leadership to consolidate the country’s position as a leading center for information, communication and data technology in the region while meeting the diverse requirements of the global communications infrastructure. The Africa-1 submarine cable system stretches over 10,000 km, from Kenya to Djibouti, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and France. The regime also connects Sudan, via Egypt, through new land routes before continuing to France, in addition to other countries in the Mediterranean, such as Algeria and Italy.

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