Emirates News Agency – ‘School Platform’ prepares new package of 200 creative educational stories for children

– In response to the great interaction with the “School Stories” platform and application for children.

– A leading collection of the most prominent children’s stories that will be transformed into interesting and illustrated stories.

The new package is added to the 200 illustrated stories of “School Stories” for children, which have so far recorded more than 5 million views.

– “Madrasa Stories” is part of the Arabic language path on the “Madrasa” educational platform, which offers 6000 educational lessons in the Arabic language and records more than 1.5 million views per day.

– The new comics focus on improving children’s Arabic language skills by developing reading, listening and vocabulary skills, in addition to developing expression skills and social interaction for children and adolescents with their environment.

– The new addition comes in response to the huge interaction that reached 15,000 views per day on the free “School Stories” electronic page.

– Walid Al Ali: The Madrassa platform launches the second phase of children’s comics, in commitment to its responsibility towards the Arabic language and to enrich the quality of digital content dedicated to Arabic children.

– Walid Al Ali: We engage creators, educators and experts from around the Arab region and the world to design engaging educational lessons and stories for children that enhance their reading skills and love of the Arabic language.

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DUBAI, 26 May / WAM / The largest Arabic open digital educational platform, www.madrasa.org, has announced a new package of creative educational stories that it will implement over the next eight months in collaboration with writers, Arabic and international publishers, technical experts, creators and educators from all disciplines. To add it to the interesting educational content that it provides for free to all Arab students around the world.

The “Madrasa” platform, the electronic platform that provides various educational materials for all levels of education from kindergarten to secondary school in Arabic within the reach of students wherever they are, launches a new set of creative educational stories for students under the age of 14 through the “School Stories” page and application and for children www.stories.madrasa.org.

And 200 new illustrated stories will be added before the end of this year to the 200 stories currently available on the school platform within the Arabic language track, and 6000 educational lessons provided by the platform to Arabic language learners in the subjects of mathematics general sciences, chemistry, biology, physics, Arabic language and future sciences for children.

The diverse educational content, which has been open for free on the “school platform” since its launch so far, has recorded more than 63 million views from around the world, and the views have been filled by platform subscribers from Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Morocco, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen and Tunisia, and Palestine.

As for the first phase of “Madrasa Stories”, it has so far recorded more than 5 million views from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and Jordan.

Dr. Walid Al Ali, director of the “Madrasa” e-learning project at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, said: “Since its inception, we have been eager for the” Madrasa “project to provide an open online educational platform in the Arabic language for all students of all educational levels, to provide They have reliable and useful expert Arabic digital content with advanced educational methods using multimedia, and to enhance and contribute to students’ interaction with information, together with the education systems in our region, to prepare an empowered generation of knowledge. ” He added: “The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, responsible for the Madrassa and School Stories platform project, involve creators, educators and experts from across the Arab region and the world to design interesting educational lessons and stories that are modern. adopt. educational methods that simplify information and help the student expand his or her awareness and knowledge and stimulate his or her scientific curiosity. It enhances its ability for self-learning and continuous learning, and in this context we have announced a new package of educational comics for children to improve the connection with reading and intensify the programs and initiatives that encourage it. ” The new addition to “School Stories” by doubling the number of comic books supports efforts to build a leading civilized model in the field of reading and knowledge, to consolidate the reading culture in society, to enrich the cultural environment, a generation of future leaders prepare. armed with science and knowledge, and contributes to the creation of new and clear initiatives, to revive to pay attention to reading and its concepts, and to restore its position, especially in the Arabic language.

Dr. it confirms. Al Ali collaborated with “Madrasa platform” with Arab and international publishers and writers who pioneered the short story aimed at children and young people. Macaulay International Publishing, Yobok Publishing and Distribution, Mulhamoon Publishing and Distribution, and Double Oman Publishing and Distribution in completing 200 new educational illustrated stories completed using animation and editing techniques and focusing on the development of children and adolescents skills and fostering their awareness and family and social interaction with their environment. It is added to the “School Stories” inventory of Illustrated Education stories that provide pleasure and benefit to learners of the Arabic language. In the new phase, the “Madrasa Stories” platform offers illustrated stories on topics that develop ambition, stimulate self-development, organize time, set goals and persevere to achieve them, raise awareness of the importance of natural resources and the need for the environment. encourage sustainable practices, and encourage peer collaboration and community communication.

The 200 new comic books for the Madrassa platform are divided into two categories: 100 animated stories and 2D and 3D video clips based on short stories for children and adolescents, after coordination with their writers and publishers. Each storyboard is 4 to 6 minutes long, followed by 3 interactive multiple-choice questions.

While the other 100 illustrated stories depend on their presentation in a new way that combines animation and storytelling in collaboration with a specialized character who tells stories to children and interacts with them in an integrated production process that includes readings from the short stories on which they include is based in addition to static or two- and three-dimensional animation.The story series is a group of community and cultural figures to address the target age group with the comics, and it will also be followed by interactive multiple-choice questions to test the scope of students ‘s awareness of the content of those stories.

The Madrassa platform relies on the launch of a second phase of educational picture stories for children, “School Stories”, on the great success achieved through educational lessons in improving and developing students’ reading, pronunciation and comprehension skills.

The Madrassa platform also launches the second phase of children’s stories in collaboration with Arabic writers and publishers to shed light on the distinctive creative Arabic skills on the one hand, and in commitment to its responsibility towards the Arabic language and its zeal for the Arabic language to enrich. global digital content of the Arabic language with distinctive high quality content while following the best ways, providing useful and interesting content in the most suitable way for students.

The Madrassa platform, as an electronic educational platform that includes various educational content, aims to support the educational process and make it available for free to millions of Arab students so that they can access it everywhere, and contribute to the changing the reality of education in the Arab world, increasing the educational attainment of millions of Arab students, and opening up knowledge horizons. In addition to establishing the foundations of self-learning and systematically, without contradicting the role of the educational institution, while providing attractive and distinct educational content, from the initial stages of establishment to the secondary stage.

The Madrassa Platform aims to contribute to the preparation of a new generation of qualified Arab researchers, scientists, innovators and inventors to address the most prominent development challenges, and to create scientifically qualified young Arab skills capable of modernization. technology, which is able to engage the sectors of the knowledge economy and actively participate in future makers.

The Madrassa Platform is one of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s global initiatives in the field of disseminating education and knowledge. The average number of educational lessons viewed by Madrasa is 15,000 lessons per day, and includes up to currently more than 3 million subscribers from around the world.

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