Riaad Newspaper | Dr. Sami Al-Thaqafi: Passion is a common factor between a successful athlete and a creative poet

I tend to win, and my family is divided between Riyadh and Jeddah clubs

Dr. Sami Al-Thaqafi: Passion is a common factor between a successful athlete and a creative poet

Dr. Sami Al Thaqafi

Sport has become an industry, so its follow-up is no longer limited to athletes. There are others who are not in the sports community, and have responsibilities and tasks far from sport, but they love it and follow its details . The big football leagues reveal the attention of politicians and culture to that attractive green lawn.In moments, the men of the first row turn into countries with intellectuals in first-class fans in the stadiums or interested behind the silver screens. Many politicians and intellectuals attend the stadiums behind the national teams, “Dunia Al-Riyadah” reveals the football face of non-athletes, through the “white line” corner, which reveals their vision of sport, and searches for the useful sports summary in Our guest today is a poet and founder of a cultural forum, Ph.D. in Literature and Criticism from King Abdulaziz University, Sami Al-Thaqafi. * PhD in literature and criticism, poet and founder of a cultural forum and you have publications, amidst this wonderful biography, can not we discover a sports corner in your life?

  • Yes, sports have been in my blood since my childhood and it is still one of the hobbies I practice, almost regularly, and I even devote time to it in the multitude of daily torches. Sport is an endless love.

Literature is one of the spiritual disciplines dealing with the human soul

If you do not devote an hour to sports, you will devote hours to hospital visits

Do you think there is a connection between sport and literature?

  • The ties between literature and sport are authentic and close; Physical sport focuses on the human body and improves its functions and increases its efficiency, and thus it is reflected in an increase in energy and activity and a sense of happiness and comfort, while literature is one of the mental sports that cares for the human soul, and through which the author can get rid of many daily worries and pressures. Both of them are an important factor in bringing happiness to the human body and itself. That is, they are one of the important means of healing in this time, whose breathing accelerates day by day.

Yellow is for those who invade the privacy of others and red in the face of the enemies of the homeland

  • How do you evaluate the media roles offered by clubs through their centers?

  • The evaluation of the media roles of sports club centers must accurately record and monitor all the efforts of sports clubs in the media so that the judgment appears correct; But overall, I see the zeal of those in charge of sports clubs to broadcast everything that Saudi sport serves and to rise to the level of ambition that our wise leadership and athletes strive for in this dear country, and that requires more effort. and quality programs. the target of the sports audience; His role is not just limited to the sports side; But it goes beyond what is more comprehensive.

    • Do club accounts on social media play positive roles for fans, or do you have an opinion on it?
  • I see the clubs are eager to enrich these accounts with everything that the club does with its various games, and therefore these knowledge windows are powerful means of influence.I see that the clubs activate them more in the positive impact of all that sports and athletes serve in this benevolent country by broadcasting public material that addresses the issue of sports intolerance and what comes out of it.

  • Did social media contribute to the sport, or did it lose the fun with it?

  • Yes, he added significantly .. Fun and sports passion are indeed among his most important drivers at this time, the sports media; Whether visual or read, we find, for example, that many audiences follow a particular channel to enjoy the comments of a particular sports commentator; Because of his enthusiasm, passion and experience, which increases the pleasure of practicing sports.

    • Is there something that the poet and dr. Exciting Sami Al-Thaqafi in Saudi sport?

– Achievements of Saudi sports champions; Whether teams or individuals, which evokes poetic sentiments, though I am not very prone to occasional poetry.

  • Is there a similarity between sport and poetry? Where is it located, if any?

  • Passion is the common denominator between a successful athlete and a creative poet. Passion for talent on both sides is a strong success factor for excellence and continuity.

  • Has the content of sports programs and their guests changed with the dominance of the new media?

  • Of course, this has changed as the nature of analytics programs – for example – that have appeared in modern media programs have shifted sports programs from a mere sporting event that can end in minutes, to a large interactive event lasting hours in which a large number of specialists participate, and even cast a shadow on other social media.

  • Do you think there is a connection between sport and media?

  • The relationship is interactive between the two parties; One of the most important ingredients for the success of sport is effective media, as well as one of the most important material that the media deals with in sporting events that make up abundant material for it.

    • When was your last visit to a sports stadium?
  • Before the Corona pandemic, but I watch a lot of games on screen.

  • what is your favorite sport?

  • Exercise: walking, follow-up: football.

  • Between the yellow color of the sun and the black color of the night, is there room for your athletic tendencies?

  • There needs to be room for sport in our daily lives, and I mostly make time for that, and my motto: If you do not devote an hour to sports, you will devote hours to hospital visits. I also make sure when I have the opportunity to be on my own farm with the rising sun, as this is one of the most beautiful times I enjoy it and consider it a very important type of physical and psychological exercise.

  • Do you think sport is a culture, and if so, how do we fully deal with that culture?

  • Yes, culture, an important culture, and Vision 2030 focused on the quality of life, and one of the most important pillars of the quality of exercise, and one of its most important pillars is regularity in practice, and the avoidance of intolerance in trends.

Sport and literature are two sides of the coin of happiness

  • In sports, winners and creators win cups. What is culturally equivalent to that for creatives in other fields?

  • Literary awards are the equivalent of athletes’ cups; All of them have great significance, and their importance to athletes and intellectuals.

  • How has the language of money and professionalism been overshadowed by the creativity and sincerity of Saudi players?

  • Money is a very important means to achieve many goals, and we can not judge the players’ creativity and sincerity, because they get a legal right for their effort and time, but whoever professionalism, creativity and loyalty to talent combine is offline.

  • Sport was for art and pleasure, and now it is more for money, which spoils its whiteness; Do you agree?

  • Sports fun is still present, even with the money and professional contracts.

  • Have you ever done a job and the result was “offside” in the language of football?

  • I’m still learning from life experiences, and the one who works should infiltrate the error in his work, but it’s nice to take advantage of these errors by not repeating them.

  • What do you think is the reason for the lack of poetry forums in closed club halls, and who bears the responsibility for the palaces?

  • Bringing poetry to the public is a very important issue, and it is a participatory matter between cultural institutions and sports clubs, and I think there are previous experiences of some clubs in this, and if it is done more it would be a have a good impact on culture and sport together.

  • How is your newcomer to the world of poetry?

  • A few days ago, my second book on “Poetry Criticism” appeared, and it is in the process of preparing for my second book, after I published the book “Princess of the Heart” years ago.

  • Which clubs owe the dominance in your home?

  • The colors are manifold, and the trends are different, and most of them are for Riyadh and Jeddah clubs.

  • What is the position of sports in your daily life?

  • In the lead, the oldest sport on a lot of unnecessary work. Walking for half an hour, or ten thousand steps a day, is almost a routine for me.

  • Where are you heading worldwide? What is your local team?

  • Internationally I do not like a specific team, but I do like some exciting matches, and locally “My Compass Nasriya”

  • Where is your plucked hair or your sensual prose about the worries of sports?

  • I generally feel that I am not inclined to the occasional poem, and since sporting events fall into this category, I may not find myself in this.

  • In your opinion, what is the reason for the lack of poetic works by Saudi poets for the Saudi national team?

  • There are a few works written, especially on the national team, and when we talk about poetry in general, speaking and spoken language; We will find that there are excellent works presented to the Saudi national team, and even composed and sung. We also find in the means of communication many poetic tweets celebrating the Saudi sports performance.

  • Being a literary critic and poet, do you summarize the reasons for the decline of football, on the grounds that the literary view has the solution?

  • Mathematical criticism has its instruments that differ from the instruments of literary criticism, so to diagnose it is difficult for me, but I am optimistic about a qualitative shift, especially that His Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki is at the top of the mathematical pyramid.

    • Yellow card for those who raise it?
  • For those who intrude on the privacy of others.

  • And another red in Tshehrha’s face?

  • against the enemies of this land.

The guest in Cave Hira with his son Maysara Yasarah and his cousin Muhammad Talal

The guest is mediated by his sons, Maisarah and Aseel

A cultural project by Dr. Sami Al-Thaqafi


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