Session canceled | Money does not bring happiness

The smile did not leave him as he stood before the judge. He put his hand on his chest, then took a deep breath and looked at the sky repeatedly, praising God. Then he started telling his tragedy and asked the audience to listen to him.

He tried as much as possible to be fair, a little quiet, looking for positive things in his family life, he did not find, he wandered in his mind for a few seconds, maybe something was missing from him, but he returned quickly, after completing the story of 8 years of suffering.

In one of the villages of the Kafr El-Sheikh governor, the sounds of shouting came from one of the simple country houses. Everyone congratulated the father, that simple farmer on his son’s success and his graduation from the Faculty of Medicine. The family was happy, but the “successful” boy was absent in his mind, realizing the truth of what He would face in the face of future challenges, as he had no money to open a medical clinic, or a way to get into it. a large hospital or medical center, from which he will receive a large salary.

A few days later, the only boy received an “instruction letter” to work in a health clinic in one of the towns of the Sharkia governor. He accepted the fact, gathered his clothes in a bag, and went there. to go and live, hoping to return to his village at the end of each week.

Six whole months passed, after which the boy became known as a capable doctor among the people of the village in which he works and the neighboring villages. Queuing patients lined up in front of the clinic for examination and treatment.

In the midst of it all, there was someone who observed the current situation with his eyes, a trader from the town, an influential person, who had a lot of money. He read the scene from a purely economic perspective. He offered the doctor to open a clinic at the top of his house, on condition that he would take care of all the medical devices he needed in exchange for a portion of the money.

The doctor agreed quickly, he felt his dream was starting to come true, he supervised the preparation of the medical clinic himself, and bought her the best equipment, but he was surprised by a strange request from the dealer. ” Sorry, you’re a doctor, and I’m a trader who only understands wheat, and I do not understand medicine. ”

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The doctor did not care, and began to practice his work, the profits increased one day over the other, but he did not feel a great financial benefit, all the money belonged to the merchant and his daughter, he realized that the cost of medical devices required years of work, so he accepted silence and surrender to the accomplished fact.

The trader was aware of the doctor’s ambitions. He seized the opportunity and started looking for another profit. He started telling the young man his family life, telling him that he only had his daughter, who ran the clinic with him. management, and that all his money and land would be returned to her after a long life.

The doctor knew of the dealer’s intentions, looked at his difficult financial situation and his great ambition to move to the capital and open a clinic in one of the prestigious areas there.
He agreed to marry the merchant’s daughter, and determined that he would move with her to live in Cairo, after which he submitted his resignation to the government.
Here the doctor suddenly stopped to tell his tragedy.He looked quickly at those around him in the hall, but he returned with his eyes to the podium with his usual smile on his face, after the judge found it eager to to hear the rest of his story, to begin telling the second part of his tragedy.

He said: “I have moved to Cairo, sir. El-Qadi. My father-in-law helped open a medical clinic in the most prestigious streets of Mohandessin. Little by little I started attracting patients to me, and to ‘ a year my name has become frequent in high-end areas.

But my judge, I did not feel that I was married, my wife did not leave me in the clinic and wherever I went, she was in charge of everything, she was not a woman, but a merchant who surrounded me everywhere, looking for only money, and for her I am the “machine” that brings this money.

Her financial lust did not stop, she forced me to open a clinic in the pyramid, another in the Fifth Settlement, and a fourth clinic in Aswan Governorate. She gave her father half the monthly income sent, and the rest she sits in the bank.

The truth is, sir, that money was not among my interests. I was looking for a personal gain, trying to gain experience and to become one of the top doctors in the “chest and heart” specialty.
I traveled and passed a number of courses in major countries, and participated as a reporter for medical conferences. I managed to gain full experience. As for my wife, she was not interested in my success in anything, she is the daughter of a trader and all her worries are money.

I could not stand that situation, we sat and talked together, I asked her to be a woman, to sit at home and wait for her husband, to seek his comfort and take care of her son , and the issue of leaving the management of the clinics to a specialized accountant, but she refused and accused me of wanting to steal her father’s money.

I kept her insult to myself, and I endured her nervousness for a few months, but she did not change, but got worse, she became a greedy trader, she blamed me when I was late for the clinic appointment, I recruited the manager and the nurse as spies for her, they gave me news first, and I raised our son to one of the nurses.

I sat alone and thinking about my current situation, I realized that I had never married in the first place, and that the decision to marry this girl was a big mistake.
I finally realized, Your Honor, that I needed happiness, and a woman who respected my work and appreciated that I was a doctor.

Do you know, my judge, that my father interrupted me after he married this girl, and he honestly said to me, “Money does not bring happiness, my son,” and I did not believe him then, but today I realized the truth of this saying, temporarily.
My judge, back to the last part of my story, the gap between me and my wife widened, we argued, I told her I would not go to the clinic, she threatened to call me another doctor bring.
She said: “Most of the clinics are in my father’s name, and there is nothing in your name.”

I did not care for her words and threats, I took the oath of divorce, left the house and went to a house I bought with my own money in the pyramid area, I sat in it until I found myself very revised, I returned with my mind to the beginning of my graduation, I realized that I was in a hurry to achieve my ambition, and I was satisfied with a quick success path on My happiness account.

I closed my mind, my judge, of thinking about the past and the good and evil of it, I decided to change myself, I realized that the opportunity had become available to start over, but I needed someone to encourage me, light the way for me, and give me the confidence to complete my family and professional life successfully.

In a quiet moment in one of the clubs I met a beautiful girl, her face was bright, her eyes carried generosity and origin, I approached her, we got to know each other, I learned that she was a graduate from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, and she comes from an educated family, so her grandfather was a great writer and writer, and her father is an official in the Ministry of Culture, and her mother is a woman. Educator held positions in the Ministry of Education.

I did not hesitate much, Mr Judge, we met one, two and three with the knowledge of her family, until I realized that she was the woman who would compensate me for a sad past, until what I wished for happen.
We got married, my judge, and with her I felt like I was born again, she organized my life for me, she gave me success from the beginning, and she instilled the love of family and kinship in my mind , she gave me warmth and peace in my heart, she encouraged me to move on, and she stood by me until I paid all my debts, and I started again, I believed in her On my money, my future and now she’s the mother of my son.

Not only that, but it brought me back to my family, my dad, my mom and my family did not leave my house, everyone was happy, and my success got bigger and bigger.
I will not dwell on you, sir, I will take your memory back a little to my ex-wife, she turned into a monster, decided to take revenge on me, filed my debt in court and me with payment or imprisonment threatened, and thank god I was able to repay the debt, you tried to discredit me as a doctor who spread rumors about me, and accused me of killing patients with imported medicine. But I came out of it strong.

And now, five years ago, I decided to take revenge on my son, who has no sin other than bearing my name, depriving me to see him and distorting my image in his mind.

So I came to court, hoping for a verdict that would allow me to see my son, after years of separation.
After the judge heard the doctor, the court accepted his claim and obliged the mother to allow the father to see his son once a week for 3 hours.

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