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Hypnosis is a psychological treatment used by specialists by hypnotizing the external mind and keeping the subconscious mind to reveal what is in it, according to terms and conditions.

Baghdad There has been increasing talk of the use of “hypnosis” by gangs in various Iraqi governorates, with the aim of robbing shopkeepers, exchange companies and pharmacies, amid official conflicting descriptions of this case, and asking for solutions to prevent these gangs from schemes of concern to the general public. .

A few years ago, “strange” stories about these thefts began to emerge, through video clips broadcast by citizens claiming to have been robbed of “hypnosis”, but there were doubts about the truth of the matter, before these tracks repeatedly spread. after official statements issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Hypnosis or hypnosis is a calm and relaxed state of mind, in which the subconscious receives suggestions and responds to them more widely, and in this case the subconscious is highly responsive to suggestions and suggestions.

In the latest of these incidents, the Interior Ministry recently announced the arrest of 3 accused of theft from an exchange company in the capital, Baghdad, and said – in a statement – that “the accused deceived the victims and stole their money “as 3 people entered an exchange office and used hypnosis on its owner, and they managed to steal an amount of money.” Money in the amount of $ 3,000.

Al-Bayati says he was robbed of hypnosis (Al-Jazeera)

“Take it for free”

Omar Al-Bayati (a tire dealer in the capital, Baghdad) talks about being robbed by this trick, saying that “a person I do not know who rode a motorcycle entered my area in the Karrada area and asked me about the price of one of the batteries, and after my reply to him, he said I did not have the money to buy it, so I told him Take it for free. “

Al-Bayati added – in his speech to Al-Jazeera Net – “Then the person approached me and kissed my head, and he had a ring in his hand, so he also put it on my head, and after a few seconds he asked me for my wallet, so I gave it to him, and took the money from it, and inside it was about 4 thousand dollars, some of which were in dinars. There was nothing left in it except for a small amount of about 10,000 dinars (about $ 7), and before he left the store, he called me by name and went on without understanding what had happened to me. “

In the Diwaniyah governor, Walid Al-Mansoori looked confused after losing one million and 100,000 dinars (more than $ 700) from the money of his small workshop for changing engine oils.

Al-Mansouri recounts what happened to him with Al-Jazeera Net, saying: “3 people came to me in a bakkie, a person got out of it and touched my hand, then I felt myself little by little began to lose, and at the same time he asked me: Do you see the other man sitting in the car? His wife is angry with him, We are here to sit with the dignitaries in an attempt to reconcile, and I want make a joke with him by borrowing an amount of money from you and giving it to him in exchange for leaving his wife, and he kept promising me that he would give that money back. ”

Al-Mansoori added, “I first rejected the idea because I did not know them, but then, unconsciously, I handed him one million and 100,000 dinars, which I allocated to meet the needs of the workshop. “and then the man got in his car and they all went fast, and after a few minutes I started to regain my normal feeling, and I realized what had happened.” .

Khaled Al Muhanna social media
Al-Mahna: Hypnosis Cannot Be Used in Theft Crimes (Al-Jazeera)

another view

During the recent period, with the spread of news about these issues and the turmoil around them, Iraqis have expressed their concern through social networks about these incidents, and if it was really carried out by “hypnosis”, especially since the official authorities apparently do not like stuck the threads of truth, and did not have an accurate description of these cases.

Although the Iraqi Interior Ministry announced the arrest of 3 people using “hypnosis” in theft, the ministry’s spokesman, Major General Khaled Al-Muhanna, had reservations about this announcement and gave his description of those cases.

Al-Muhanna said in an interview with Al-Jazeera Net that “hypnosis can not be used in crimes of theft, as it is a psychological concept, and no one can steal the other one with these movements.”

The Iraqi official explains the nature of these incidents, that “what happened is not hypnosis, but rather a case of fraud by the use of various means, including an agreement with the shopkeeper on this story to be a part of the to get money that is often stolen from the dealer or store owner, or through the use of narcotics, as well as through the use of clever.

Regarding the video clips that were circulated on social media pages and talked about, Al-Muhanna confirmed that “the investigations have come to the conclusion that it is not real, and that the case is fraudulent and an investigation into opened the case, and we arrested some people, and they admitted that the crimes were committed in collaboration with the people who claim to have been hypnotized, so it was They have a prior agreement in some cases.

Al-Anzi Al-Jazeera Net
Al-Enezi: No one can hypnotize the other and influence him without his acceptance (Al-Jazeera)

It has nothing to do with theft

Psychotherapy Dr. Nagham Al-Anzi confirmed that “hypnosis is a psychological treatment used by specialists by hypnotizing the external mind, and keeping the subconscious mind to reveal what is in it, according to terms and conditions.”

Al-Anazi added in her speech to Al-Jazeera Net that “no one can hypnotize and influence the other without his acceptance, it must be with the consent and knowledge of both parties, and certain conditions and special places with dim and quiet lighting. away from the noise, and other conditions must be available until that happens. ” Hypnosis, just as the hypnotist moves according to the subconscious and does not remember what was asked of him and what he did after waking up. “

Regarding these incidents, and the controversy surrounding them, Al-Anazi believes that “what is happening has absolutely nothing to do with hypnosis, because the owners remember the details of the incident, and this indicates that they were aware of what was going on around them. they happened and of their own free will, as well as losing the conditions necessary for this type of hypnosis. ” treatment”.

positive side

Despite the controversy surrounding the use of hypnosis by organized crime gangs in robbery, this type of treatment has a positive side, as it has been playing a major role in the field of healing and healing for thousands of years. According to the World Health Organization, 90% of the general population is hypnotic.

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