The Employment and Self-Employment Forum and Clinical Nutrition Conference held at Assiut University

Tarek El-Gamal, President of Assiut University, confirmed the university’s permanent support for the existing collaboration between the university and the Ministry of Communications, represented by the Institute of Information Technology, Assiut University’s branch, aimed at enhancing the capabilities of to develop young people to use various technological means, in order to keep pace with scientific and technological development in the labor market inside or outside Egypt. Relying on programming and computer science, with the direct support of the President of the State, which is reflected in the provision of enormous and unprecedented opportunities for young people to learn and train in this field, and to provide the most promising elements among them to take..

This happened during the opening of the proceedings of the Employment and Work Forum, which is organized by the Faculty of Computers and Information at the university in collaboration with the Institute of Information Technology. ITI Google Developer Group GDG AssiutIn the presence of Dr. Shehata Gharib, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Tayseer Abdel Hamid, Dean of the Faculty of Computer and Information, Dr. Khaled Fathi, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, and Engineer Ayman Ayyad, Director ITI Assiut-tak, Eng. Hossam El-Din Mohamed El-Naqeeb, financial and administrative director of the institute’s branch and government relations adviser, elite faculty members of the college and institute, a group of technology company officials in Assiut, and a crowd of college graduates and students want to get suitable jobs through the forum.

In turn, dr. Shehata Ghareeb emphasizes the university’s great appreciation for the institute, which provides excellent services to the university’s students in the field of training and qualification for the labor market in the era of digital transformation and employment in the local and global markets. and the free labor market, not only for graduates of the Faculty of Computer Science, but also for graduates from all other faculties who have realized the importance of technology, and have decided to receive appropriate training that qualifies them in an unconventional way away from stereotypes to work..

Dr. Tayseer Abdel Hamid added that the sons of the Faculty of Computing are the biggest beneficiaries of the partnership with the Institute, and praised their excellence and distinction, which made them positive and honorable models for Egypt’s conscious, enlightened youth and their renewable abilities. in a large number of companies and international forums. During the forum, a group of these models were presented to share their success experiences with young people, together with a group of independent experts in a session chaired by Engineer Ayman Ayyad. They are Engineers Mahmoud Mustafa, Ayman Gamal, Sawsan Mustafa, Marwa Ahmed and Abdel Rahman Mohieldin.

The owners of the top 3 graduation projects in college were also honored, which are the smart hospital projects, the Corona team and the. Team..ACM

Ayman Ayyad said that the Institute is eager to double the jobs offered to Assiut youth year after year, and called on young people to take the initiative to apply today to work in the companies that participated in the forum, which will conduct job interviews tomorrow, and added. that the opening session was followed by a session for officials of companies working in the field of technology in Assiut. Led by Eng Ahmed Mamdouh, Director of Training at the Institute’s branch in Assiut, Dr Maged Askar spoke about Assiut University Smart Software Company.

Assiut University also witnessed the launch of the activities of the fifth annual conference of the Upper Egypt Association for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism Dr Tarek El-Gamal, President of Assiut University, stressed that the university administration all support and care in the field giving therapeutic nutrition as one of the most important pillars of the medical service for the treatment of patients in various departments, which gives congratulations, especially to the College of Medicine on the occasion of the completion of the official procedures by the establishment of the first professional diploma to approve. in the field of therapeutic nutrition, which comes as a confirmation of the university’s strategy aimed at providing an integrated medical service based on the joint efforts of all medical specialties .

This took place during his inauguration of the activities of the fifth annual conference on clinical nutrition and metabolism, in the presence of dr. Shehata Ghareeb, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, dr. Ahmed El-Minshawi, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research, Dr. Maha Ghanem, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Dr. Mohamed Zain, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Alaa Attia, Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Imad Al-Dali, Head of the Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Osama Al-Ashery, Professor of Pediatrics, Dr. Dr. Medhat Al-Arabi, Professor of Clinical Nutrition and Public Health, College of Medicine, Dr. Mustafa Al-Saeed, Professor of Pediatrics at the University and Honorary Chair of the conference, dr. Omar Matar, professor of intravenous and oral nutrition, dr. Iman Morsi, head of the public health department, and dr. Youssef Saleh, Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs, as well as the participation of a leading group of faculty members from various governors, together with a group of young doctors .

Dr. Alaa Attia praised the efforts made to hold scientific conferences in various fields and to improve medical services provided to patients, as well as the development of the educational aspect by exchanging visions and experiences, to keep abreast of all developments and to add very clear fingerprints in the development of the medical system, which praises the cadres of Assiut University.A medical doctor of the highest degree of efficiency and excellence, young doctors wish a fruitful conference with very important information.

In turn, dr. Youssef Saleh explains that the College of Medicine has succeeded in establishing the first modern diploma in therapeutic nutrition in fruitful collaboration with a constellation of professors and doctors participating in approximately 19 specialized departments in the College of Medicine and the support of the university administration leaders and their interest in therapeutic nutrition as one of the basic sciences that cure many diseases .

In the same context, dr. Imad Al-Dali pointed out the importance of the field of therapeutic nutrition, as it is one of the most vital fields in the university because of its great importance in increasing the recovery rate of many diseases, and explains the role of the Assiut University in its quest to provide an advanced medical service to serve the patients of Upper Egypt, with praise for what The university possesses scientific capabilities and human frameworks capable of optimizing the field of therapeutic nutrition .

Regarding the details of the conference’s activities, dr. Osama Al-Ashery, the conference’s president, explains that the conference will discuss many fruitful scientific sessions whose axes revolve around the new in the field of therapeutic nutrition in different stages of life, from children through adults and even the elderly Problems related to malnutrition of obesity (disease Obesity, dwarfism, anemia) and nutrition in diabetes, in addition to the distinction of the conference by discussing various workshops for children and adults on growth and new in the treatment of obesity and thinness and nutrition in chronic diseases .

Medhat El-Araby said that the conference was a testament to the honor of prof. Service and Environmental Development Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Zain, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Health, as well as to dr. Alaa Attia, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Mustafa Al-Saeed, Honorary President of the Conference, Dr. Imad Al-Dali, dr. Iman Morsi and dr. Hassan Abdel-Latif, vice president of The New Valley University, dr. Youssef Saleh, and the honor also went to the presentation of memorabilia to dr. Sana and dr. Roveda Muhammad Mustafa included, Professor of Pediatrics, in addition to honoring a group of participating faculty members from various governorships of the Republic. .

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