The strangest tourist facilities you can rent in the world

The new OMG filter on Airbnb’s website enables adventurous travelers to find the most exotic and wonderful accommodation.
The filter reveals beautiful homes, boats and cabins available for rent, from a romantic bamboo retreat in Bali to a mushroom-shaped cottage in Thailand, from a guitar-shaped house in South Korea to a converted missile silo in New Mexico , and a cow lodge in Suffolk.

Here are the top 10 exotic tourist facilities selected by Airbnb, according to the British Daily Mail:

Ora House Hotel, Bali, Indonesia

This bamboo house on the western bank of the Ayung River has two very romantic bedrooms, a kitchen, a living area and a private pool.

The atmosphere of the house is ideal for people who are looking for a getaway from their busy city life. The house can accommodate four people, and the price per night starts at $ 300.

Levi’s Greens, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The unusual mushroom-shaped house known as “Levi’s Greens” was initially built as part of a meditation center. The place has an organic garden, an outdoor braai area and air-conditioning.

The owner writes about the rental property and its mud structure, “We believe our bodies will absorb good energy from the earth, and that means the earthen house brings you close to nature and removes bad energy.”

“Our place is full of flowers and trees. You might see a part of nature like birds, crickets, frogs, lizards, butterflies, bugs and insects in our garden.”

Inside the 376-square-foot (35-square-meter) building, guests will find two bedrooms, with two towels upstairs and one bed on the ground floor. The house sleeps 3 people and costs $ 12 per night.

Emotional Healing Inn, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

This guitar-shaped house in South Korea features a one-bedroom apartment that has exclusive access to the roof terrace.

You can enjoy the open nature on the third floor, or you can take a picnic in the park. You can also take guitar lessons on the ground floor of the building.

Rondavos Land Yacht, Texas, United States

You do not have to worry about the sun’s heat on this land yacht. The yacht is ideal for camping, and it is far from other campsites in the open, so it has complete privacy.

Outside, guests will find a fire pit, charcoal grill and shower unit with compost toilet. Inside the boat you will find one bedroom, living space, a kitchen with stove, running water and even a rudder complete with a captain’s steering wheel.

Villa Casa Acantillado, Andalusia, Spain

Villa Casa Acantillado is located in the Salpurina area and has a beautiful sea view. The highlight of this property is its private outdoor area with swimming pool (which can be heated for an extra € 5 per night), garden, open terrace, braai facilities, outdoor shower, as well as its wonderful views of the sea and the nearby mountains.

The two-story house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living area and a kitchen, and can sleep six people and costs $ 325 per night.

The Eclipse House, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

This home has an infinity pool that overlooks the ocean directly and is described as one of the most amazing places in the world.

The luxurious dome was inspired by surrealist artist Wolfgang Widmusser, and a five-minute walk down the hill reveals a tranquil sandy beach with coconut trees. The house sleeps 3 people and costs $ 100 per night.

Maritime Artist Tower, Panama

The Artist Tower by the Sea is only suitable for adventurous travelers. The place does not have air conditioning and depends on the sea breeze. It also does not have a TV.

The tower overlooks a sea full of colorful fish and some corals, in addition to hummingbirds roaming the place.
The lower floor has a kitchen and shower, the second floor has a full kitchen, and the third floor is accessible via two spiral staircases overlooking the sea and includes a lounge and bathroom. At the top of this tower is a small bedroom that can accommodate one double bed. The tower accommodates five people and the cost of accommodation in it is about $ 90 per night.

Allianz Loft House, Heredia, Costa Rica

The unique home is described as’ perfect for lovers of architecture, romantic dates or just having a good time.
Outside it features a decorated terrace, whirlpool, fire pit, basketball court, braai facilities and a private garden with rabbits. Inside, the two air-conditioned bedrooms have “luxury beds” and “mountain views.” The house sleeps four and costs $ 290 per night.

Cowshed, Suffolk, England

This cow-shaped property in the Suffolk countryside has a double bed on the ground floor with an attic bed overlooking a garden with ponies, alpacas and goats.

When it comes to dining, guests can braai or drop by the farm’s cafe during the day.
Guests can explore the farm outside business hours and can also help prepare breakfast for the animals and clean their stables in the mornings. The staff is ready to answer any curious questions. The place sleeps four and costs $ 105 a night.

Atlas F Missile Silos, New Mexico, USA

This apartment, described as a Cold War remnant, is located on the top floor that has been converted from a missile launch control center into a tourist inn. The venue contains many books and performances about the missile heritage.

The inn still has an underground launch control center and a tunnel leading to the 186-foot (56 m) deep “missile silos”. Accommodation includes a guided tour of the property.

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