The “Yemeni Business Council in Egypt” witnesses a celebration of the National Day of the Republic of Yemen

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The Yemeni Business Council in Egypt celebrated today in Cairo, the one-year anniversary of its founding, under the leadership of Professor Muhammad Ali Al-Mujahid and under the supervision of our country’s Ambassador to Egypt, Muhammad Ali Marem. The celebration coincided with our people’s celebrations of the 32nd National Day of the Republic of Yemen.

The ceremony was attended by Ambassador Dr. Mohamed Marem, Speaker of the Council Mohamed El-Mogahed, Governor of the Egyptian Giza Governor, Major General Ahmed Rashid, Egyptian Parliamentary Secretary Mohamed Abu El-Enein, Assistant Minister for Housing Major General Mohamed Essam El-Din Ramadan, Member of the Egyptian parliament and the big media figure Mostafa El-Bakry, president of the Food Safety Authority dr. Hussein Mansour, and Head of the Export and Import Control Authority, Major General Essam Al-Najjar, Vice President of the Suez Canal Economic Zone General Authority, Major General Mohamed Shaaban, President of the Chamber of Commerce in Giza Governor Mohamed Mbabbi, CEO of the Office of Nationality Applicants, Adviser Sameh Sedky, and Head of the External Promotion Sector at the General Investment Authority Mohamed Youssef, along with a large crowd of media representatives Egyptian and satellite channels.

It was also attended by members of the diplomatic corps at our country’s embassy in Cairo, a number of members of the House of Representatives and the Shura Council, a number of secretaries of ministries, leaders, officials, collective personalities, businessmen and media people. , as well as the Vice President of the Industrial Affairs Council Omar Babtain and Trade Affairs Muhammad Al-Esai and members of the Council Dr. Anwar Al-Sabari, Sheikh Hassan Abdo Gaid and Professor Nabil Bahbeesh and HUB Walid Yassin.

During the ceremony, Ambassador Marem was honored by the President and members of the Business Council with a special shield in appreciation of his efforts.

A set of symbols of the Egyptian state in the authorities cooperating with the council was honored, led by Giza Governor-General Ahmed Rashid, State Secretary to Parliament Muhammad Abu Al-Enein, the major media member of parliament, Mostafa Bakri, the head of the Food. Security Authority, Dr Hussein Mansour, and the Head of the Export and Import Control Authority, Major General Essam Al-Najjar. And Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Giza Mohamed Imbabi, CEO of the Nationality Applicants Unit Office at the Cabinet Forum Sameh Sedky, Head of External Promotion at the General Investment Authority Mohamed Youssef, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Al-Ahram newspaper Ibrahim Al-Najjar and a number of prominent Egyptian media professionals.

In his speech, our country’s ambassador to the Arab Republic of Egypt, dr. Muhammad Ali Marem, praised the Yemeni-Egyptian trade relations and the development they have seen in recent years, as Egypt has represented a greenhouse environment for Yemeni investment.

And he said: “As we celebrate the thirty-second anniversary of the blessed Yemenite unity, allow me to extend to you all my sincere congratulations and best wishes on this precious occasion, and also on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the establishment of the Yemeni Business Council.

He praised all the efforts made to prepare the wonderful at this level of accuracy and organization for our celebration dedicated to the honor of the honorable Yemeni and Egyptian brothers, who were active in founding and supporting this council. , as well as some of the traders, businessmen and officials.

Marem praised the efforts of Yemeni businessmen and traders in Egypt and their role in preserving the national capital, especially in light of the circumstances in which our country is experiencing and the serious damage to the Yemeni economy and business sector as a result of the war that was imposed. by the Iran-backed Houthi coup militia over the Yemeni people and its constitutional legitimacy. Led by His Excellency President Dr. Rashad Muhammad Al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council.

Expresses our country’s full appreciation for the facilities and cooperation provided by the Arab Republic of Egypt under the leadership of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to the Yemeni investment sector in particular and the Yemeni community in general.

In his speech, Giza’s Governor General Ahmed Rashid praised in his speech the efforts of the Yemeni Business Council in Egypt and the pioneering role it plays in directing and coordinating Yemeni investments to the Egyptian market to provide all the necessary facilities. to provide.

He congratulated the Yemeni community in Egypt on the occasion of the National Day of the Republic of Yemen and the first anniversary of the establishment of the Council.

He noted the historical bilateral relations between Yemen and Egypt, which extend to deep centuries.

And emphasizes the importance of the role that this council can play in promoting trade and investment exchange between the two countries.

He renewed his country’s welcome to Yemeni businessmen’s investment in Egypt, noting the availability of investment opportunities in all sectors and facilitating all procedures.

In turn, the Chairman of the Yemeni Business Council in Egypt, Mr. Muhammad Al-Mujahid, on behalf of himself and the members of the Council, conveyed his sincere congratulations and blessings conveyed to the political leadership represented by His Excellency President Dr. Rashad Al -Alimi, Chairman of the Leadership Council, and all members of the Leadership Council on the occasion of our country’s celebrations of the 32nd National Day of the Republic of Yemen.

He appreciates all the good efforts made to support the Business Council in establishing its activities and opportunities, realizing its vision and conveying the voice of the Yemeni investor to various parties to ensure the provision of all required facilities. .

He noted that Yemeni businessmen and investors are eager to seize the available investment opportunities, as the beloved Egypt is a promising country, and is considered an exemplary investment, with the various investment facilities and incentives offered by its laws, as well as the favorable investment. climate, security, safety and rational government.

He praised Ambassador Marem’s efforts to support and sponsor the council from the outset.

He also praised the efforts of the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Giza Governor, Mohamed Imbabi, to support the publicity and activities of the council and to provide all facilities to Yemeni investors.

Al-Mujahid said: Today we express our gratitude and gratitude to the warm embrace of the Arabs, the Arabism of Egypt, through some influential figures of the symbols of the Egyptian state, who are present with us at this ceremony, to honor for their support for us in the Council.

He added: We express our sincere thanks, appreciation and gratitude to this hospitable country, Egypt, the government and people, represented by the builder of its modern revival, His Excellency President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, may God protect him, for the generous care for the people of Yemen in Egypt in general and Yemeni investors in particular.

The Representative of the House of Representatives, Muhammad Abu Al-Enein, the Deputy Secretary of the House of Representatives, in turn in his speech congratulated our Yemeni people on this occasion and the one-year anniversary of the establishment of the Council, with praises the role that the Business Council has played in strengthening the national economy and increasing trade exchanges between the two countries.

He said President El-Sisi had confirmed that Yemen was an integral part of Egypt’s national security.

And that Egypt opens its doors to the Arab brothers

citizens and investors.

Abu Al-Ainyin stressed that for seven years Egypt has undergone an unprecedented modern renaissance in infrastructure and urban, industrial, agricultural and commercial projects to allow and attract Arab and foreign investment, hoping for stability and peace in the happy Yemen under the leadership of dr. Rashad Al-Alami, calls for the strengthening of the partnership between the two countries in all areas for the benefit of Two Brotherhoods and Peoples.

In his speech, the representative and the major media personality, Mustafa Bakri, highlighted clear aspects of Yemeni and Egyptian civilization, the position of Yemen among the Arab peoples, the common positions between the two countries, and the great interest shown by the Egyptian president , revised. Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi in Yemen and his support in various areas, and stands by the Yemeni state to consolidate its pillars.

In turn, the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Giza, Mohamed Imbabi, said: We offer all kinds of support and facilities to Yemeni investors and projects to support Egyptian-Yemeni trade and investment relations.

Meanwhile, Major General Essam Al-Najjar, head of the Export Control Authority, stressed that Egypt is eager to overcome all obstacles to facilitate the movement of exports and imports between the two countries and to provide all facilities for businessmen investing in Egypt .

Dr. Hussein Mansour, head of the Food Security Authority, suggested that all aspects of support and expertise be provided to the Republic of Yemen to improve the food security system to keep pace with developments in Egypt and the Arab world.

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