These are the details of the arrest and rape of a Moroccan young woman by a French millionaire

After the preliminary investigations that the Paris police conducted with the French millionaire Jacques Beauthie involved in the detention and rape of a foreign minor, it became clear that the person in question in the case is of Moroccan origin, her name is “Kinza “, Who was exploited by the French businessman when she was a minor.

The criminal case does not stop there, but it came on an attempt to kidnap “Kenza” and deport him to Morocco through a global criminal network, but Bouthier’s plan eventually failed, after the Moroccan girl managed to get the To reach French police.

Who is this young Moroccan woman? And how did you get involved with the French millionaire? And why did he hold her for years? What are the reasons for the dispute between them? Questions and other questions The Hespress online newspaper provides exclusive answers based on a lengthy investigation published by the French newspaper Le Parisien.

“Sexual mediator”

The beginning of the story dates back to 2016, when the Moroccan girl “Kenza” joined her forty-year-old aunt (Leila) in the city “Geneviliers” on the outskirts of Paris, and she maintains strong personal relationships with the founder of the ” Vilavi “group, formerly called” Assu 2000 “.

The economic group, which specializes in the insurance sector, was founded in 1975 by the French businessman Jacques Beauthier and employs 1,800 people, and its sales amount to 164 million euros worldwide. The fortune of its founder in 2020 amounted to more than 160 million euros.

It appears, through preliminary investigations, that Kenza’s aunt works as a “sexual intermediary” for the French businessman, as she received 200 euros in exchange for the young woman, Kenza, who was a minor, who was only 16 years old, on the basis that the first sexual relationship between them took place in early 2016.

distorted practices

Later, the personal relationship between the French businessman Jacques Beauthie and the Moroccan girl “Kenza” was consolidated, so he decided to deal with her directly away from her cousin who was an intermediary between them, as he paid her 200 euros during every sexual process. and offered in the summer of 2017 her stay in the capital Paris so you can visit it daily.

But the Moroccan young woman was surprised that the French millionaire did away with reaching the age of majority, given his distorted sexual orientation, when he transferred her to a nightclub in the French capital to have sex with big businessmen, for a fee of up to 100 euros per person.

Among the first people I had sex with was the CEO of the Vilavi branch in Seine-Saint-Denis (Greater Paris). Thus, the Moroccan young woman found that her “journey” was approaching the end of the beginning of this year, because she seemed “too old” to the French millionaire, who is not more than 22 years old.

raped girls

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the Moroccan young woman “Kenza” is not the first victim for the French businessman, because he encouraged her to look for another foreign minor to meet his abnormal sexual desires, and she also became his “sexual intermediary” after her cousin.

Therefore, Kenza found a new sexual victim for the French businessman, a 14-year-old Romanian student. She also indicated in the police report that the head of the economic group “Vilavi” was exploiting other girls from the Maghreb, including Morocco.

The first meeting of the French businessman with the Romanian student was held on March 11 last year in Paris, in the presence of the Moroccan young woman “Kenza”. Bothie wanted to break her hymen during the sexual process, but she refused, causing his displeasure, so he asked her to leave, but Kenza secretly took them down.

attempted kidnapping

Based on this, “Kenza”, the French businessman, threatened to publish the video on social media, but he promised her to end her life in a brothel in Germany thanks to the personal relationships he had throughout the “old continent”. has. The girl panicked, so she had to call the police in mid-March.

The Moroccan girl has told all the facts of the story in the interests of the French police, and she is in a difficult psychological state, as reported by the police reports that the “old French woman” eavesdropped for a while, before she an official inquiry into the case into the availability of preliminary evidence.

The CEO of the insurance company, concerned about possible legal action, asked his 50-year-old friend Gabriel, a real estate businessman, to help him settle the case, and suggested that he kidnap the Moroccan girl and deport her to the Maghreb.

fraudulent plan

In turn, businessman Gabriel hired one of his friends to help the CEO of “Assu 2000” solve his legal problem, so that the former soldier Christian, who currently works as a security guard in one of the big companies, is his desire . aim to end the controversy.

Consequently, the former soldier proposed a security plan for the case in question to kidnap the Moroccan girl and transfer her to a foreign country, possibly Morocco, in exchange for an amount of money of up to 35,000 euros, but he did not managed to find her. after the police took up the matter.

A new development took place in the controversial file, embodied in the desire of businessman Gabriel to deceive his friend Jacques Beauthie, along with an insurance company employee, by misleading him that he had contacted some of the officers responsible for the case to to cover it. on, provided he paid one million euros, so that the millionaire agreed The Frenchman immediately came up with the plan.

woman involved

In a new development of the case, the wife of the French businessman realized that her “companion who trained her” detained and raped the Moroccan girl, after she learned the contents of the videotape. Then she put pressure on the company ‘s accountant exercised to transfer the money to her husband’s friend Gabriel, who wanted to bribe the police to close the file.

The judicial investigations stopped at the financial transfers made by the wife of the French businessman, as the money was found in the house of the employee of the insurance company, so that the house of the French millionaire was raided, where the police found many child pornography tapes has. .

Consequently, the French police arrested the CEO of the “Assu 2000” group, along with his wife, who was involved in the money transfer case, and his friend, a businessman, as well as a company employee, and the former soldier who he appointed. to kidnap the young woman, “Kenza”.

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