To impose an annual psychological review on families

One of the greatest principles of modern medicine; The principle of “prevention” of disease, and it is the principle of the work of vaccines. On the other hand, we read daily shocking and gruesome news and excerpts about the extent of the ugliness of crimes committed within families, and the spread of the news is often too late because they are addicted and suffer from mental and psychological illnesses that they make it dangerous for others, either for fear of retaliation, especially when there is no certainty that the victims will receive protection that protects them from the possibility of the offender’s access to them, or because the victims have “Stockholm syndrome” – the victims suffer from psychological alienation and addiction in favor of the offender.These crimes and grievances spread in families cause mental, psychological, moral and behavioral distortions for generations that not only make them dependent on society but also an element of danger, threat and destruction of society because the suffering of harsh family circumstances leads to academic and practical st stuttering and escape behaviors such as addiction and which cause them to be forced to commit crimes to obtain money to spend on His addiction, leading to running away from home for both sexes, leading to severe permanent mental, psychological and behavioral disorders and diseases, and most divorce cases and family issues that cause enmity, alienation, crime and grievances between parents could have been completely “prevented” by imposing a free annual compulsory review on all families for a psychotherapist specializing in family matters, specifically spouses in the first five years of marriage, and families with children under the age of 30, which is a necessary investment in man.This will save the cost of litigation and the cost of the consequences of crime, addiction, academic and practical failure, and unemployment draining the state budget. necessary during the doctor’s meeting with the family that the doctor is alone with each individual, no matter how young or old he is, because whoever is exposed to crimes at home will fear that the offender will expose his right while looking at him, Doctors are required to report what family members say about matters that require the authorities to intervene to protect the victims and punish the offender, and this procedure not only sets up prevention, immunity and immunity against expiration in the abyss of crime, criminality, mental illness, addiction and divorce, but also terrorism, as demonstrated by the study of “Kenth Palin,” a federal judicial officer. American and president of the Terror Free Tomorrow Foundation, which specializes in research and studies on terrorism, and which presents the results. from his periodic research to the US Government The President and the US President conducted field research for five years in Islamic countries where terrorism is widespread, including Saudi Arabia, and interviewed more than a hundred people involved in terrorism of both sexes inside and outside prisons, looking for personal reasons that tend among young people to join terrorist groups, and he concluded that what makes young people vulnerable to terrorism is deprivation of love and attention, cruelty, violence and the dictatorship of the family, he wrote a book entitled: “Terrorists in Love: The Real Lives of Islamic Radicals.” Some of them are tyrannical fathers who oppose the legal desires of their children, especially their privacy, such as marriage and studies. He told the story of a young man and woman who fled to Iraq to carry out a suicide operation to to marry heaven, because the girl’s father, after agreeing to her engagement to him, married her to an elderly man who had three wives because he paid a larger dowry, so she tried to commit suicide committed, and while she was in the hospital, he came The man raped her, and she had severe bleeding. The young man wanted to commit suicide, but he was afraid of the punishment of Hell. So he agreed with the girl to go to Iraq. When they arrived, they were separated. The young man saw the civilian targets. He returned and whoever loved her remained in the hands of the terrorists. In the US Army, he told her that for the first time in his life he knew the feeling of to be treated kindly. The need for this procedure is multiplied by societies in which a wrong social culture prevails, which imposes negative concepts and patterns of treatment and behavior on its people that destroy the individual and the family, and society as a whole pays the price for it because of the malformed individuals in every aspect bred by families that are in line with this negative culture as the culture of “toxic masculinity” who see that the role of man is Oppression and domination by physical and moral violence, not protection and support, and that the destruction and mutilation of children by physical and moral violence is necessary to make them “men,” and that the treatment of women should be inferior and they should become accustomed to humiliation by leaving even older sisters their male brothers as servants serve and let their male brothers control them as if they were addicted.They own them to disarm them and prevent them from studying and to marry and plunder their inheritance, and that half of them lead to their “rebellion,” and that children’s exposure to harassment and rape should be suppressed, and that the rapist should be left to continue his crimes for fear of scandal , and “with him is reasonable,” and that the woman should be patient with her disturbed, violent husband who threatens her with death. And to review a therapist is a scandal and a disgrace.

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